Chapter 9 (Quiz)

Open source software has code that ban be updated by anyone interested in modifying it
User-created content on the Web included which of the following
Either — phishing, sponsored links, blogs, or wiki websites and blogs
AOL began losing customers in the early 2000s because
Its dial up internet service wasn’t broadband
Wikis are informative websites that are strictly controlled by professional editors
The web is a participatory medium in which anyone can be involved
The Linux operating system was developed by Microsoft in an attempt to deter an antitrust suit by the U.S. government
Many internet visionaries talk about the Web 3.0 as the “romantic web”
Facebook is a
Social networking site
The internet was created by private enterprise, but it has been taken over and expanded by the federal government
A 2003 court decision upheld Congress’s authority to restrict children’s access to pornographic websites
Computer engineer Ray Tomlison, who invented email, established the “login name @ host computer” convention for email addresses
According to the text, which of the following technological advancements have aided the internets role in media convergence
The development of smaller personal computers, made possible through the development of microchips and microprocessors

The development of digital technologies that allow for information to be transferred as a series of binary codes

The development of fiber-optic cable, which allowed a massive amount of information to be transmitted

HTML stands for HyperText Markup Language
One form of media convergence is
The internet was designed so that a centralized authority could control communication during a nuclear disaster
MapQuest, ICQ, CitySearch, and Moviefone are all owned by
What was the original motivation for developing the internet
Military and academic research
Cookies are information profiles that allow a website owner to chart the computers users movement within the website and collect other information about the user
ARPAnet is a browser
Talking Points Memo is a leading