CIS Unit 4

The integration of a variety of media, such as text, images, video, animation, and sound
Web-based multimedia
multimedia located on webpages
Virtual reality (VR)
the use of a computer to create three-dimensional environments that look like they do in the real world
alphanumeric characters kept in a text, not graphic, format
a digital representation of a photograph, drawing, chart, or other visual image; also called a graphic
an image format that supports 256 colors and is commonly used for web page line art images
an image format that is designed specifically for web page images
an image format that supports true color and is commonly used for web page photographs
Thumbnail image
a small image on a web page that is linked to a larger, higher-resolution image
the process by which a series of graphical images are displayed one after the other to stimulate movement
Java applet
a small program inserted into a web page that performs a specific task, such as changing the values in a stock portfolio or scrolling text across the screen
Animated GIF
a group of GIF images saved as an animated GIF file that is inserted in a web page; the individual images are displayed one after another to stimulate movement
a popular program for creating Web animations and interactive web-based multimedia applications
a technology used to create and display web animations and interactive web-based multimedia applications
sound, such as music, spoken voice, and sound effects
a continuous stream of visual information broken into separate images or frames to be displayed one after the other to simulate the original visual event
web site design
the process of planning what a web site will look like and how it will function
a tool that can be used during the web design process to illustrate how the pages in a web site relate to one another
page layout
a sketch of a web page often developed during the web site design process to illustrate the basic layouts of the home page and the rest of the pages on that site
an ordered series of sketches usually developed during the design of an animated sequence or other multimedia component to illustrate what each page or screen of that component will look like
alternative text
a text description for a web page image, which is displayed when the image is pointed to and can be read by assistive technology
web site development
the process of creating, testing, publishing, and maintaining a web site
markup language
a type of language that uses symbols or tags to describe what a document should look like when it is displayed in a web browser
HTML (Hypertext markup language)
a markup language widely used for creating web pages; the most recent version is HTML 5
XML (extensible markup language)
a set of rules used for exchanging data over the web; addresses only the content, not the formatting of the data, and the content displays in an appropriate format based on the device being used
XHTML (Extensible hypertext markup language)
a newer, stricter version of HTML that is based on XML
Cascading style sheet (CSS)
a tool used to specify and apply the styles used in web pages; used to provide a consistent, and yet flexible, appearance for all of the pages in a web site
Wireless markup language (WML)
a language used to display web pages on WAP-enabled devices, such as some older mobile phones
a scripting language widely used to ad dynamic content to web pages
a set of web standards designed to better handle web page interactivity by downloading only new data from the web server, instead of redownloading the entire web page
web site authoring software
a type of application program used to create web pages and entire web sites; also referred to as web site builders, especially when referring to a cloud service
the act of doing business transactions over the internet or similar technology
an internet-only store with no physical presence
a conventional store with a physical presence
E-commerce carried out via smartphones and other mobile technology
Near field communications (NFC)
a short-range wireless technology based on RFID and used to transfer payments or other information from a smartphone to another phone or to a payment terminal
E-commerce business model
a description of how an e-commerce company does business, such as the types of buyers and sellers involved
Business-to-consumer (B2C) model
an e-commerce model in which a business provides goods and services to consumers
Business-to-business (B2B) model
an e-commerce model in which a business provides goods and services to other businesses
Consumer-to-consumer (C2C) model
an e-commerce model in which a consumer provides goods or services to other consumers
Business-to-government (B2G) model
an e-commerce model in which a business provides goods and services to government organizations
an online retailer
subscription site
a site that sells access to its online content
brokerage site
a type of web site that brings buyers and sellers together to facilitate transactions between them; the site earns revenue in the form of commissions on sales made via the site
online auction site
a web site where potential buyers bid on an item and, at the end of a set time period, the highest bidder buys the item as long as all bidding criteria (such as minimum selling price) have been met
online checkout service
a checkout processing service that enables e-commerce customers to check out using their information associated with another e-commerce account, such as their Amazon account
online payment service
a type of payment service accessed via the internet and used to make electronic payments to others, such as via deposited funds, a bank account, or a credit card
digital wallet
an app or online service that stores information (such as credit, debit, and ;loyalty cards; digital coupons; and shipping information) that can be used to speed up purchase transactions
storefront software
E-commerce software that facilitates the creation of an online store
shopping cart software
E-commerce software designed to add ordering capabilities to an existing web site
meta tag
a special HTML or XHTML tag containing information about a web page that is added by the person creating the web page and is used primarily by search sites
search engine optimization (SEO)
the process of evaluating a web site and making changes to improve search site results
web analytics
statistics about web site traffic that can be used to help evaluate the effectiveness of a web site or a web site promotion strategy
One of the ways that Google buys clean energy
PPA (power purchase agreements)
Ex: wind farms
Virtual reality
Used by some e-commerce Web sites to display
environments or show what products (such as a car or
a home) look like in the real world.
A video format developed by Microsoft for use with
Windows Media Player.
web site design
The process of planning what your Web site will look
like and how it will work
A format that is a standard format for Web page
images and is used most often with logos, banners,
and other nonphotographic images.
Wireless markup language (WML)
Language used to create Web pages to be displayed on
WAP-enabled wireless devices, such as some older
mobile phones and those used in some developing
creating the multimedia elements
the first basic step in the development process of a multimedia web site
alternative text
Used to describe navigational images or other
images to make them understandable to visitors
using assistive technology systems.
website development
the process of implementing a website design
Whenever you include content on a Web page that
requires a(n) ____, include an obvious link that takes
visitors to a Web page where they can download its
free version.
java applet
A small program inserted into a Web page that
performs a specific task, such as changing the values in
a stock portfolio, scrolling text or images across the
screen, and so forth.
the most common file format used to save pictures on a website
a method used to reduce the size of a file format that allows you to deliver smaller sized files on websites
alternative text
Used to identify images in order for navigational
images or other images to be understandable to
visitors using assistive technology systems.
flow chart
used to describe how the pages in a website relate to one another, during the website design
broadband internet connection
In combination with today’s fast computer, _________,
allows for web based multimedia.
The term used to describe conducting business
transactions—generally financial transactions—via
communications technology
Card verification code (CVC)
This is printed on the back of the credit card to prove
the consumer has possession of the card
order fulfillment company
Are used by some e-commerce companies to reduce
the management of inventory and shipping of goods.
intermediary hub model
Companies that do not sell goods or services directly
to others, but instead bring buyers and sellers
together within a specific industry or business
process follow a_______ model.
____ seals are issued by the Certificate Authority
issuing the site’s SSL or EV SSL certificate and are
designed to remind shoppers that the site is
protected by that certificate.
B2G (business to government)
Businesses sell products and services to local, state,
and federal government buyers.
shopping cart abandonment
The situation when a customer places items in his or
her cart but never actually purchases them.
search engine optimization (SEO)
Used to put a website to be as close to the top of
search results when and individual uses key words
relating to the website
subscription sites
Instead of selling an actual physical or electronic
product to customers, these sites sell access to online
site-specific digital wallets
These store checkout information in the customer’s
account for use with purchases on that site only.
risk of fraud
Potentially the biggest disadvantage of e-commerce
from a customer standpoint.
anticybersquatting consumer protection act
Allows you to protect a trademark you own in
privacy policy
Developed and displayed by an e-commerce site, it
states how collected customer information will be
e-commerce merchant account or internet merchant accounts
Enables online business to accept credit cards.
______ account numbers that are essentially
disposable credit card numbers that can be used to
buy goods and services that will be charged to the
customer’s regular credit card.
credit/debit service,
online checkout service, online
payment service, digital gift
certificates, or gift cards.
Three different service that an
online merchant can use to
accept payment.
(Electronic Financial Transactions)