CIS115 Chapter 6

You have implemented an ad-hoc wireless network that doesn’t employ a wireless access point. Every wireless network card can communicate directly with any other wireless network card on the network. what type of physical network topology has been implemented in this type of network?
Which of the following is the best definition for a LAN?
a network in a small geographic area, like in an office
You have a network that uses a logical ring topology. How do messages travel through the network?
messages travel from one device to the next until they reached the destination device
What type of network describes a workgroup?
peer-to-peer network
Which of the following terms refers to a network resource sharing model that uses access control list saved on each computer? select two
In which of the following topologies does each device on the network act as a repeater, sending the signal to the next device?
Which of the following topologies connects all devices to a trunk cable?
You have been asked to implement a network infrastructure that will accommodate failed connections. Which of the following network topologies provides redundancy for a failed link?
Which of the following is a weird networking method most commonly used today by desktop PCs and other network devices to connect to a local area network?
Which of the following are advantages of using a domain to manage a network? select tow
centralized administration and scalability
Which of the following topologies connects each network device to a central hub?
You have a small network that uses a hub to connect multiple devices. What physical topology is used?
Which of the following is a rating of the amount of data that can be sent over a network in a period of time?
Which of the following terms describes a group of computers and users that utilize centrallized resources, administration, and security settings? select two
domain and directory
What device is used to create a physical star topology?
You have a network that uses a logical bus topology. How do messages travel through the network?
Messages are broadcast to all devices connected to the network
Which of the following topologies connects each device to a neighboring device?
You want to implement a fault tolerant topology as you interconnect routers on your wide area network. Which of the following would meet your needs?
Which of the following is a valid MAC address?
Which of the following hardware devices regenerates a signal out all connected ports without examining the frame or packet contents?
A host wants to send a message to another host with the IP address ip address IP does not know the hardware address of the destination device. Which protocol can be used to discover the MAC address?
Which of the following LAN devices receives a signal on one port, and forwards that signal only to the port where the destination device is connected?
an 8-port switch receives a frame on port number 1. The frame is addressed to an unknown device. What will the switch do?
send the frame out ports 2-8
How do switches and bridges learn where devices are located on a network?
When a frame enters a port, the source MAC address is copied from the frame header
Which of the following best describes how a switch functions?
it connects multiple cable segments (or devices), and forwards frames to the appropriate segment.
Which of the following statements accurately describes how a modem works? select two
– it modulates digital data from the pc into analog data and transmits it on a telephone network
– it demodulates analog data from a telephone network into digital PC data
Which network component connects a device to the transmission media and allows it to send and receive messages?
network interface card
Which of the following are advantages of using fiber optic cabling for a network, as opposed to other types of cabling? select two
greater cable distance without a repeater and immunity to electromagnetic interference
What is a major benefit of STP over UTP?
greater resistance to interference
Which of the following applications is more likely to justify the investment in Category 6 cable?
Streaming Video
You have recently been called to troubleshoot network connectivity problems at a users workstation. Yo have found that the network cable runs across high traffic areas on the floor, causing the cable to wear through and break. You have replaced the cable with a plenum rated, shield, twisted pair cable. You would like to minimize the problem and prevent it from happening again. What should you do?
Run the cable through the ceiling are instead of across the floor
Which kind of connector do you use to connect a modem to a standard telephone line?
What type of cabling could be used for an Ethernet 100baseT (100Mbps) network? select two
category 6 UTP
Category 5 UTP
You have just signed up for a broadband home internet service that uses coaxial cable. Which connector type will you most likely use?
You need to attach an RJ45 connector to the end of a CAT6 UTP cable. Which tool should you use?
Which type uses light pulses to transmit data?
fiber optic
You need to connect the end of a Cat 6 UTP cable to a 110 punch down block. Which tool should you use?
Punchdown tool
Which of the following are characteristics of coaxial network cable? choose two
– it has a conductor made from copper in the center of the cable
– it uses two concentric metallic conductors
Which connector is used with unshieled twisted Pair (UTP) cable?
You are using a crimper to attach an rj45 connecter to a CAT UTP cable. You need to use the T568A standard to connect the individual wries to the connector. Which wire should be connected to pin1?
green with white
You are installing networking cable in the air space between the ceiling and the roof of a building. Which type of cabling should you use?
You have an ethernet network using the 10Based-T standard. Network devices are connected together using hubs. Which of the following is true?
the network uses half duplex communications
Which of the following is true of a network using the 10Base-T standard? select two
– THe maximum cable distance is 100 meters and the network operates at ten megabits per second
Which of the following is true of a network using the 1000Base-T standard? select two
THe network operates at 1GB per second and the network uses copper UTP cables
Your network follows the 1000Base-T specifications for GB ethernet. What is the maximum cable segment length allowed?
100 meters
Which of the following IP addresses belong to the Class A network select three
Which of the following IP addresses are Class B addresses? select three
Which of the following are not valid IP addresses? select three
Which of the following is a valid IP address? select two
What is the default subnet mask for the IP address
Which of the following IP addresses are CLass C addresses? select three
Which of the following best describes an IP address class?
The class defines the default network address portion of the IP address
Which service can you use on your network to automatically assign IP addresses to hosts and to help prevent the same address from being assigned to two different host?
Which TCP/IP configuration parameter identifies the router that is used to reach hosts to remote networks?
Default gateway
You are setting up a small network in you office with one Windows server and 50 Windows workstations. You want to spend as little time as possible configuring the workstations with IP addressing information. WHat should you do?
install the DHCP servicer on your server
Which of the following IP address ranges is reserved for Automatic Private IP addressing?
Which tool would you use in Windows vista/7 to manage network connections?
Network and Sharing Center
Which tool in Windows would you use to browse all networks and shared folders to which a user has access? select three
– windows explorer
– network
– computer
Which mechanisms could you use to resolve a hostname into its associated IP address? Select two
DNS and Hosts file
Which of the following statements about the Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol (DHCP) are true? Select two
– It can deliver a DNS server address in addition to the host IP address
– A workstation must request addressing information from a DHCP server
Which of the following have a default subnet mask of Select three
Which of the following is a valid IPv6 address?
Which of the following describes an IPv6 address? select two
128-bit address
Eight hexadecimal quarts
Which of the following are valid IPv6 addresses? select two
141: –
6384: –
Which of the following correctly describe the most common format for expressing IPv6 addresses? select two
-32 numbers, grouped using colors
– hexadecimal numbers
What protocol is used to send email messages from a mail client to a mail server?
You want to use your windows workstation to browse the web sites on the internet. You use a broadband DSL connection to access the Internet. Which network protocol must be installed on your workstation to do this?
Which of the following protocols is non-routable an requires another protocol to enable inter network communications?
You’ve just installed the DNS Service on a Windows server. Which port must be opened in the server’s firewall to allow clients to access the service?
Which of the following protocols is used by an email client to retrieve messages from an email server and give users the option to keep mail messages on the server?
Which of the following protocols do email clients use to download messages from a remote mail server?
Which IP protocol is used by Web browsers and web servers to exchange files?
You want to allow your users to download files from a server running the IP protocol. You want to protect access to the files by requiring user authentication to access specific directories on the server. Which IP protocol should you implement to provide this capability?
Which protocols are used on the Internet to transmit Web pages from web servers to web browsers running on client Workstations? select two
You’ve enabled Remote Desktop on a Windows workstation. Which port must be opened in the servers firewall to allow remote clients to access the desktop?
You are a software developer and you are creating a multimedia streaming application. Data will be streamed form you streaming server to streaming clients over IP networks. Which transport protocol should your application use to send data between the clients and the server?
You want to implement name resolution on the Linux workstation in your company. Which protocol will you use to do this?
What IEEE wireless standards specify transmission speeds up to 54 Mbps? Select two
Which of the following is used on a wireless network to identify the network name?
Which of the following measures will make your wireless network less visible to the casual attacker performing ware driving?
Disable SSID broadcast
Which of the following are security protocols for wireless networks? select two
Which of the following features is supplied by WPA2 on a wireless network?
On a wireless network that is employing WEP, which type of users are allowed to authenticate through the access points?
Users with the correct WEP key
Which type of configuration would you use if you wanted to deploy 802.11n technology to communicate directly between two computers using a wireless connection?
Ad hoc
Which of the following is true when the DHCP setting is disabled in a wireless network?
Wireless clients must use a static IP address within the correct IP address range to connect to the network
Which of the following are characteristics of the 802.11g wireless standard? select two
– backwards compatible with 802.11b devices
– operates in the 2.4 GHz range
– Maximum bandwidth of 54 Mbps
You are designing a wireless network network for a client. Your client needs the network to support a data rate of a least 150 Mbps. In addition, the client already has a telephone system installed that operates 2.4 GHz. Which 802.11 standard will work best in this situation?
Which wireless standard operates at up to 54 Mbps to a maximum of 150 feet?
Which data transmission rate is defined by the IEEE 802.11b wireless standard?
11 Mbps
Which of the following features on a wireless network allows or rejects client connections based on the hardware address?
MAC address filtering
You want to use a wireless printer at home. The printer will be used by two computers in two different rooms. which interfaces could be used to do this?
Wireless Ethernet and Blutooth
A portable computer connected to a printer with an infrared interface works fines inside your office. However, when you go outside it works sporadically. How can you fix this? select two
– block any direct and reflected sunlight from the pathway between the pc and the printer
– move the printer closer to the computer
Which of the following are characteristics of bluetooth? select two
2.4 GHz radio wireless
Ad hoc connections
What is the maximum range of the Bluetooth 2.0 specifications for Class 1 devices?
You want to use a wireless keyboard and mouse with your laptop computer. Which method should you choose?
Which of the following is not an example of wireless networking communications?
You need a type of wireless connection that can transfer data between your phone, PDA, and laptop. You are transferring sensitive information. Which would be the best choice?
What is the maximum transmission speed for Bluetooth devices?
3 Mbps
Which of the following protocols carry phone calls over an IP-based network?
When configuring an ADSL installation, where should you go to install the DSL Filters?
on connections leading to an analog phone
You are configuring an ADSL connection. Which of the following will be part of the configuration? select two
RJ11 connctors and
Filters or splinters
Which of the following are used to connect a cable modem to the internet connection? select two
F-type connectors and RG-6 Coaxial cable
You are talking with a customer support technician on the telephone. The technician recommends downloading a particular driver from Internet. When you try to connect to the internet using your modem, you can’t. What is the problem?
you need to hang up
Which actions allow you to access the Internet on your Laptop via a cellular network?
Install a cellular USB adapter in a open port on the laptop
You are installing a satellite connection so your home office can connect to the internet. Which of the following statements is true?
the satellite dish must be pointed in the correct direction for communicating with the satellite
A healthcare organization provides mobil clinics throughout the world and needs to transfer patient statistical data to a central database via the Internet. Which network technology should you select to ensure network connectivity for any clinic located anywhere in the world, even remote areas?
Which of the following network technologies is packaged as part of a BRI plan?
Which type of network medium is used bu an Integrated Services Digital Network (ISDN) adapter?
Copper telephone Wire
Which of the following are features of Basic Rate ISDN (BRI)? select three
-Two data channels
– dial-up connection
– one control channel
To access the Internet through the Publicly Switched Telephone Network (PSTN), what kind of connectivity device must you use?
You need to add security for your wireless network. You would like to use the most secure method. Which method should you implement?
You recently installed a small office home office wireless router. To avoid security holes and bus, what should you do to the router?
update the firmware
Which of the following are good reasons to enable NAT?
to translate between Internet IP addresses and the IP addresses on your private network
A customer has called and indicated that he thinks his neighbor in connecting to his wireless access point (AP) to use his high-speed internet connection. Which of the following will help resolve this issue? select two
– implement WPA2
– Disable SSID broadcast on the AP
A user calls to report that she is experiencing intermittent problems while accessing network from her laptop computer. While she normally works from her office, today she is tryin to access the wireless network from a conference room which is across the hall and next to the elevator. What is the most likely cause of her connectivity problem?
Interference is affecting the wireless signal
A user calls to report that she is experiencing intermittent problems while accessing the wireless network from her laptop computer. While talking to her, you discover that she is trying to work from the break room two floors above the floor where she normally works. What is most likely cause of her connectivity problem?
The user is out of the effective range of the wireless access point on her floor
Which of the following locations will contribute the greatest amount of interference for a wireless access point? select two
near backup generators and near cordless phones
You’ve just finished installing a wireless access point for a client. Which action best protects the access point from unauthorized configuration settings?
changing the administrative password
which of the following recommendations should you follow when placing access points to provide wireless access for users within your company building?
place access points above where most clients are
What is the least secure place to locate the access point when creating a wireless network?
near a window
Which of the following is not one of the ranges of ip addresses defined in RFC 1918 that are commonly used behind a NAT server?
You need to place a wireless access point in your two story building. While trying avoid interference, which of the following is the best location for the access point?
in the top floor
You’ve just installed a wireless access point (AP) for your organization’s network. You know that the radio signals used by the AP extend beyond your organization’s building and are concerned that unauthorized users outside may be able to access your internal network. What can you do to protect the wireless network? select tow
disable DHCP on the AP and Configure the AP to filter out unauthorized MAC addresses
You have a computer that is connected to the Internet through a NAT router. You want to use a private addressing scheme for your computer. Which of the following IP addresses could you assign to the computer? select two
A user on your network has been moved to another office down the hall. After the move she calls you complaining that she has only occasional network access through her wireless connection. Which of the following is most likely the cause of the problem?
the client system has moved too far away from the access point
Examine the following output:
Which utility produced this output?
Which command would you use to have a workstation stop using an IP address that it obtained from a DHCP server?
ipconfig/ release
You are the network administrator of a branch office of your company. THe branch office network ispart of a WAN that covers most of the United States. Users have been complaining that they are unable to access resources over the WAN at the main headquarters. You suspect that one of the routers between your office and the main headquarters is not working properly. What TCP/ IP utility can you use to see if a router is not working properly?
You are troubleshooting network connectivity issues on a workstation. Which command would you use to request new IP configuration information form a DHCP server?
ipconfig/ renew
You work in an office that uses Linux and Windows servers. the network uses the IP protocol. You are sitting at a Windows workstation and an application your are using is unable to connect to a windows server named FileSrv2. Which commands can you use to test network connectivity between your workstation and the server? select two
Traceroute and ping
Which utility would you use to view current connections and active sessions and ports on a computer?
You are troubleshooting network connectivity issues on a Windows workstation. Which command would you use to view the MAC address of the network adapter?
ipconfig/ all
You suspect large packets are being dropped on your network because of their large size. Which utililty can you use to confirm your suspicion?
Ping -l
Examine the following output:
Which command produced this output?
Which of the following tools allow for remote management of servers? select tow
telnet and SSH
Examine the following output:
Which command produced this output?
Which troubleshooting a network connection, you decide to use the ping command. Which switch allows for a continuous ping?
A user is having problems connecting using host names. Which of the following commands will help you troubleshoot this problem?
You have a small network. All computers are running Windows 7. Yo have created a HomeGroup for your network. You have a laptop that you use at work that runs windows 7 Professional. You connect the laptop to the network. You are unable to see shared files on the other computer. What should you do?
Join the laptop to the HomeGroup
You have a Windows 7 computer connected to a small network that is not part of a domain. You want to see this computers and printers on the network. Which feature would you use?