CMIS 108 Chapter 4

A VoIP system supports voice and ____ services
One focus of the Internet2 is to improve ____.
communication speed
In a(n) ____ relationship, multiple users are provided with access to a server at the same time
The Internet backbone uses mostly ____ cabling for transmitting data between users.
Wikis encourage ____ to build content that can be constantly added, removed, and edited.
As the amount of Internet ____ continue(s) to increase, streaming video and television are becoming commonplace.
Google relies on ____ to relay information related to its mapped software.
Music services that use a ____ model of distribution include Napster, Rhapsody, and Yahoo! Music.
The reason online content cannot always be trusted is the lack of ____ on the web.
quality control
Which one of the following is a model for cloud computing?
Government agencies have not supported cloud computing due to the lack of ____.
date security
A Cascading Style Sheets file can be identified by its ____ extension.
The term ____ implies that the webpage you design with web development software will look the same when published on the web.
Cookie files contain ____.
XHTML is being replaced by ____.
When using ____ as a Service, a business does not have to oversee the storage, backup, or security of its data.
In the URL, http: is the ____.
Java is a popular ____ programming language that allows programmers to write programs for multiple platforms.
A popular web server software used today is ____.
Web developers use ____ to categorize and classify content when creating a webpage.
Combining voice, video, and data communications into one interface is known as ____ communications.
A type of connection that provides Internet service through a phone line that services both the Internet and your phone is ____.
The job of the ____ computer is to support a large amount of user requests simultaneously.
____ defines how information travels across the Internet.
Electronic communication that occurs in real time is called ____ communication.
____ allows shoppers to name their own price for flights, and then works to find an airline that can meet that price.
Wikis encourage ____ to build content that can be constantly added, removed, and edited.
When evaluating information provided on the web, always consider the ____.
Playing online Scrabble with others on the web at any given time is an example of a ____ gaming experience.
Our e-textbook, Emerge with Computers, is an example of ____.
online education
A(n) ____ online game is text-based and very interactive.
Downloaded music may include ____ technology that prevents or limits the user’s ability to make copies.
The World Wide Web (WWW) emerged in ____.
the early 1990s
____ is an object-oriented language that is sometimes used in web programming.
To acquire an online presence, you can subscribe to a web ____ service that will store your files for users to access.
The online retailer ____ is one of the largest suppliers of cloud services.
A well-known range of ____ is reserved by convention to identify specific service types provided by host computers.
port numbers
The ____ bill demonstrated the conflict between Internet snooping and Internet user privacy.
By combining geolocation, the image through your camera, and advanced ____ applications, you can review information in real time about businesses that surround you.
augmented reality
A popular financial service on the web that supports mobile payment transactions is ____.
In an effort to fight the illegal downloading of videos and movies, many ____ are working against networks such as BitTorrent.
Through the use of ____ and other technology, software applications are able to run directly through a web browser window.
A database of root domain name servers oversees and tracks all ____ and domain names.
IP addresses
Data ____ travel over the Internet from router to router until reaching their destinations.
Which of the following agencies played an important role in the birth of the Internet?
Department of Defense
Federal Internetwork Agency
Department of Defense
In the URL, is the ____.
domain name
____ is a popular software program that can be used to manage podcasts.
Thanks to ____ files, a website can recognize you and cater to your individual tastes each time you visit.
In a ____ portal, a user can access information related to his or her specific company, including communications tools for collaboration.
Through ____, nontraditional students can complete their coursework from the comfort of their own home.
distance education
The ____ service provider provides the point of presence hubs (POPs) needed to connect users to the Internet.
It is much easier for people to remember ____ than IP addresses of websites.
domain names
Signing up for a(n) ____ will automatically provide you with web content that is updated on a regular basis.
RSS feed
Thanks to ____, you can watch a movie as it is being downloaded from the Internet.
streaming media
Airlines take advantage of ____ technology to inform users of flight delays and itinerary changes.
smart phone
The most popular search engines use ____ to store information about webpages.
a database
Hackers can gain access to computer systems through the use of ____.
The new Internet Protocol that was recently implemented to identify the large amount of Internet users is called ____.
A ____ network is used when a user wants to make his or her computer and others’ computers available for access.
Multiple companies may take advantage of the ____ cloud to pool their cloud resources.
With the help of ____, four academic research institutions were connected to each other for the first time through ARPA’s computer network.
A search engine attempts to catalog every webpage by topic through the use of a ____.
A unique feature of the semantic web is its ability to ____.
A webpage can be created using web development software such as ____.
Using the web as a primary user interface to access such applications as Google Docs is an example of ____.
cloud computing
A(n) ____ is a company that provides a subscriber with access to the Internet.
Through the use of a ____, users can freely express their views and opinions.
____ is commonly used to enable web browsers to communicate with web servers.
A web ____ can also be referred to as a customized web home page.
The Internet uses hardware, software, and ____ that allow(s) different types of networks to communicate.