CIS 5-8

A duplicate copy of data or other computer content for use in the event that the original version is destroyed
A Linux-based operating system designed for mobile phones and developed by a group of companies that includes Google
Virtual memory
A memory-management technique that uses hard drive space as additional RAM
Device driver
A program that enables an operating system to communicate with a specific hard-ware device
Utility program
A type of software that performs a specific task, usually related to managing or maintaining the computer system
The capability of an operating system to run more than one program at one time
The essential portion, or core, of an operating system
Operating system
The main component of system software that enables the computer to manage its activities and the resources under its control, run application programs, and interface with the user
The primary personal computer operating system developed by Microsoft Corporation
The process of placing items in a buffer so the appropriate device (such as a printer) can retrieve them when needed
Windows 7 is an example of an operating system
Most operating systems today use a command line interface
Mobile devices, such as portable digital media players and mobile phones, typically require an operating system
Windows Explorer is an operating system designed for mobile phones
Windows Mobile is a versatile operating system designed to be used on a variety of computer types, such as mainframes, servers, personal computers, and mobile phones
___ refers to the ability of an operating system to have more than one program open at one time
___ is an operating system that is available for free over the Internet
file compression
To decrease the size of a file, a(n) ___ utility program can be used
back up
To guard against losing your data if a computer problem occurs, you should ___ your data files on a regular basis
Windows 7
Home office computer
Mainframe computer
Palm webOS
Mobile phone
Windows Embedded
File compression program
Zipped file
Virtual memory
Swap file
File management program
A collection of related data that is stored in a manner enabling information to be retrieved as needed
A collection of related files in a database. Also called a row
A collection of worksheets saved in a single spreadsheet file
Software license
An agreement, either included in a software package or displayed on the screen during installation, that specifies the conditions under which a buyer of the program can use it
An entry in a worksheet cell that performs computers on worksheet data can displays the results
A single category of data to be stored in a database, such as a person’s name or telephone number. Also called a column
A text-based entry in a worksheet cell that identifies data on the worksheet
Copyrighted software that is distributed on the honor system; consumers should either pay for it or uninstall it after the trial period
Public domain software
Software that is not copyrighted and may be used without restriction
The location at the intersection of a row and column on a worksheet into which data can be typed
Microsoft Office is one example of a software suite
Changing the font size in a document is an example of a formatting operation
In a word processing document, the Enter key is always pressed at the end of each screen line to move down to the next line
The formula = A2+B2 located in cell C2 would multiply the two cells to the left of cell C2
Software can be installed on both personal computers and servers
open source
With a(n) ___ program, the source code for the program is made available to the public and so can be modified by others
insertion point or cursor
The blinking vertical line displayed on the screen that indicates the current location in a document, such as where the next change will be made to the document in a word processing program, is called the ___
A named formula (such as @SUM) in a spreadsheet program is called a(n) ___
In a relational database, the database object that contains the actual data is the ___
Media player
Listening to a music CD
Personal publishing software
Creating a child’s birthday invitation
DVD authoring software
Creating a home movie DVD
A function
An absolute cell address
An relative cell address
Computer network
A collection of computers and other hardware devices that are connected together to share hardware, software, and data, as well as to communicate electronically with one another
A device used for receiving or sending radio signals; often used to increase the range of a network
A device used to connect multiple devices on a single network; forwards packets to only the intended recipient
A networking standard for very short-range wireless connections; the devices are automatically connected once they get within the allowable range
Mesh network
A network in which there are multiple connections between the devices on the network so that messages can take any of several possible paths
An emerging wireless networking standard that if faster and has a greater range than Wi-Fi
A networking protocol that uses packet switching to facilitate the transmission of messages; the protocol used with the Internet.
Global positioning system (GPS)
A system that uses satellites and a receiver to determine the exact geographic location of the receiver
Digital transmission
A type of data transmission where the data is represented by 0s and 1s.
Ethernet (802.3)
A widely used wired LAN networking standard
GPS systems are used only by the government
Wit serial transmissions, each bit of data is sent individually
The Internet is an example of a LAN
The type of cable used inside most homes for telephone service is twisted-pair wire
A router is a type of modem
With a(n) ___network topology, all devices are connected in a line to a central cable
A(n) ___ phone can be used with more than one communications network, such as with both a cellular and Wi-Fi network
personal area network or PAN
A small network designed to connect the personal devices for an individual is called a(n) ___
virtual private network or VPN
A(n) ___ is a network that transfers private information securely over the Internet or other public network.
To diagnose a patient from a distance
To work for a company in New York when you live in California
Multimedia networking
To watch a TV show in the living room that is recorded on your computer
Cellular phone
To receive telephone calls while you are out shopping
To determine your physical location while hiking in the mountain
A device used to connect network devices via cabling
A device that enables a computer to communicate over telephone lines
Wireless access point
A device used to connect wireless devices to a wired network
A device used to amplify signals on a network
To connect a portable computer to a wireless hotspot
To connect a wireless keyboard to a computer
To create a wired home or business network
Ultra Wideband (UWB)
To wirelessly connect home entertainment devices
Distance learning
A learning environment in which the student is physically located away from the instructor and other students; commonly, instruction and communications take place via the Web
Direct connection
A type of Internet connection in which the computer or other device is connected to the Internet continually
A small file stored on a user’s hard drive by a Web server; commonly used to identify personal preferences and setting for that user
Search engine
A software program used by a search site to retrieve matching Web pages from a search database
Dial-up connection
A type of Internet connection in which the computer or other device must dial up and connect to a service provider’s computer via telephone lines before being connected to the Internet
A recorded audio or video file that can be played or downloaded via the Web
A word typed in a search box on a search site to locate information on the Internet
World Wide Web (WWW)
The collection of Web pages available through the Internet
The largest and most well-known computer network, linking millions of computers all over the world
Video-on-demand (VOD)
The process of downloading movies and television shows, on demand, via the Web
When the Internet was first developed, it was called Mosaic.
On the Internet, an access provider and a content provider are essentially the same thing
With a direct connection, you need only open your browser to start your Internet session
A Wi-Fi hotspot is used to provide Internet access to individuals via a wireless connection
A Webinar is a Web site designed to allow individuals to easily create and publish blogs
Digital Subscriber Line or DSL
___ is a type of always-on broadband Internet service that transmits data over standard telephone lines but does not tie your phone line
keyword; directory
With a(n) ___ search, keywords are typed into the search box; with a(n) ___
social networking site
A(n) ___ is a Web site designed to enable a community of individuals to communicate and exchange information
online auction
With a(n) ___, people bid on products over the Internet, and the highest bidder purchases the item.
To communicate with a friend in a different state
Online auction
To pay only as much as you specify for an item purchased through the Internet
Online banking
To pay a bill without writing a check
Internet searching
To find Web pages containing information about growing your own Bonsai trees
A common type of home broadband connection; does not use standard phone lines.
Provides access to the Internet via a very fast fiber-optic network.
Conventional dial-up
Accesses the Internet via standard phone lines and ties up your phone; the maximum speed is 56 Kbps.