CIS 141 #4

With ____, data is sent one bit at a time, one after the other along a single path.
serial transmission
Monitoring systems may also use ____, which are devices that respond to a stimulus (such as heat, light, or pressure) and generate an electrical signal that can be measured or interpreted.
Mobile phones are also called wireless phones.
The most common type of mobile phone is the cellular (cell) phone.
In a bus network, all the networked devices connect to a central device (such as a server or a switch) through which all network transmissions are sent.
A(n) computer network is a collection of computers and other hardware devices connected together so that network users can share hardware, software, and data, as well as electronically communicate with each other.
____ transmission is relatively uncommon in data transmissions since most devices that are mainly one-directional, such as a printer, can still transmit error messages and other data back to the computer.
With telesurgery, at least one of the surgeons performs the operation by controlling the robot remotely, such as over the Internet or another network
____ transmissions are used with cell phones and are sent and received via cellular (cell) towers.
Cellular radio
____ is a new alternative for homes and businesses today in areas where there is fiber optic cabling available all the way to the building.
Online music ____ allow you to purchase and then download music singles and albums to your computer, mobile phone, or portable digital media player.
One type of self-contained business application designed to work over the Internet or a company network is a(n) Internet service.
The ____ is cited as a disadvantage of Web-based training and distance learning by some educators.
lack of face-to-face contact
Web conferences typically take place via a personal computer or mobile phone and are used by businesses and individuals.
A strategy that is sometimes used with keywords is the wildcard approach.
One advantage of using personal computers for Internet access is that they have relatively large screens for viewing Internet content, and they typically have a full keyboard for easier data entry.
Technically, the Internet is a physical network, and the Web is the collection of Web pages accessible over the Internet.
____ are companies that manage and distribute Web-based software services to customers over the Internet.
Application service providers (ASPs)
Computer crime is sometimes referred to as ____.
____ occurs when someone obtains enough information about a person to be able to masquerade as that person for a variety of activities—usually to buy products or services in that person’s name.
identity theft
Collaborative computing takes place via both private company networks and the Internet.
Because geosynchronous satellites are so close above the surface of the earth, there is no delay while signals travel from earth, to the satellite, and back to earth again.
A personal area network (PAN) is a network of personal devices for one individual, such as his or her portable computer, mobile phone, and printer.
PC conferencing is the use of networking technology to conduct real-time, face-to-face meetings between individuals physically located in different places.
The original first-generation cell phones were ____ and designed for voice data only.
____ was originally developed to carry a large number of high-speed video transmissions at one time, such as to deliver cable TV service.
Coaxial cable
____ is a wireless standard that is designed for very short-range (10 meters, approximately 33 feet, or less) connections.
In ____ transmission, data can move in both directions at the same time, such as with a telephone.
One advantage of a dial-up connection is ____.
Online shopping and online investing are examples of ____.
____ is charged with such responsibilities as IP address allocation and domain name management.
ICANN (Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers)
To identify a secure Web page, look for a URL that begins with https instead of http
____ is an online news tool designed for facilitating the delivery of news articles, podcasts, and other content regularly published to a Web site.
____, as it relates to the Internet, encompasses what information about individuals is available, how it is used, and by whom.
A network adapter, also called a ____ when it is in the form of an expansion card, is used to connect a computer to a network.
network interface card (NIC)
__________ technology is commonly used to monitor the status of objects, such as shipping boxes, livestock, or expensive equipment to which these types of tags are attached.
Gabrielle would like to purchase a new ____, which would be used to connect the company’s LAN and the Internet.
With a(n) partial mesh topology, some devices are connected to all other devices, but some are connected only to those devices with which they exchange the most data.
Wi-Fi is a wireless standard that is designed for very short-range (10 meters, approximately 33 feet, or less) connections.
Every day, Robert uses ____ to have a real-time, face-to-face meeting with his boss.
The most common type of mobile phone is the satellite phone
In a ____ network, there are a number of different connections between the devices on the network so that data can take any of several possible paths from source to destination.
In a nutshell, blogs are designed for primarily one-way running communications, while ____ are intended to be modified by others.
The ____ is the most commonly used Internet search type.
____ cookies are cookies placed on your hard drive by a company other than the one associated with the Web page that you are viewing—typically a Web advertising company.
Because she is an avid baseball fan, Brenda has subscribed to the ____ feed of her local team so that news about her team is delivered to her as it becomes available.
____ limit search results to just those pages with a specific Web page title, URL, text, or top-level domain.
field searches
In 1993, a group of professors and students at the University of Illinois National Center for Supercomputing Applications (NCSA) released the Netscape Web browser.
____ sites allow you to generate map and driving directions and provide access to specific types of useful information.
____ refers to the amount of data that can be transferred (such as over a certain type of networking medium) in a given time period.
In general, Wi-Fi is designed for medium-range data transfers—typically between 100 and 300 feet both indoors and outdoors.
____ is typically used with LANs that have a star topology and can be used in conjunction with twisted-pair, coaxial, or fiber-optic cabling.
A ____ is a network that covers a relatively small geographical area, such as a home, office building, or school.
With a(n) peer-to-peer (P2P) network, a central server is not used.
A(n) ____ is a collection of an individual’s work accessible through a Web site.
____ is the most widely used type of home broadband connection, with over half of the home broadband market.
Cable Internet access
Direct Internet connections are typically ____ connections.
Every day, Anthony makes a new post to his personal ____, which is a Web page that displays entries in chronological order.
____ are businesses or other organizations that provide Internet access to others, typically for a fee.
Internet service providers (ISPs)
Internet Explorer users can view and/or delete cookies and other temporary files by using the ____ dialog box.
A standard that is designed to connect peripheral devices, similar to Bluetooth, but that transfers data more quickly is ____.
Because there may be many Bluetooth devices within range, up to 10 individual Bluetooth networks (called piconets) can be in place within the same physical area at one time.
Robert’s job is a(n) ____ job.
A ____ transmits all data received to all network devices connected to it, regardless of which device the data is being sent to.
Similar to Wi-Fi, ____ is designed to provide Internet access to fixed locations (sometimes called hotzones), but the coverage is significantly larger.
Support for TCP/IP is built into virtually all operating systems, and TCP addresses are commonly used to identify the various computers and devices on networks such as LANs.
A(n) e-diary is a Web page that contains short, frequently updated entries in chronological order.
The use of cookies provides no benefits to consumers.
Web services companies are the enterprises that own or operate the paths or “roadways” along which Internet data travels, such as the Internet backbone and the communications networks connected to it
To identify a secure Web page, look for a URL that begins with https instead of http.
People who use the Internet for activities, such as looking up telephone numbers, browsing through online catalogs, or making an online purchase, are referred to as “users.”
Video content delivered at the user’s request is called____.
The ____ network consists of 24 Department of Defense satellites that are used for location and navigation purposes.
global positioning system (GPS)
The technique used for data sent over the Internet is ____.
packet switching
Gabrielle is planning to connect selected devices to the network wirelessly with a wireless ____.
access point
The ____ allows individuals to “placeshift” multimedia content from their home TVs and DVRs to their portable computer or mobile device.
In its early years, the Internet was used primarily by the government, scientists, and educational institutions.
Performance-based exams cannot be administered and taken online.
Even though in everyday use many people use the terms Internet and Web interchangeably, they are not the same thing. _________________________
Before using a dial-up access number to connect to the Internet, verify that it is a local telephone number; if it is not, you will incur long-distance charges.
Lack of feedback is a disadvantage of Web-based training and distance learning.
In ____ transmission, data can travel in either direction, but only in one direction at a time.
half duplex
are earth-based stations that can transmit microwave signals directly to each other over distances of up to about 30 miles.
Microwave stations
____ refers to any instruction delivered via the Web.
web based training
____ is a consortium of researchers, educators, and technology leaders from industry, government, and the international community that is dedicated to the development of revolutionary Internet technologies.
Communications satellites are space-based devices launched into orbit around the earth to receive and transmit microwave signals to and from earth.
Some wireless ____ are created by cities or large organizations to provide free or low-cost Internet access to residents of a particular area.
ISPs that offer free Internet access typically obtain revenue by selling on-screen ads.
TCP/IP is the protocol used for transferring data over the Internet.
Technically, to be called a ____, a device must convert digital signals (such as those used by a computer) to modulated analog signals (such as those used by conventional telephone lines) and vice versa.
TCP/IP uses a technique called packet switching to transmit data over the Internet
Businesses and ISPs typically archive e-mail messages that travel through their servers.
Anthony regularly visits several popular political ____, which are Web pages designed to facilitate written discussions between people on specific subjects.
message board
____ satellites travel at a speed and direction that keeps pace with the earth’s rotation, so they appear (from earth) to remain stationary over a given spot.
When parallel transmission is used, the message is sent at least one byte at one time with each bit in the byte taking a separate path.