CMIS Final Spring 16

Apple, Amazon, and Google provide services that let users store their music _____, making it accessible to the owner from any Internet-connected device.
in the cloud
A _____ can represent a digit, a letter, or a color.
A popular term used to identify devices such as the iPad is _____.
tablet PC
Which of the following is a social network with photo album capabilities?
ASCII is the encoding standard used to represent _____ in digital form.
keyboard characteristics
Users can interact in a virtual reality environment through the use of _____.
A basic example of _____ is the use of graphs and charts to illustrate numeric data.
A computer relies on the combination of _____ and _____ to turn input into output.
hardware, software
Digital video _____ involves analyzing each frame of the video and storing only the pixels that change from frame to frame.
A game console relies on a fast _____ to handle the lively animations in a video game.
Personal music videos that combine user-generated photos with audio music are a good example of _____.
digital convergence
The Kindle is an example of a(n) _____ device.
The prefix Giga represents approximately one _____ units of information.
Using analog-to-_____ conversion, we are able to digitize the things we see and hear.
_____ software allows you to improve the look of your captured image.
Computer _____ capture(s) the essence of today’s business expectations for knowledge workers within their organizations.
The _____ system, which uses only two digits, 1 and 0, is commonly used for representing values in computers.
binary number
Online newspapers can be delivered through _____ to news readers.
Typical _____ computing providers deliver common software online that is accessed from another web service or browser.
Digital photography captures, stores, and manipulates photographs digitally as a series of _____.
1s and 0s
One thing to consider when choosing a mobile device is _____.
battery life
Cloud computing is not possible without _____.
an Internet connection
A Kindle eBook reader is an example of a(n) _____ computer.
Which of the following is an example of digital media?
Blu-ray movies
Which of the following is a popular satellite radio service in the United States?
_____ was invented to standardize computer interfaces around one type of connection.
The USB port
A(n) ____ license can be used anywhere on a college campus.
____ software allows the user to copy, modify, and redistribute source code.
The purpose of the ____ is to store the boot process instructions for the computer to start up.
It is the job of the ____ to oversee the removal of software programs on a computer.
operating system
Google Docs is classified as ____ software, which allows users to share and edit a document in real time on the web.
Through the use of _____, pilots can simulate flights without ever leaving the ground.
visual reality
One advantage of _____ printers is their ability to output realistic objects.
Windows cleaners maintain the ____ for more effective system operation.
A ____ software package usually includes document production, numerical analysis, information management, and graphics.
With _____ memory, data is stored permanently with no moving parts or the need for electricity.
Read-only memory differs from random access memory due to its ability to _____ store instructions.
Programmers create ____ and compilers turn it/them into ____.
source code, object code
An advantage of ____ software is its ability to run more than one operating system on a computer.
virtual machine (VM)
Many businesses rely on ____ software to keep a competitive edge in today’s marketplace.
The specifications of a computer usually include the speed of the _____ bus.
front side
An integrated circuit may hold thousands, millions, or even billions of _____.
When you combine a system’s hardware configuration and operating system, it is sometimes called the computer’s ____.
Output that you can feel is called _____ output.
ROM is used for important programs like _____, which come(s) from the manufacturer.
The iPad and other tablets take advantage of _____, allowing the user to use more than one finger to manipulate a display.
multitouch displays
Moore’s Law states that the number of transistors on a chip will double about every _____ months.
The _____ plays an important role in transforming data into useful information.
Each programming language has a particular ____— rules that guide how programming statements are constructed.
With the help of ____, less experienced programmers can develop applications for mobile devices such as the iPhone.
Our e-textbook, Emerge with Computers, is an example of ____.
online education
The popularity of ____ has encouraged everyday users to share events of the day.
social media
____ defines how information travels across the Internet.
Google Wallet software utilizes Android phones with near field communication technology, such as _____, to allow shoppers to swipe their phone at checkout to pay for items.
In the _____ form of ecommerce, the web is used to connect individual consumers directly with retailers to purchase products.
The new Internet Protocol that was recently implemented to identify the large amount of Internet users is called ____.
In the _____ form of ecommerce, transactions between businesses across private networks, the Internet, and the web are supported.
In a(n) ____ relationship, multiple users are provided with access to a server at the same time.
A _____ payment system delivers mcommerce services to small devices through the use of short-range wireless data communications.
A good example of an ecommerce site is _____.
Using the web as a primary user interface to access such applications as Google Docs is an example of ____.
cloud computing
In the URL, is the ____.
domain name
A(n) _____ is a website that allows visitors to browse through a wide variety of products from varying etailers.
With the help of ____, four academic research institutions were connected to each other for the first time through ARPA’s computer network.
One of the biggest roadblocks to ecash and ewallet technologies is _____.
Individual consumers use the _____ form of ecommerce to sell to other individuals on the web.
Which of the following agencies played an important role in the birth of the Internet?
Department of Defense
Downloaded music may include ____ technology that prevents or limits the user’s ability to make copies.
Electronic communication that occurs in real time is called ____ communication.
By combining geolocation, the image through your camera, and advanced ____ applications, you can review information in real time about businesses that surround you.
augmented reality
Downloading apps, games, and media to your smartphone is an example of _____.
The online retailer ____ is one of the largest suppliers of cloud services.
Government agencies have not supported cloud computing due to the lack of ____.
data security
_____ can be defined as systems that support electronically executed business transactions.
A unique feature of the semantic web is its ability to ____.
figure out what the user is looking for
A strong advocate of the Singularity concept is ____.
Ray Kurzweil
Speech recognition, handwriting recognition, and face recognition all fall under the AI category of ____ recognition.
A ____ may be used to filter data that may be undesirable.
AI applications are ways in which AI methodologies are applied to ____ and provide services.
solve problems
The art and science of creating computer systems that simulate human thought and behavior are referred to as ____.
artificial intelligence
A common form of authentication is a ____.
Communication and language are key elements in the ____.
Turing Test
The concept of the Singularity predicts that computers will be ____.
Searching the Web for the best deal on an airline flight is a good example of ____ at work.
an intelligent agent
An individual who illegally downloads copyright-protected software is referred to as a ____.
____ artificial intelligence is very popular in the programming of robots.
The https:// protocol in a URL indicates the use of a(n) ____ by the website.
SSL connection
____ proposed a test to determine whether a computer can be said to “think.”
Alan Turing
Receiving a fraudulent email that closely resembles a legitimate website, such as one from your bank, is known as a(n) ____ attack.
To protect your wireless devices and the information they hold, you should set up encryption such as ____.
You can protect yourself from identity theft by using ____ when transmitting information over network connections.
When using a public Wi-Fi network, when is it safe to send private information over the network?
Criminals collect items such as credit card numbers without the user’s knowledge through the use of ____.
An expert system relies on ____ to provide subject-specific knowledge.
human experts
Software companies rely on ____ to “fix” problems in their programs related to bugs and flaws.
The component of artificial intelligence that demonstrates the ability to learn from experience and continuously improve performance is called __________.
machine learning
Medical robots are built with ____ capabilities to perform sophisticated surgeries.
Robots are used to perform jobs that involve the three Ds. Which of the following is NOT one of the three Ds?
Facial recognition is used as a(n) ____ process in the Australian SmartGate system.
An Internet-based crime is referred to as a(n) ____ crime.