CIS101 Quiz 2

Five Types of Portable Personal Computers
Tablet Computer, Laptop, Netbook, Ultrabook, Tablet
Desktop Computer
Consists of a separate system unit but imac has processor in monitor
Supports many users and is used in businesses that manage large amounts of data
Can perform complex calculations rapidly
3 Examples of Hardware (Peripherals)
Monitor, Keyboard, Mouse
8 Terms Used To Describe Storage Capacity (Lowest to Highest)
Byte, Kilobyte, Megabyte, Gigabyte, Terabyte, Petabyte, Exabyte, Zettabyte
System Software
Enables your computer’s hardware devices and application software to work together
Application Software
Set of programs you use on your computer to help you carry out tasks such as writing a paper
Embedded Computer
Specially designed computer chip that resides in another device. Have their own programming and don’t need to receive input from you ex) roomba, smartphone
4 Functions of a Computer
Input-Gathers data Process-Manipulate and calculates data into information Output-It displays data and information in a form suitable for the user Storage-Saves data and information for later use
Sprays ink or uses laser beams to transfer marks onto paper ex) inkjet printer, laser printer, wireless printer
Tiny hammer-like keys that strike the paper through an inked ribbon ex) dot matrix printer
Legacy Technology
Compromises computing devices, software or peripherals that use techniques, parts and methods from an earlier time that are no longer popular
RAM Chip
Programs and data the computer is currently using is stored.
ROM Chip
Holds all instructions the computer needs to start up when it’s powered on
Science that deals with design and location of machines and furniture so people using them don’t get hurt
Most Common Type of Computer Screen
LCD Liquid Crystal Display
Essential Part of Screen Resolution
Cloud Computing
Process of storing data, files, and applications on the web which allows access to these files from any internet connected device
3D Computing
To build a prototype to perfection
Binary System
Used as language to tell the computer what to do. Used to represent the quantity of data and information that the computer inputs and outputs
A place through which a peripheral device attaches to the computer so data can be exchanged between it and the operating system
Main circuit board that contains the central electronic components of the computer including the computers processor, memory and the main circuit boards that help the computer function
Network Interface Card (NIC)
Enables your computer to connect with other computers of to a cable modem to facilitate a high speed internet connection, often integrated into the motherboard
Dual Core CPU
Allows information to go through many different paths so the processor can multitask
Drop Box
Web based application for storing files on the cloud. Any files you save to drop box can be accessible to any internet device