Chapter 5 Geography

When people who speak a given language migrate to a different location and become isolated from other members of their group
isolation usually results in the differentiation of one language into dialects, followed eventually by two distinct languages.
A language family is a collection of languages related through a common ancestral language existing before recorded history. (true or false)
A creolized language is
a mix of indigenous and colonial languages.
A pidgin language
has no native speakers.
English is the most important language in North America primarily because of
the diffusion of English colonies.
Language is a part of culture. (true or false)
A group of languages that share a common origin but have since evolved into individual languages is a
language branch.
The present distribution of languages around the world is due to technological advances and the diffusion of popular culture. (true or false)
The language spoken by the greatest number of native speakers in the world is
A form of a language spoken in a local area is a
The most widely spoken language in Brazil is
New Englanders use a different dialect of English than other Americans primarily because their ancestors came from different regions of England. (true or false)
A group of languages that share a common ancestor before recorded history is a
language family.
The two largest language families in the world are
Sino-Tibetan and Indo-European.This answer is correct.
English has achieved unprecedented acceptance globally due to
its role as the common language of a global economy and culture.
________ is to Canada as ________ is to the United States.
French; Spanish
A literary tradition is
the written form of a language.
The survival of any language relies on
the political and military strength of its speakers.
A lingua franca is
a language understood by people who have different native languages.
English is part of which language branch?
British and American English differ in all but which of the following?
Which statement best describes the use of English on the Internet?
English has become less dominant but is still the leading Internet language.
American spellings were differentiated from British spellings primarily because of U.S. desires for an independent identity
Nearly half the people in the world speak an Indo-European language.
The large number of individual languages documented in Africa has resulted primarily from
thousands of years of isolation between cultural groups.