Chapter 9

Critics worry that television has a strong influence on young people because
all of the above
Our definition of what is broadcasting is being changed by the fact that you can now
all of the above
Over the last 30 years, the big 3 telveision networks (ABC, CBS, and NBC) have
Lost a significant percentage of viewers to cable, independent stations and other digital viewing options
Nielsen Media Research says the average American spends this many hours a day watching television
More than 4
Which of the following is something newscast producer Gerad Manogin considers before determining whether a story belongs in his newcast
all of the above
In the 1960s, television programs were not allowed to show which of the following
A married couple sharing a bed
The so called V-chip is designed to
stop children from seeing offensive programs on Vchil equipped television sets
Television techonology might have developed more quickly, except for the fact
all of the above
Network Affiliates are
Local broadcast stations that carry network programming
Why are broadcast networks making their hit programs available on the internet
Because if the networks didn’t put legal copies up on the internet, people would just share pirated copies
Telenovelas are
Spanish language television soap operas
What is the 5th highest rated television network in the US
Philo T Farnswork invented
The basic technology for television
Cord cutters are people who have decided
have canceled their cable serve and view programming via video streaming
Television networks are now shoing more diverse programming
to attract a larger audience
The conversion from analog to digital television broadcasting was delayed by several months in 2009 because
many fears that some poorer consumers were not ready for the conversion
Major company doing television ratings in the US is
Nielsen Media Research
Premium cable channels
Are channels that you pay extra for and that do not carry commercials (HBO and Showtime)