Chapter 9 quiz

To initatiate the customer relationship management cycle a company must
identify customer relationships within the organization
In the final step of marketing research, a researcher should
determine why management did or did not carry out recommendations mentioned in the report
In a research study on the consumption of soft drinks, a few respondents tell their interviewers that they do not drink soda pop, but they actually do. This reduces the accuracy of the survey. This error is most likely an example of a _____.
Measurement error
Difference between the marketing research problem and the management decision problem
The marketing research problem is information oriented, whereas the management decision problem is action oriented.
Cleo is given the responsibility of gathering information about the countries where sales of cameras have been high and the reason behind customers’ preference of certain cameras to others in the market. In this case, Cleo will be performing the _____ of marketing research.
Descriptive role
Unlike traditional surveys, Internet surveys…
make it easy for busy professionals to participate anytime and anywhere.
Web survey systems
Software programs specifically designed for online questionnaire construction and delivery
Competitive Intelligence refers to
A system that helps managers assess their contenders and vendors to become more efficient and effective contendors