Chpt. 11 End-of-Chapter Quiz

When the data is simple and can be organized in one table
When is it sufficient to use a list to organize data?
Which is NOT a component of a database that describes how data is stored?
The type of database that is best for organizing unstructured data such as video and audio is
Inputting data not stored in source databases
Which of the following is NOT considered a step in data staging?
Transaction-processing system
A gas purchase made with a credit card at the pump would be entered into which type of database system?
Knowledge-based system
Which of the following database systems uses artificial intelligence?

Correct answer is Short Text

A field labeled PHONE that accepts data such as (610) 555-1212 would use the Number data type.
A query is used to extract a subset of data from a database.
A small slice of a data warehouse is called a data market?
Fuzzy logic uses approximate data gathered by experiences rather than fixed and exact facts.