Chapter 8

means communication that happens in real time, with two (or more) people online at the same time
synchronous online communication
ex: face to face conversations or phone calls
allows you to talk to multiple people at the same time in a chat room
allows you to talk to one person at a time, although most IM software will also support group chats
IM instant messaging
a moderator screens all content
moderated chats
chats where anything goes
unmoderated chats
text based, persistent, and users come and go often not knowing each other
traditional chat rooms
require you to install client software to access them
client based chats
___ sessions happen between friends and disappear when then end, although some software allows you to same the text of the conversation
instant messaging
allows phone calls to be transmitted over the Internet instead of via traditional phone lines or cellular towers
VoIP (voice over IP)
-allows you to make calls from your computer or mobile device anywhere you have Internet access, even if you don’t have phone service
-can even video chat if your device has a camera
most widely used Internet application
-one of the first applications
a system of sending electronic messages using store and forward technology
-an email server holds your messages until you request them
2 ways to access email
1. using an email client on your computer (or tablet, smartphone, or some other device)
2. reading it online through a webmail interface
advantage of using webmail interface is that your email is available to you ___
anywhere you’re online
a series of letters and numbers that are distorted in some way
-makes them difficult for automated software to read but relatively easy for humans to read
(completely Automated Public Turing Test to Tell Computers and Humans Apart)
most important part of the email message is the
-will not reach recipient with the wrong address
3 address fields you can use
1. To: field you normally use when sending an email to someone
2. Cc:(carbon copy)-field you use to send to someone who’s not the main address a copy so they know about a conversation
3.Bcc: when you send an email to several people, this helps keep the addresses private
an FYI and generally means that a reply isn’t expected -functionally there is no real difference in the way the message is sent or received
also known as discussion boards or message boards were one of the first forms of social media
-conversations much like chat but are not in real time
-forums for people with common interests such as sports, pets, travel or video games
-great place to get help with problems/advice
In forums and discussion boards, participants post comments and questions usually about a particular topic or problem & other participants respond. Each conversation is called a ____ and the responses are ____
thread, posts
can be searched and read long after the initial conversation has ended
the advantage to using email or a forum over chat or IM is that the conversations have a longer
life span
enable users to create user generated content, connect, network, and share
social media
such as Facebook, Myspace, and Linked in are online communities that combine many of the features of the other online tools
social networks
-allow you to chat in real time and to post messages for all to see or to send a personal message similar to an email
most popular social media
designed for business connections
-have connections instead of friends
virtual communities such as Second life and webkinz, and _____ games allow you to interact with people in real time using an avatar (virtual body)
massively multiplayer online role playing games (MMORPG)
one of the key features of social sharing sites such as Youtube, Flickr, and Last fm is
this tagging or ___ makes the sharif even more social as users begin to tag not just their own creations but also those of others
becomes extremely popular because of recommendations and social sharing
virtual video
largest image sharing site
-with a free account you can post up to 200 images
-can mark your pictures as private/public
-Flickr lets u use Yahoo account (Picassa google account)
with ___ you can browse users with similar music tastes and discover what they’re listening to. you can mark tracks as loved which will help you get recommendations
if you like to make and share your own music, a website such as ___ will let you do just that
all the information that someone could find out about you by searching the web, including social network sites.
digital footprint
content created not by professional writers and photographers but by the rest of us. it includes the videos and photos we take and post online, but it also includes what we write and say
user generated content
like an online journal,
blog (weblog)
-vlogs= video blogs
consists of all the blogs on the Web and the connections among them
2 most popular blogsites = wordpress& blogger
more social form of blogging where posts are typically limited to a relatively small number of characters and users post updates frequently
-twitter and tumblr
a digital media file of a prerecorded radio-and TV like show that’s distributed over the Web to be downloaded and listened to(or watched) on a computer or portable media player
you can find podcasts using a ___ or media program player such as iTunes or Winamp or download single episodes or subscribe to a podcast thats part of a series
podcast client
format used for distributing Web feeds that change frequently for example, blogs, podcasts, and news
RSS (really simple Syndication)
-saves you time by sending you the updates on the sites you subscribe to
-brings the info right to you
the idea of trusting the collective opinion of a crowd of people rather than that of an expert
websites that allow users to edit content, even if it was written by someone else
-actually editing the content
-most well known = wikipedia
we site that contains how to wikis on thousands of topics
wiki how
sites such as TripAdvisor and opinions let users review hotels, movies, games, books, and other products and services
social review sites
allows users to review local businesses and places with physical addresses such as parks
allow you to save and share your bookmarks or favorites online
social bookmarking
-delicious allows you to not only save and share your bookmarks online but also search the bookmarks of others
discovers websites based on your interests
stumble upon
different than traditional media news sites in that at least some of the content is submitted by users
-like having millions of friends sharing their finds with you
social news sites
-content submitted more frequently = gets the most votes
practice of using social media sites to sell products and services
Social Media Marketing (SMM)
most familiar type of E commerce
-companies leverage social media to help customers find out about their products
-grown since ordering pizza online
websites such as ebay and craiglist have created a global yard sale where you can find, sell, or trade virtually anything
has a seller rating system that helps ensure honest transactions and a community that includes discussion boards, groups and chats
business on the web
e commerce
two or more computers that share resources
computer network
can be software hardware or files
network resources
-networks save us both time and money and ,make it easier for us to work, increasing productivity
before computers were connected in networks, moving files between them physically butting them on a disk and carrying the disk to a new machine
each computer is considered equal; no centralized authority
peer to peer netowork (P2P)
computers in a P2P network belong to a ___
work group
a simple way to network a group of Windows computers that are all on the same home network
home group
-members of a home group automatically share their picture, music, and video libraries and printers with each other
P2P networks are fine for homes and very small businesses but they have two major drawbacks
1. limited to a small number of devices
2. provide no centralization of resources and security,
in most business settings a __ is a better choice and users log into the network instead of their local computers and are granted access to resources based on that login
client server network
has at least one server at its center
-provides a way to centralize the network management, resources and security
client server network
multiuser computer system that runs a network operating system (NOS) and provides services such as internet access, email, or file and print services to client systems
range from very small to massive enterprise level systems that serve hundreds of thousands of clients
personal computers and other devices that connect to the server
a network that has all connected devices or nodes located in the same physical location
-small scale home network
-likely to be a peer-to-peer network,
home LAN
more likely to be a client server network and consist of computers, printers, and servers as well as the network hardware that connects them
Business LAN
-might consist of a single room, a floor, a building, or entire campus
a small network that consist of devices connected by Bluetooth, such as a smartphone and a computer is referred to as a
personal area network (PAN)
most common Bluetooth radio used for personal electronics is a
lower power class 2 radio with a range of 30 ft.
designed to be easy to use, allowing devices to talk to each other securely over short distances
blue tooth
one that uses Wifi to transmit data
a wireless LAN (WLAN)
-wifi has a much larger range, higher speeds, better security, and supports more devices that bluetooh, but is also more expensive and complicated to set up
defines the way data is transmitted over a local area network
-most widely implemented
-transmite signals over twisted pair cable, fiber optic cable and Wifi at data transmissions speeds of 10 Mbps to as much as 10 Gbps
the physical layout of a Lan is called
the world wide web developed in what decades
email sends electronic messages using ____
store and forward technology
you would install an ___ if you wanted to add a special feature to capture video from the web to a specific web browser
add on
-tied to a specific browser
-firefox= king of add ons
multiple browsers
plug in
e commerce sites allow one to sell of trade items online
in the URL is the domain name
in a virtual community you communicate with other people by using an ___
business social network
linked in
___most popular social network
each computer is equal
p2p is an example of an ___
IP address
least expensive and lowest form of internet connection is usually
dial up
Fiber FTTH