All of the following are examples of malware EXCEPT ____.
AI neural networks use ____ to simulate the processing that takes place between neurons in the brain.
Microsoft Windows uses ____ Drive Encryption.
Medical robots are built with ____ capabilities to perform sophisticated surgeries.
____ threats are network security threats that originate from within a network.
something you have
An item such as a smart card is an example of the ____ form of authentication.
An expert system uses _________ , or rules of thumb, to arrive at conclusions or make suggestions.
The ____ was established to secure and monitor security risks to U.S. networks and the Internet.
artificial intelligence
Computational intelligence is a form of _________.
Criminals collect items such as credit card numbers without the user’s knowledge through the use of ____.
A ____ may be used to filter data that may be undesirable.
artificial intelligence
The art and science of creating computer systems that simulate human thought and behavior are referred to as ____.
A ____ computer is remotely controlled by a hacker to damage or corrupt a computer resource.
Internet server
In a distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attack, the services of a(n) ____ can be halted.
Ray Kurzweil
A strong advocate of the Singularity concept is ____.
rescue disk
A ____ is commonly packaged with a new computer system.
____ artificial intelligence is very popular in the programming of robots.
A(n) ____ certificate confirms your credentials when conducting business or other transactions on the web.
An email with a subject heading “Urgent Security Update” that requests a username and password followed by a link to “re-login and resolve the issue” is a good example of a ____ scam.
Alan Turing
____ proposed a test to determine whether a computer can be said to “think.”
A company may hire a ____ hacker to learn about vulnerabilities in its system.
Turing Test
Communication and language are key elements in the ____.
conventional AI
Expert systems, case-based reasoning, and Bayesian networks are all examples of ____________.
intelligent agent
One use for a(n) ____ is to search a database for information pertaining to a specific query.
Internet fraud
Sites such as eBay are a popular target for ____.
A popular encryption method used to protect data that travels over a wireless network is ____.
An important function of a firewall is to protect all the ____ of a network or computer from undesirable data.
A company called ____ provides digital certifications for web transactions.
When using a public Wi-Fi network, when is it safe to send private information over the network?
none of the above; a public wireless network is never safe for private information
The only time it is considered safe to send private information over a public wireless network is if it has ____.
machine learning
One important characteristic of artificial intelligence is when a system modifies its own behavior based on its ability to learn, also known as ____.
____ permissions provide registered users with access to the files they need, while restricting access to private resources.
security hole
A ____ allows hackers to gain access to important code or information in a software program.
human experts
An expert system relies on ____ to provide subject-specific knowledge.
strong AI
The concept of machines with intelligence that exceeds human intelligence is referred to as __________.
Receiving a fraudulent email that closely resembles a legitimate website, such as one from your bank, is known as a(n) ____ attack.
To protect your wireless devices and the information they hold, you should set up encryption such as ____.
The job of the ____ administrator is to control who has access to various network resources such as files and folders.
artificial creativity
Artists use a branch of artificial intelligence called ____ to express themselves through computers.
Ray Kurzweil
AI expert ____ has created an AI program he calls the Cybernetic Poet that can create poetry in the style of human poets.
machine learning
The component of artificial intelligence that demonstrates the ability to learn from experience and continuously improve performance is called __________.
network usage policy
When starting a new job, you may need to sign a(n) ____ that defines acceptable and unacceptable uses of computer and network resources.
Facial recognition is used as a(n) ____ process in the Australian SmartGate system.
Businesses sometimes achieve uninterruptible service by using a technology known as ____ to keep a mirror copy of all their data.
symbolic AI
Conventional AI is also called ___________.
an intelligent agent
Searching the Web for the best deal on an airline flight is a good example of ____ at work.
You can protect yourself from identity theft by using ____ when transmitting information over network connections.
A common form of authentication is a ____.
Software companies rely on ____ to “fix” problems in their programs related to bugs and flaws.
A(n) ____ system is AI software that is programmed to respond like a human expert in a particular field or area.
solve problems
AI applications are ways in which AI methodologies are applied to ____ and provide services.
An individual who illegally downloads copyright-protected software is referred to as a ____.
Speech recognition, handwriting recognition, and face recognition all fall under the AI category of ____ recognition.
Select strong passwords and change them regularly.
Which of the following is one realistic way to promote Internet security?
Computer vision enables ________ to react to visual input.
SSL connection
The https:// protocol in a URL indicates the use of a(n) ____ by the website.
One challenge with speech recognition software is its ability to ____ words that sound the same but have different meanings.
The Mac computer employs the ____ system to encrypt its file data.
Speech recognition technology has advanced to the point that some users are considering it as an alternative to ____.
Using ____ logic, results are based on approximations and sometimes ambiguous criteria.
A feature of neural networks includes the ability to quickly ____ stored data when new information is identified.
social engineering
In a practice called ____, someone may manipulate people into performing actions or divulging confidential information on the Internet.
The concept of the Singularity predicts that computers will be ____.
An Internet-based crime is referred to as a(n) ____ crime.
computational intelligence
Neural networks, fuzzy systems, and evolutionary computation are all forms of __________, where systems develop intelligence through an iterative learning process.
Robots are used to perform jobs that involve the three Ds. Which of the following is NOT one of the three Ds?
In artificial intelligence, ____ computation is based on a genetic algorithm to solve complex problems.
a data-entry error
When you enter the wrong GPS position for the start point on a trip you are about to take, this is an example of ____.