Chapters 6-8

encyclopedias, yearbooks, biographical aids, and quotation books are all examples of
reference works
as part of the research for his informatice speech, malik needs brief life and career facts about united nations secretary general ban ki-moon. the best kind of library reference source for him to consult would be a
biographical aid
newspaper and periodical databases
– catalog articles from a large number of newspapers, journals, and magazines
– often provide abstracts and fulls texts of articles
an ______ is research aid that catolagues articles from a large number of scholarly journals
academic databas
as part of the research for her informative speech on the Chinese workplace, Dana needs to find recent articles published in scholarly journals. the best resource for her is an
academic database such as JSTOR or Google Scholar
according to your textbook, when is it appropriate to cite and abstract of a magazine or journal article in your speech rather than locating and reading the full article?
which of the following does your textbook recommend for narrowing a Google search to make it more effective?
– develop a strategy to search for specific terms you want to find
– put phrases in quotation marks and connect them with plus signs
– explore specialized google resources such as news, books, and scholar.
the best source of information about federal, state, local, and tribal governments in the US is
the best source for numerical data about the social, political, and economic aspects of american life is
statistical abstract
according to your textbook, wikipedia is
now considered as reliable as print encyclopedias
what are the 3 criteria discussed in your textbook for assessing the soundness of documents found on the Internet
authorship, sponsorship, and recency
while doing research for his speech, aaron was not able to identify the author of an Internet document tiled “What can and cannot be patented.” According to your book, what should aaron do next to assess the credibility of the document?
try to determine the sponsoring organization for the document
you have found statistics on the internet that you would like to use in your speech. before you do, you need to make sure that
– they come from a credible author or sponsoring organization
– you can find the date on which they were published, posted,or updated
– the statistics are recent enough to make them reliable for your speech
using _________ is the best way to pull listeners into your speech
extended examples
which of the following is recommended by your textbook as a way to enhance the effectiveness of your examples?
-practice delivery to enhance your extended examples
– make your examples vivid and richly textured
research indicates that the impact of examples is greatly enhanced when they are combined with ______ that shows the examples to be typical
alisha began the introduction of her speech by saying: Have you ever been knocked down so hard by life you didn’t feel you’d ever get back up? This has happened to me many times, the first being when I tried to ride a bicycle when I was very youn. Today I want to discuss with you some basic strategies for coping with life’s challenges. what kind of supporting material did Alisha use in her introduction?
brief example
lucy wanted to knwo what percentage of students plan to attend graduate or professional schools after college, so she distributed a survey in three of her classes. based on the results, lucy concluded that nearly a third or college students plan to continue their education further. what is wrong with the way lucy used the statistics from her survey
lucy’s sample isn’t representative of college students as a whole
what statistical measures corresponds to what is popularly called “the average”
the mean
how does the following excerpt from a classroom speech ciolate the guidelines for the use of statistics presented in your textbook? I discovered on the internet that each year, for every 100,000 students living in college dorms, there are four cases of bacterial meningitis
it doesn’t cite a qualified source for statistics
what suggestion presented in your textbook for using supporting materials is used in the following speech excerpt? since it first opened for business, McDonald’s over 100 billion hamburgers. to give you an idea how many hamburgers that is, think of it this way:since each McDonald’s (witht he bun) is about two inches thick, 100 billion hamburgers stacked on top of each other would reach over 3 million miles — fifteen times as far as the moo.
explain your statistics
in her speech about spousal abuse, nilofer said: according to the director of the local battered-woman’s shelter, spousal abuse has become a mroe serious problem in the past ten years than ever before.
expert testimony
what would be the most reliable source of testimony in a speech about the impact of automobile exhaust on air pollution
U.S Environmental protection agency
according to you book, when citing sources during a speech, a speaker should usually identify the
book, magazine, newspaper, or web document being cited. author or sponsoring organization responsible for document. qualifications of the author with regard to the topic.
in his speech about depression, Dhavan said: “according to materials I located through a Google seach, almost 20 million American adults suffer from depressice illness serious enough to interfere with their jobs and their family life.” According to your textbook, did Dhavan make any mistakes in citing his sources?
yes. dhavan should have identified the document’s author or sponsoring organization
audience-centeredness means that public speakers should
keep the audience foremost in mind through out the speechmaking process
i her speech introduction, Kailyn asked, “Have you ever looked through old family photo albums and laughed at what people were wearing? Have you ever been amused by the bright colors, huge lapels, and crazy ties worn by characters in old TV shows? like many of you, I’ve noticed the changes in fashion and feared that my effort to look stylish today may eventually be a source of amusement to my future children”according to your textbook, by seeking to create a bond with her audience through emphasizing their common experiences and fears Kailyn was engaging in
to say that people usually want to hear about things that are meaningful to them is to say that people are
one of the ways speakers analyze audiences is by looking at traits such as age, gender, sexual orientation, religion, group membership, and racial, ethnic and cultural background. according to your textbook, what is this called?
their sexual orientationdemographic audience analysis.
according to your book, which of the following is a demographic characteristic of a speech audience?

-their size
– their sexual orientation
-their attitude toward the speaker
– their knowledge about the subject
– their attitude toward the occasion

their sexual orientation
according to you book, you should always combine demographic audience analysis with _______ audience analysis
according to your textbook, which of the following is a factor in situational audience analysis?

-the audience’s cultural background
the audience’s religious belief
the audience’s group membership
the audience’s gender
the audience’s attitude toward the topic

the audience’s attitude toward the topic
according to your textbook, what are the three primary factors to consider when assessing an audience’s disposition toward a speech topic?
knowledge, interest, and attitude
a landlord with a bad reputation among students for her high rent, deceptive advertising, and refusal to return security deposits is speaking to a campus group about how the city’s new zoning law will affect students. the most important factor the landlord should consider in her situation audience analysis is probably her listener’
disposition toward the speaker
if you were constructing an audience-analysis questionnaire and wanted to learn why some of your listeners do not faster their seat belts every time they ride in a motor vehicle, what would be the best kind of question to ask?
open-ended question