Chapter 8 Exam

The term ____ refers to the use of a single unifying device that handles media, internet, entertainment, and telephone needs.
Digital Convergence
The operating system of a cell phone is stored in ___.
A(n) ____ chip converts sound waves from a voice into digital signal.
Analog-to-digital converter
A(n) ___ converts your voice’s sound waves into digital signals.
Analog-to digital converter chip
Which is true of SMS messages?
They can contain a limited number of characters.
You can send messages that include photos and videos between mobile devices using ____ technology.
Multimedia message service (MMS)
VoIP uses _____ technology similar to email to transmit voice over the internet.
___ allows only limited use of media that have been legally purchased.
Digital rights management
Which of the following describes the number of times an analog wave is measured each second during an analog-to-digital conversion?
Sampling rate
DRM-free music can legally be moved from system to system.
Granting of certain rights to a work while retaining other rights
number of times an analog wave is measured
sampling rate
connecting a computer to the internet through a smartphone’s cellular access
digitized text displayed by electronic devices
allows only limited use of legally purchased materials
digital rights management
A cell phone is cellular because
it uses a network made up of cells or base transceiver stations.
Your phone can only be connected to the internet if there is a WIFI network available
Streaming music services allow you to
subscribe monthly and have access to millions of songs
Cellular networks offer faster data-transfer speed than WIFI offers
Every new cell/smartphone has to include a GPS chip.