CIS: Chapter 4

Software that is available on demand via the Internet is called
Software as a Service (SaaS).
What type of software enables you to create dynamic slide shows
Which type of program takes advantage of automatic recalculation and what-if analysis
Which of the following is true about open source software?
The program can be changed and is freely distributed.
What software do I use to create a web page?
Web authoring software
The minimum set of recommended standards for a program is known as the
system requirements.
Which of the following is an uncompressed audio file format?
Which of the following is considered a benefit of using simulation programs?
They allow users to experience potentially dangerous situations without risk.

They help to prevent costly errors.

They allow users to train on software that is not installed on their systems.

Which of the following is NOT necessary to do before installing beta software?
defragging the hard drive
Which of the following is not a website for managing your digital pictures?
Which software application would you use to calculate and manipulate numerical data?
Apache OpenOffice Calc

Apple iWork Numbers

Microsoft Office Excel

PowToon and HaikuDeck are alternatives to
Microsoft PowerPoint
Calendars, tasks, and e-mail will be found in which application?
Which of the following describes copyleft?
terms enabling redistributing open source software
When a vendor hosts software on a website and you don’t need to install the software on your device, this is known as
Software as a Service.
Which type of software is used to make 3-D models?
Productivity software suites are available as web-based software.
A macro is a software tool that offers a step-by-step guide through complicated tasks.
Removing red-eye, cropping, and altering pictures with pen- and brush-like tools are features of image-editing software
When you buy software, you can only use it as specified in the EULA.