Chapter 8

User 1.0 is most likely to
Use email as the main communication tool
Which of the following is most likely to hold all of a work group’s communications, such as updates, progress reports, and team discussions?
a team blog
Which of the following statements best describes the view most companies hold about their employees engaging in social media?
Companies respect the rights of their employees to use social media tools for both personal and professional use.
Peyman wants to make his team’s discussion forum a more encouraging place. Which guideline would best help him accomplish that?
Acknowledge teammates’ ideas.
In a discussion forum conversation on flexible work schedules, Jacque posts the comment, “Not only do we need more flexible hours, we need bigger pay increases too.” What guideline for productive team communication did Jacque violate?
Avoid off-topic points.
Which of the following Internet sites is a typical Web 2.0 page?
a discussion forum that allows users to post questions and answers
Web 1.0 communication tools are primarily
passive and static.
What is the goal of most public relations messages?
to create a distinctive brand for a company or organization
On his Facebook page, Alec often posts examples of his photographs that have won prizes in competitions. Because of this, others will most likely see him as being
talented and capable.
User 2.0 is most likely to
stay connected online all the time.
Which of the following Internet sites is a typical Web 1.0 page?
photos of a restaurant menu posted online
Which of the following is one of Coca-Cola’s social media guidelines?
You are responsible for your actions.
The advantage of an op-ed style blog post is that it
shares the opinions and expertise of a corporate leader with the public.
On the corporate blog, Gina often posts short articles to highlight the success of one of her colleagues. Because of this, others will most likely see her as being
supportive and caring.
The development of Web 2.0 tools has contributed to the development of more
collaborative networks.
According to the Coca-Cola social media guidelines, when employees come across negative posts about the company they should
pass the posts to the official in-market spokesperson.
On LinkedIn, Lupe posts an article she wrote about improving the ethical standards in her profession. Because of this, others will most likely see her as being
ethical and consistent.
Abby notices that her team’s discussion forum has become contentious. Which of the following guidelines should she follow in this situation?
Meet in real time.
A public relations team’s first step is to
clarify the company’s brand.
Which type of reputation is affected by material a person posted to an online discussion forum that is accessed only by people in his or her company?
professional and private