Chapters 10-12

data is a collection of unprocessed items, which can include text, numbers, images, audio, and video 514
a database management system allows users to create forms and reports from the data in the database 530
a range check ensures users enter only numeric data in a field 523
false – range check determines whether a number is within a specified range
a check digit often confirms the accuracy of a primary key value 523
databases require less memory, storage, and processing power than a file processing system 526
a report is a window on the screen that provides areas for entering or modifying data in a database 530
false – a data entry form, is a window on the screen that provides areas for entering or modifying data in a database
continuous backup is a backup plan in which all data is backed up whenever a change is made 532
a relationship is a link within the data in a database 533
normalization is a process designed to ensure the data within the relations (tables) is duplicated so that it is not lost 534
false – it is a process designed to ensure the data contains the Least amount of duplication
the data in a distributed database exists in many separate locations throughout a network or the Internet 536
___ information has an age suited to its use 516
in some tables, the primary key consists of multiple fields, called a ___ 519
composite key
___ procedures include adding records to , modifying records in, and deleting records from file 520
file maintenance
a range check ___ 523
determines whether a number is within a specified range
all of the following are strengths of the database approach, except ___ 525
less complexity
because the ___ contains details about data, some call it metadata 528
data dictionary
many organizations adopt the ___ policy, where users’ access privileges are limited to the lowest level necessary to perform required tasks 531
principle of least privileged
the database analyst (DA) ___ 538
focuses on the meaning and usage of data
field name 518
uniquely identifies each field
field size 518
defines the maximum number of characters a field can contain
data type 518
specifies the kind of data a field can contain and how the field is used
primary key 519
is a field that uniquely identifies each record in a file
query language 528
consists of simple English-like statements that allow users to specify the data to display, print, or store
log 532
a listing of activities that modify the contents of the database…
recovery utility 532
uses the logs and/or backups to restore a database when it becomes damaged or destroyed…
GIS (534)
(geographic information system) database stores maps and other geographic data
data modeler 538
focuses on the meaning and usage of data…
database administrator 538
requires a more technical inside view of the data…
not all breaches to computer security are planned 556
the term, cyberwarfare, describes an attack whose goal ranges from disabling a government’s computer network to crippling a country 557
many methods exist to guarantee completely a computer or network is safe from computer viruses and other malware 560
false – methods that guarantee a computer or network is safe from computer viruses and other malware simply do not exist
cybercriminals install malicious bots on unprotected computers to create a zombie army 562
a honeypot is a computer that is isolated and, therefore, immune to attach 564
false – it is a vulnerable computer that is set up to entice an intruder to break into it
bio-metric payment involves a customer’s fingerprint being read by a fingerprint reader that is linked to a payment method such as a checking account or credit card 568
some businesses use a real time location system (RTLS) to track and identify the location of high-risk or high-value items 570
a program called a keygen, short for key generator, creates software registration numbers and sometimes activation codes 571
a digitial signature is a mathematical formula that generates a code from the contents of the message 574
false – it is an encrypted code that a person, Web site, or organization attaches to an electronic message to verify the identity of the message sender
digital rights management (DRM) is a strategy designed to prevent illegal distribution of movies, music, and other digital content 582
green computing involves reducing the electricity while using a computer, but the practice increases environmental waste 583
false – it involves reducing the electricity and waste
a ___ is a program that hides in a computer and allows someone from a remote location to take full control of the computer 558
trojan horse
malware is a term that can be used to describe ___ 558
programs that act without a user’s knowledge and deliberately alter the computer’s operations
a ___ is an assault whose purpose is to disrupt computer access to an Internet service such as the Web or e-mail 562
denial of service attack
___ involves the examination of computer media, programs, data and log files on computers, servers, and networks 569
digital forensics
physical access controls, such as locked doors and windows, usually are adequate to protect against ___ 570
theft and vandalism
a(n) ___ is a programmed formula that the originator of the data uses to encrypt the plaintext and the recipient of the data uses to decrypt the ciphertext 573
encryption algorighm, or cypher
some organizations continually review their ___ 583
(PUE) power usage effectiveness
as related to the use of computers, ___ is defined as gaining unauthorized access or obtaining confidential information by taking advantage of the trusting human nature of some victims and the naivety of others 590
social engineering
virus 558
a potentially damaging computer program that affects, or infects, a computer negatively by altering the way the computer works without the user’s knowledge or permission
trusted source 560
an organization or person you believe will not send a virus infected file knowingly
quarantine 561
a seperate area of a hard disk that holds the infected file until the infection can be removed
botnet 562
a group of compromised computers connected to a network such as the Internet that are used as part of a network that attacks other neworks, usually for nefarious purposes
spoofing 563
occurs when an intruder computer fools a network into believing its IP address is associated with a trusted source
personal firewall 564
is a utility program that detects and protects a personal computer and its data from unauthorized intrusions.
passphrase 566
a private combination of words, often containing mixed capitalization and punctuation, associated with a user name that allows access to certain computer resources
encryption algorithm 573
a set of steps that can convert readable plaintext into unreadable ciphertext
biometric device 568
authenticates a person’s identity by translating a personal characteristic, such as a fingerprint, into a digital code that is compared with a digital code stored in the computer verifying a physical or behavioral characteristic
surge protector 576
uses special electrical components to smooth out minor noise, provide a stable current flow, and keep an over -voltage from reaching the computer
an information system supports daily, short-term, and long-range activities of systems analysts 620
false – supports daily, short-term, and long-range activities of users
a systems analyst is responsible for designing and developing an information system 622
operational feasibility measures whether an organization has the hardware, software, and people needed to support a proposed information system 624
false – measures how well the proposed information system will work
documentation should be updated only after a project is complete 625
false – it should be updated regularly and be an ongoing part of system development
in detailed analysis, the systems analysts developed the proposed solution with a specific hardware or software in mind. 631
false – developed without any hardware or software in mind
structured English is a style of writing that describes the steps in a process 633
object modeling combines the data with the processes that act on that data into a single unit, called a method 634
false – the single unit is called an object
the only major activity of the design phase is the development of all of the details of the new or modified information system 638
false – there are two major activities the other one is acquiring the necessary hardware and software
some VARs provide complete systems, known as a turnkey solution 639
during program design, the systems analyst prepares the program specification package, which identifies the required programs and the relationship among each program, as well as the input, output, and database specifications 641
with a pilot conversion, multiple locations in the organization use the new system 644
false – only one location uses it so it may be tested
___ is a team-driven project management approach, in which a project leader is more of a participant and facilitator than a manager during the project 623
a ___ analyzes the time required to complete a task and identifies the minimum time required to an entire project 624
PERT chart
in larger organizations, users write a formal request for a new or modified information system, which is called a ___ 626
request for system services
during the planning phase, the projects that receive the highest priority are those ___ 628
mandated by management
a(n) ___ lists a variety of conditions and the actions that correspond to each condition 633
decision table
the purpose of the ___ is to assess the feasibility of each alternative solution and then recommend the most feasible solution for the project 635
system proposal
___ tools are designed to support one or more activities of system development 642
(CASE) computer-aided software engineering
a(n) test is performed by end-users and checks the new system to ensure that it works with actual data 644
acceptance test
system developer 623
responsible for designing and developing an information system
project manager 623
contols the activities during system developement
request for system services 626
a formal requestfor a new or modified information system
process modeling 631
is an analysis and design technique that describes processes that transform inputs into outputs
project dictionary 633
contains all the documentation and deliverables of a project
data dictionary 634
stores the data item’s name, description, and other details about each data item
object 634
an item that can contain both data and the procedures that read or manipulate that data
packaged software 635
is mass-procduced, copyrighted, prewritten software available for purchase
prototype 641
a working model of the proposed system
performance monitoring 645
determine whether the system is inefficient or unstable at any point