CISS Exam 1

…Augmented Reality
…Standard, point of reference;
Trend where telecommuters often take their own computing device when they go in to the office; “Bring Your Own Device”
Cache memory
…a type of memory that helps your internet work faster
System where instructors set up Web-based training sites for students to check their progress in a course and take practice tests
Type of communication where a company’s computers can monitor assembly lines and equipment to keep them running safely and efficiently
Trend where doctors and nurses typically use smartphones and tablets to access electronic patient records
Type of manufacturing where workers use computers on the shop floor to order parts from the warehouse to assemble a custom product
You use _________ when your telephone calls travel over the internet instead of using traditional phone systems.
Buying and selling products via electronic channels such as the Internet is called ___________________.
Net neutrality
__________________ does not allow changing service or bandwidth to favor one site over another.
The internet connects millions of computers connected through millions of _________________ worldwide.
Hacking a server to re-route traffic to a fake Web site to obtain your personal information.
Small text file that a Web page stores on your computer to identify you
Private browsing
Mode for surfing the Web without leaving history, temporary Internet files, or cookies
Used to access Web pages on your mobile computing device, and specifically designed for small screens
The first graphical Web browser released in 1993
World Wide Web or WWW
A collection of millions of Web sites
A collection of related Web pages connected by hyperlinks
Web page
a Hypertext Markup Language (HTML) document
Computer addiction
Refers to the compulsive use of digital technologies such as the Internet, video games, online gambling, and pornography
…Child Online Protection Act; Restricts access to certain things on the internet to minors
Digital divide
Refers to the social and economic gap between those who have access to computers and the Internet and those who do not
…Internet of Things; everything is interconnected through the internet
Internet Protocol version 6; its the most recent protocol of the system that provides identification and location for computers; traditionally IPs had 4 sets of numbers so this update has 6 sets
Internet Service Provider; who is providing internet access to you …
RSS feed
Sends information to you kind of like a subscription
…Stop Online Piracy Act; makes sharing music, videos, etc. illegal
System unit
Your computer
Full web address not just but the / and everything that comes after
person who is in charge of what goes on on a website
group of computers sharing the same network (ex. at schoo)
governments to utilize environmentally conscious practices in the manufacturing and use of digital technologies
ex: more energy-efficient hardware;
Explain green computing; What are some examples?
Internet Backbone
the principal data routes between large, strategically interconnected computer networks
True or False: The world-wide database of domain names and corresponding IP addresses is called the Domain Name System.
True or False: The .mobi TLD is used by sites that are optimized for mobile devices.
True or False: Some sites on the Internet have the same IP address
True or False: File-sharing sites like Youtube and Flickr let you post and share photos music and other media
True or False: Servers that host part of the Domain Name System are called domain name servers or DNS servers
T or F: Sites that let you access your email account from public computers like the ones in the library are called file sharing sites