CIS133 – Chapter 3 Quiz

____ is a general term that refers to a wide variety of damaging or annoying software programs.
The two types of malware that have the primary objective of infecting a computer system are ____.
viruses and worms
A(n) ____ infection injects portions of the code throughout the program’s executable code instead of only at the end of the file (any overwritten original code is transferred and stored inside the virus code for proper execution of the host program after the infection).
Swiss cheese
A ____ is a program designed to take advantage of a vulnerability in an application or an operating system in order to enter a computer.
A computer ____ is a program advertised as performing one activity but actually does something else.
A ____ is a set of software tools used by an attacker to hide the actions or presence of other types of malicious software, such as Trojans, viruses, or worms.
A ____ silently captures and stores each keystroke that a user types on the computer’s keyboard.
____ attacks are often the means by which an attacker will perform an arbitrary code execution.
Buffer overflow
An infected ”robot” computer is known as a ____.
A ____ is created when hundreds, thousands, or even tens of thousands of zombie computers are manipulated under remote control.
A botnet consisting of thousands of zombies enables an attacker to send massive amounts of spam. Some botnets can also harvest e-mail addresses. This is known as ____.
Botnets can flood a Web server with thousands of requests and overwhelm it to the point that it cannot respond to legitimate requests. This is known as ____.
denying services
Spyware usually performs one of the following functions on a user’s computer: ____, collecting personal information, or changing computer configurations.
____ is software that displays a fictitious warning to the user in the attempt to “scare” the user into an action, such as purchasing additional software online to fix a problem that in fact does not exist.
A security ____ is a general software security update intended to cover vulnerabilities that have been discovered since the program was released.
One of the first software security applications is ____ software.
AV software on a computer must have its ____ files regularly updated by downloads from the Internet.
A(n) ____ account is designed for everyday computing activities and allows for some settings to be modified.
One of the best defenses against attacks is to create ____ on a regular basis.
data backups
A ____ device is similar to a portable USB hard drive except it has additional ”intelligence” that allows all devices connected to the computer network to access it.
network attached storage
Protecting your personal computer has become a serious challenge unless you are an advanced computer user.
Most viruses can spread to other computers by themselves.
To address the vulnerabilities in operating systems that are uncovered after the software has been released, software vendors usually deploy a software “fix” to address the vulnerabilities.
Data backups only protect data against computer attacks.
Files backed up through online services can be made available to another computer.