Computer 202

Web pages have two sections: a head and a body
A ____ element contains information about a webpages, such as the webpage title and the defined character set, not website content.
What should NOT be located in the head section?

The ____ element must be used to create paragraphs in the main area of HTML code.
A properly inserted html comment will not display on your webpage when viewed in a browser
A numbered list is also known as a(n) ____ list
Which of the following is true for a web page?
the title is nested within the head
Computational intelligence is a form of _____.
artificial intelligence
The component of artificial intelligence that demonstrates the ability to learn from experience and continuously improve performance is called ___.
machine learning
Global supply management companies assist business in finding the best ___ relationships.
Which of the following is a popular satellite radio service in the United States?
____ artificial intelligence is very popular in the programming of robots.
A _____ graphics expert might be asked to prepare animated exhibits as evidence in a court proceeding
Robots are used to preform jobs that involve the three Ds. which of the following is not one
Conventional Al is also called
symbolic Al
Description lists make us of the


tags while ordered lists make use of the ____ tag to specify list items.
How many required attributes are there for the tag?
Bold text in a paragraph

Facial recognition is used as an ___ process in the Australian SmartGate system
A B2B ___ service provides methods for businesses to find the best deals on the global market for raw materials and supplies needed to manufacture their products.
global supply management (GSM )
An additional benefit to ___ music services is that they provide users with more freedom in how they access their music
Digital cameras are ranked by the amount of ___ they can capture
A strong advocate of the Singularity concept is
Ray Kurzweil
Speech recognition, handwriting recognition, and face recognition all fall under the Al category of ____ recognition
Counting both opening and closing tags a description list with 4 list terms and descriptions would use ___ html tags
Tags that are included within other tags are called ____ tags.
HTML stand for hyper transfer markup language
Counting both open and closing tags an ordered list with 5 list elements would use ___ html tags
To make an image a hyperlink the image tag needs to be nested inside of the open and close __ tag
what is the correct tag to use to insert a blank line in your webpage
The art and science of creating computer systems that simulate human thought and behavior are referred to as ___
artificial intelligence
Speech recognition technology has advanced to the point that some users are considering it as an alternative to ___.
An expert system relies on ___ to provide subject-specific knowledge
human experts
The ____ model of music distribution allows listeners to enjoy free music online with ads, or without ads for a monthly fee
An important consideration when purchasing a digital camcorder is the ___.
pixels supported in each frame
Scientific ____ uses digital graphics to prove visual representations that improve our understanding of some phenomenon
Geographical technology advances to the iPhone such as user location and ___ software have improved augmented reality.
Smart machines are computer-controlled machines that are able to work ___ due to information accessed from sensors and over a network.
To specify a red color within a tag, the syntax would be
color: red
If you need to add more items to a bulleted list, you add them using the ___ tags(s)
  • and
  • How many attributes are used in the following line code?

    Which html tag is used to set the character encoding for a web page?
    Which html list will automatically number the items for you
    ordered list
    A ___ element contains information about a webpage such as the webpage title and the defined character set not the website content
    Which type of CSS is coded in the body of the web page as an attribute of an HTML tag?
    ____ make up a large portion of the interactive media market
    Video games
    Traditional __ media uses newspapers, magazines and books to deliver information and entertainment
    ____ can be defined as systems that support electronically executed business transactions
    A feature or neutral networks includes the ability to quickly ___ stored date when new information is mentioned
    Using ___ logic, results are based on approximations and sometimes ambiguous criteria
    The ___ of a digital camera is measured in megapixels
    Which property can be used to configure italic text?
    in CS 202 we have made use of ____ style sheets
    What is the attribute used with the open html tag
    Which CSS property should you use to bold a paragraph using an inline style?
    Which property configures the font used to display text
    Which of the following is NOT a good suggestion when making a webpage
    put spaces in your file name
    How many mandatory attributes are there for the img tag?
    Which tag pair contains the items in an ordered and unoredered list?
  • In artificial intelligence ___ computation is based on a genetic algorithm to solve complex problems
    ___ proposed a test to determine whether a computer can be said to exhibit human intelligence
    Alan Turing
    Online advertising techniques make use of ___ to control the ranking of a product in a search results list
    search engine optimization
    to create a description list you use the open and close ___ tag
    A(n) ___ is a website that allows visitors to browse through a wide variety of products from varying etailers
    In the ___ form of eCommerce the web is used to connect individual consumers directly with retailers to purchase products
    The combination of digital photography and digital photo editing is also refereed to as digital
    Electronic data interchange sometimes uses private network services called ___ networls
    ___ is the technology used to distribute blogs and other regularly updated online content to which people can subscribe
    The component of artificial intelligence that demonstrates the ability to learn form experience and continuously improve performance is called
    machine learning
    Google wallet software utilizes android phones with near field communication technology such as ___ to allow shoppers to swipe their phone at check out to pay for items
    Which of the following is an example of digital media
    Blue-ray movies
    _____ internet and service providers are bringing motion pictures, television programming and other video services to PC’s and cell phones.
    Online ___, clearinghouses, and marketplaces provide a platform for business and individuals to sell their products and belongings.