O’s and 1’s are electronic signals that represent
both a and b
A computer processes information and sends it to a(n) _device
A computer system includes which of the following?
all the above
A device_ is a type of utility software that helps a peripheral device establish communication with a computer.
A digital camera uses a(n)_ card, because each photo its owner takes requires megabytes of storage, and the device has a high storage capacity and access speed.
compact flash
A digital camera’s_ can store hundreds of images.
solid-state-memory card
A high-end graphics card is sometimes called a _ card.
A machine that accepts input, processes and stores data, and produces output is called a(n) _
A mouse can either be connected to the computer using wires or cables, or can be_.
A network located in your home is an example of a(n)_.
A rewritable_ is a replacement for a hard drive.
None of the above
A_ is a logical representation of where you store your files on a computer.
A_ is a space-saving pointing device embedded in the keyboard of a notebook computer that you can push up, down, or sideways.
A _ is an electronic circuit.
A(n)_ allows you to capture video images using your computer.
Web Cam
A(n)_ computer has a clamshell design, and opens and closes on a hinge.
A(n) _converts all of the statements in a program in a single batch.
A(n)_ converts and executes one statement at a time while the program is running.
A(n) _ drive works with CDs, DVDs, and BDs.
A(n) _ has touch-sensitive screen, which can be used as a writing or drawing pad.
A(n)_ is a collection of data that is stored electronically as a series of records in tables.
A(n) _ is a named collection of data that exists on a storage medium.
A(n) _ is an electronic pathway that carries the electronic parts of a computer.
A(n) _ mouse is an example of a wireless mouse.
A(n) _ mouse uses an LED and computer chip to track a light beam as it bounces off a surface.
A(n) _, like the one in the accompanying figure, displays on-screen icons, menus, and buttons.
A(n) _ printer like the one in the accompanying figure has a print head that sprays ink onto paper to form characters and graphics.
Additional recipients can be added to an e-mail via the Cc feature; Cc stands for _ copy.
All of the following are examples of application software EXCEPT _.
programming lanuages
All of the following are examples of input devices EXCEPT a _.
All of the following are examples of portable computers EXPECT _.
All of the following are examples of storage devices EXPECT_.
memory card
All of the following are true EXPECT_.
clicking Reply All sends your message to everyone who received the original message including the Bcc recipients
Along with the processor,_ capacity is the other most important factor in determining and comparing the power of the computer system.
An analog sound wave is digitized by _ it at various points and converting those points into digital numbers.
An expansion _ is a long-narrow socket on the motherboard into which you can plug an expansion card.
As a consumer, you can choose from any of the following editions of the operating system shown in accompanying figure EXPECT_.
As shown in the accompanying figure a _ is a grid of columns and rows.
As shown in the accompanying figure, folders within folders are _ folders.
ASCII and EBCDIC are used for _.
coding character data
By exchanging the data in RAM with the data in _ your computer effectively gains almost unlimited memory capacity.
virtual memory
Delia is installing new software on her computer. Delia has read the _ which specifies the operating system and minimum hardware requirements for the software to run correctly on her computer.
system requirements
Delia is installing new software on her computer. Delia knows that which of the following is true about software license agreements?
Shrink-wrap licenses go into effect when you open the packaging.
Delia is installing new software on her computer. In order to activate the software and complete the installation, Delia needs to type in the _.
validation code
Digital cameras and media players are examples of _ devices.
Examples of _ computers are portable media players and smartphones.
Francis is learning about different types of programs that allow him to transfer music to and from his computer. Francis learns that _ sequencing software and software synthesizers are great for sound effects and for controlling keyboards and other digital instruments.
Francis is learning about different types of programs that allow him to transfer music to and from his computer.
Francis learns that _ is a type of audio editing software.
Both A and B
GUI stands for graphic user _.
If a _ is not performing correctly, the operating system usually displays in on-screen warning about the problem so you can take corrective action.
device driver.
If you are balancing a checkbook, you would most likely use _software.
If you are maintaining a university’s students records, you would most likely use _ software.
If you are preparing a series of electronic slides, you would most likely use_ software.
If you are running Windows, you can identify your computer’s CPU and its specifications using _.
the windows control panel
If you are running Windows, you can manage your files using _.
Windows explorer
If you are writing a letter, you would most likely use _ software.
word processing
If you want to discuss a research topic with others in public, you can participates in a(n) _
chat group
In a CD-R, the R stands for _ technology.
In a personal computer, _ is the waiting room for the computer’s processor.
In RAM, electronic parts called _ hold the bits that represent data.
In the accompanying figure of a hard drive, the item labeled 1 is the _.
In the accompanying figure of a hard drive, the item labeled 2 is the _.
read-write head
In the accompanying figure of a hard drive, the item labeled 3 is the _.
In the accompanying figure, Elvis is an example of a(n) _.
In the associated figure, each colored dot is called is a(n) _.
In the URL, _ is the file extension.
In the URL, _ is the Web protocol standard.
In the URL, _ is the Web server name.
Jerrod is evaluating different PC’s before purchasing one. Jerrod knows that the following is NOT true about purchasing a computer.
Intel’s chips are typically less expensive then AMD’s
Jerrod is evaluating different PC’s before purchasing one.
Jerrod knows that the _ is the circuitry that transports data to and from the processor.
Linux is an example of a (n) _.
operating system
Microsoft PowerPoint is an example of _ software.
Microsoft Publisher is an example of _ software.
desktop publishing
Most handheld devices use _ monitors.
Most of the program files distributed as software contain _ code that is ready for the processor to execute.
Most of today’s processors are housed in a _ chip package.
Much of a program for a Web app runs on a distant computer, often called the _.
Nintendo’s Wii and Microsoft’s Xbox are types of _.
video game consoles
Once information is input into a computer, it becomes _.
PC stands for _ computer.
Printer _ is measured by dpi.
Printer _ is measured by ppm.
Sarla is teaching Jonah about file management. Jonah wants to name his file Jonah*Music. Sarla tells him that _.
The * symbol cannot be used in file names.
Sarla is teaching aJonah about file management. Sarla tells Jonah that a file can contain_.
All of the above
Sarla is teaching Jonah about file management. Sarla tells Jonah that most PC’s use the standard drive letter _ for the hard drive.
Scrambling and encryption are methods used to prevent _.
Several people who connect to the internet and communicate in real time by typing comments to each other is called a(n) _.
chat group
Snow Leopard and Cheetah are names for versions of the _ operating system.
Mac OS
Solid-state cards require a device called a card _ to transfer data to or from a computer.
Sounds are represented as continuous _ sound waves.
The accompanying figure is an example of a(n) _ computer.
The accompanying figure is an example of an _ computer.
The accompanying figure is an example of a(n)_ computer
The accompanying figure shows an example of a(n) _ chip package.
The advantage of _ monitors include display clarity, low radiation emission, potability, and compactness.
The case for a vertical system unit is often referred to as a _.
The figure above shows _.
The file _ is composed of the period and characters to the right of the period.
The internet data transfer speed for your computer might be stated in _ per second.
The main processor in a computer is called the _.
The operating system for a handheld device is stored in _.
The operating system shown in the accompanying figure is _.
The part of a keyboard shown in the accompanying figure is used for _.
The prefix _ is used for representing a quintillion.
The prefix_ is used for representing a thousand trillion.
The system unit case for desktop computer contains several storage device “parking spaces” called _ bays.
The term _ refers to a personal journal focusing on a single topic or a variety of topics.
The term _ refers to any computer component that is required to perform work.
The _ chip package resembles a pincushion.
The _ is the maximum number of horizontal and vertical pixels that can be displayed on a screen.
The _ is the measurement in inches from one corner diagonally to the opposite corner.
screen size
The _ is the number of colors a monitor and graphics card can display.
bit depth
The _ is the pace the processor clock sets for executing instructions.
clock speed
The _ is used for tasks such as starting programs and locating data files.
operating system
To communicate with an expansion card, one part of the _ bus runs between RAM and the processor; the other runs between RAM and various peripheral devices.
To create a wire-frame model, you would use _ software.
Touch screen technology uses _ to provide input.
Either A or B
Two key components of a computer display system are a monitor and a(n) _ card.
Typically, _ are used to refer to hard drive, optical storage media, and solid state drive capacities.
Utilities and device drivers are examples of _ software.
Which of the following activities is enabled by the resource shown in the accompanying figure?
social networking
Which of the following is an area of memory that holds data from one device while it is waiting to transfer to another device?
Which of the following is NOT true about computer platforms and operating systems?
Linux is usually used instead of the Macintosh OS.
Which of the following is NOT true about integrated circuits?
Integrated circuits are connected to the CPU.
Which of the following is NOT true about managing files?
A computer file’s location is defined by a file configuration
Which of the following is NOT true about ROM BIOS?
All of the above are true
Which of the following is NOT true about working with files?
Store programs and data files in the root directory.
Which of the following steps comes last in the boot process?
Load operating system
Which step comes first in the boot process?
Power up
With a feature called _, once you plug a peripheral device into its port, the device is ready to use.
Plug and play
Word processing and antivirus programs are examples of _.
xisx and gif are examples of file _.
You can use a(n)_ on a search site to describe the information you are trying to find.
You can use _ software to analyze large sets of data in order to discover relationship and patterns.
_ art is a collection of graphic images, which may come with office productivity software.
_ data is composed of letters, symbols, and numerals that will not be used in arithmetic operations.
_ determines how many pages a printer is able to print to the specified period of time.
Duty cycle
_ is copyrighted software marketed under a try-before-you-buy policy.
_ is currently the most popular technology for connecting peripherals
_ is high-speed memory that a processor can access more rapidly than memory elsewhere on the motherboard.
_ is synchronized with the clock speed for which the processor is optimized.
_ is the amount of data that a storage device can move from the storage medium to the computer per second.
Data transfer rate
_ is the average time it takes a computer to locate data on the storage medium and read it.
Access time
_ is the trend to blend several technologies with distinct functions into a single product.
Digital convergence
_ measures image clarity.
Dot pitch
_messages are typed messages you send using your smartphone or mobile device.
_ monitors are also called flat-panel displays.
_ rate is how fast a screen updates the information being displayed.
_ refers to the electronic and mechanical parts of the computer.
_ refers to the number of bits a processor can manipulate at one time.
Word size
_ software has restrictions on its use that are delineated by copyright, patents, or license agreements.
_ software helps you carry out tasks using a computer, such as editing a photo.
_ software is a type of system that is designed to perform a specialized task.
_ software is generally defined as the software that allows you to be productive in an office setting.
_ software is used by architects and engineers.
_ software is used by the computer for tasks that help the computer work.
_ software like that shown in the accompanying figure helps you track and allocate resources.
Project management
_ storage stores data as microscopic light and dark spots in the disc surface.
_ storage stores data in a durable, erasable, low-power chip.
_ utilities scan incoming and outgoing files to be sure they are safe.