Chapter 8

Sky Captain and World of Tomorrow was a significant movie for which
It was the first major American movie to be filmed with all digital sets and backgrounds
In the 1930s and 1940s the studios required theaters to schedule a large number of lesser movies in order to get one or two major films. This is known as
Block Booking
Balcklist of 1940s and 1950s was driven by
a fear of communism
Hollywood’s response to the rise of television was to
start making larger-than-life movies, using newer technologies
Who developed the earliest portable movie cameras?
Auguste-Marie and Louis-Jean Lumiere
Ancillary markets for movies include which of the following
International distribution rights, network television rights and toys and clothing
Movie attendance peaked in
Movie studios are responding to the growth of movie piracy by
Releasing the movie to as many theaters as possible
Where does ac/director Tyler Perry run his studio?
By 2012, the most popular way to play movies at home was
The following movie proved the value of Internet promotion
Blair Witch Project
Movie profitability is determined by which of the following?
Box office receipts, home video sales, the budget for making the film
In 2015, the makers of the movie Crouching Tiget, Hidden Dragon, Green Legend angered theater owners because of their plan to
release the movie on Netflix and in IMAX theaters first
Eadweard Muybridge and Etienne Marey are famous for
Conducting early experiments on depicting motion with photos
The large number of smaller theaters grouped together that replaced the large Art Deco movie palaces are known as
Which of the following was the first major movie with multiple scenes and a plot?
The great Train Robbery
Why did Hays office, run by the movie industry censor films?
Because many states and communities were threatening to set up local censorship boards that might have inconsistent standards of what they would or would not accept