CMJ 103 Quiz 2

“To inform my audience about the Russian Revolution” is an example of a specific purpose statement for an informative speech about
an event
A(n)_________ is a summary of a magazine or research article, written by someone other than the original author
“To inform my audience about the major feature of a digital music player” is a specific purpose statement for an informative speech about
an object
According to your textbook, the 3 criteria for judging the reliability of documents located on the Internet are
recency, authorship, and sponsorship
The primary aim of an informative speech is to
convey knowledge or information
If you can’t identify the author of a document on the internet your textbook recommends that you
try to determine the sponsoring organization for the document
If your specific purpose statement where “To inform my audience about the major land regions in Spain,” you would probably organize your speech in
spatial order
Which of the following does your textbook recommend for narrowing a Google search to make it more effective
1.Explore specialize google resources such as news, books, and scholar
2.Put phrases in quotation marks and connect them with plus signs
3.Develop a strategy to search for specific terms you want to find
Which of the following is an instance of informative speaking
a counselor explaining the stages of grieving to people who have recently lost loved ones
You have found statistics on the internet that you would like to use in your speech. Before you do you need to make sure that
1. The statistics are recent enough to make them reliable for your speech
2. They come from a credible author or sponsoring organization
3. You can find the date on which they were published, posted, or updated