comp ch 7

Department of Defense
the internet was originally created as a communication system for the line of defense.
original internet was called
Tim Berners Lee
the father of the hypertext system known as the World Wide Web
Data Transfer Rate
measured in kilobits per second
FTP (File Transfer Protocol
used to transfer files
the first point and click graphical web browser which later became netscape
Research and Education
the original uses of the internet were
Internet 2
one of the education purposes for the development of
the data is less prone to corruption
One benefit of uses a fibrotic backbone for the I2
National broadband plan
connecting America, is working to ensure that all Americans have fast affordable internet access.
Internet service providers
there is many ISPs that offer different options depending on the internet service plan you choose.
you share the cable with your neighbors
Which of the following is true about cable internet access
your smartphone
can be used as a wireless access point to connect your laptop to the internet when you’re traveling.
web browsers
Programs that interpret HTML to display a webpage
Internet Explorer
the most commonly used web browser
Micro browser
If you access the internet through a browser through your smart phone you are using this
released a web browser called Chrome in 2008
Plug in
the 3rd party program such as Adobe Reader is considered to be this.
Add on
u would install this if you wanted to add a special feature to capture video to your web browser
is an example of an URL (will be a different name then google)
in the URL this is the protocol
in the URL what is the domain name ?…
an example of restricted top level domain
an example of IP address
If you were looking for information on airplanes you would use
When you are looking for source for a term paper what following cites would be a credible source