COM 249 Quizzes

ARPAnet, a predecessor of the Internet, was created to do which of the following?
Serve the needs of Academic Researchers
Nielsen Media Research says the average American spends ______ hours a day watching television.
Paul Baran’s idea of cutting messages into small pieces and sending them on the easiest route was known as which of the following?
Packet Switching
Philo T. Farnsworth invented which of the following?
The basic Technology for Television
People connect to the Internet using which of the following?
Telephone Lines, Cable, Wireless (all of the above)
The first major mass medium to be supported primarily by advertising in the United States was which of the following?
In 2006, the advertising industry revised its guidelines for advertising _____________________________ to children.
The innovation in the way Pears Soap marketed its product was that it was the first to use:
A print Ad
Several newspapers were initially prevented from printing the Pentagon Papers through the government’s use of which of the following?
Prior Restraint
The FCC’s Equal Time Provision requires stations do which of the following?
give all candidates equal access to non-news air time
The largest mass medium in Africa is which of the following?
Ethics involves which of the following?
making decisions where no answer seems to be acceptable
The term ethics means which of the following?
a rational means of decision making when both alternatives are equally attractive or unattractive
In Great Britain, most citizens read ____________ newspapers daily.
The term “sensationalism: in journalism means which of the following?
Covering events that are lurid and highly emotional