computer 5

In the early years of personal computers, networks were plentiful.
A WAN provides connectivity within a limited geographical area, often within a single building.
A process called handshaking allows two communications devices on a network to negotiate their communications protocols.
MAC addresses are used for some low-level network functions and can also e employed to establish network security.
A packer always travels from the source directly to the destination, never traveling through intermediate routing devices.
IP addresses can be assigned by ISPs or system managers.
Microwaves cannot be aimed in a single direction and they have less carrying capacity than radio waves
A transceiver is a combination of a transmitter and a receiver.
Bluetooth is often used to connect workstations to a LAN.
A gateway joins two different types of networks.
WPA2 makes sure that packets have not been intercepted or tampered with in any way.
Most routers supply a WAN port designed for an internet connection.
Windows automatically senses nearby networks and displays their SSIDs.
A cryptographic algorithm is a word, number, or phrase that must be known to encrypt or decrypt a message.
The internet is the world’s largest example of a(n) LAN.
A storage device that directly connects to a network is called network peripheral storage.
High-bandwidth communications systems, such as cable TV and DSL, are sometimes referred to as peakband.
The best-known communications protocol is probably SMTP, which regulates Internet data transport.
Data in a(n) wired network travels without the use of network cables.
Microwaves are electromagnetic signals that can be aimed in a single direction and have more carrying capacity than radio waves.
Wi-Fi signals cannot be disrupted by interference from devices such as microwave ovens, cordless telephones, and baby monitors.
A wireless ad hoc network uses a centralized broadcasting device, such as a wireless access point or router.
The process of converting ciphertext into plaintext is called encryption.
Public key encryption uses one key to encrypt a message and another key to decrypt it.
A ____ is a public high-speed network capable of voice and data transmission within a range of about 50 miles.
To connect to a LAN, a computer requires ____.
a network interface card
The most important network device is a ____.
A ____ is a physical path or a frequency used for signal transmissions.
communications channel
High-bandwidth communications systems are sometimes referred to as ____.
Dial-up Internet access is an example of a(n) ____ communications system.
In the technology referred to as ____, a message is divided into several parcels that can be routed independently to their destination.
packet switching
A protocol known as ____ is designed to automatically distribute IP addresses.
Which of the following is NOT an advantage of using a wired network?
unlimited mobility
Ethernet is a wired technology that is defined by ____ standards.
IEEE 802.3
Ethernet is easy to ____.
all of the above
On an Ethernet, a ____ is broadcast to every device but is accepted only by the device to which it is addressed.
Most wireless networks transport data as ____ signals.
RF (radio frequency)
____ is a disadvantage of using a wireless network when compared to a wired network.
all of the above
Wireless signal range can be limited by ____.
all of the above
The most popular wireless LAN technology is ____.
____ is a wireless MAN or WAN technology commonly used for fixed Internet access.
In ____ mode two Bluetooth devices can find each other and exchange passkeys.
A Wi-Fi device ____.
both a. and b.
To stay with the current Wi-Fi standard, make sure your device is compatible with ____.
Legacy equipment without Wi-Fi can be outfitted with a Wi-Fi adapter that plugs into a(n) ____.
either a. or b.
Devices with one or more antennas use ____ technology to boost signals and spread them more evenly over the signal range.
Before using your network, you should adjust the configuration settings of the ____ to make sure your network is secure.
The configuration settings are stored in the router’s ____ memory.
To access your router’s configuration utility, open a browser and enter the router ____.
In areas where there are overlapping wireless networks, such as in a city or on a college campus, ____ help you log in to the right network, rather than a network run by a hacker who will try to suck important information off your computer as soon as you connect.
Most routers ship with a(n) ____ predefined by the manufacturer.
A ____ is a network device that extends a wired network by adding additional ports.
A ____ is a network device that connects two similar networks.
Wireless ____ scrambles the data transmitted between wireless devices and then unscrambles the data only on devices that have a valid key.
The original wireless encryption was called ____.
A(n) ____ is the basis for scrambling and unscrambling the data transmitted between wireless devices.
wireless encryption key
To connect a phone or other device to a network, make sure that ____ is enabled, then wait for the device to sense the network, and when asked, enter the encryption key.
On a home network, file ____ allows you to view and copy photos, for example, from your desktop computer to a tablet computer.
To see a list of devices on your network, you can use your operating system’s ____ utility.
file management
A ____ server is a computer whose primary purpose is to be a repository for files that can be accessed by network workstations.
To configure a file server, open a browser from any workstation, enter the file server’s ____ address, and provide the administrator ID and password.
Symptoms of network problems include ____.
all of the above
A message that has not been encrypted is referred to as ____.
An encrypted message is referred to as ____.
The process of converting ciphertext into plaintext is called ____.
A ____ is a procedure for encrypting or decrypting a message.
cryptographic algorithm
A ____ is a word, number, or phrase that must be known to encrypt or decrypt a message.
cryptographic key
In ____ key encryption, the key used to encrypt a message is also used to decrypt the message.
____ encryption uses one key to encrypt a message but another key to decrypt the message.
public key
____ is a crucial technology for e-commerce and e-mail.
public key encryption
With PGP, you send the private key to ____.
no one
Thomas’s friend has asked that the network be configured such that, if he has photos on his tablet computer and wants to transfer them to his desktop computer, he can do so easily. What capability is Thomas’s friend looking for?
file sharing
Thomas’s friend has a particular folder into which he wants to allow people to put files without allowing them to open, copy, or change any files in that folder. What kind of permission should Thomas assign to this folder?
write only
Thomas’s friend has a particular file that he wants to allow authorized people to open and view without being able to modify or delete it. What kind of permission should Thomas assign to this file?
Esteban’s router has no screen or keyboard of its own so the easiest way for him to access the router’s configuration software is for him to make this connection with a(n) ____.
Ethernet cable
As part of your research, you find that the longer the key, the longer it will take a devious competitor to crack the code. You also find that most encryption today uses a ____ key, and so you decide to use an encryption key of that size.
A(n) ____________________ is any device that contains network circuitry to directly connect to a network.
A(n) ____________________ is a connection point on a network.
If a network interface card is not built into the main system board of a computer, it can be added to a slot in the system board or to a(n) ____________________ port.
A communications ____________________, or link, is a physical path or a frequency used for signal transmission.
High-bandwidth communications systems are sometimes referred to as ____________________.
Transmission signals can be disrupted by interference called ____________________, which has the potential to corrupt data.
A(n) ____________________ is a parcel of data that is sent across a computer network.
____________________ switching essentially establishes a private link between one telephone and another for the duration of a call.
A(n) ____________________ address is a series of numbers, such as, used to identify a network device.
Most wireless networks transport data using ____________________ signals.
For a typical home network, all that’s needed in terms of network equipment is a wireless ____________________ that includes an Ethernet switch and Internet gateway.
A(n) ____________________ is the name of a wireless network.
File ____________________ allows files containing documents, photos, music, and other data to be accessed from computers other than the one on which they are stored.
The wave on the bottom in the accompanying figure depicts a digital signal.
The wave on the top in the accompanying figure depicts an analog signal.
In the accompanying figure, the item on the left simply plugs into a serial port on the outside of the system unit.
In the accompanying figure, the item on the right can be installed in an expansion slot inside the system unit of a desktop computer.
In the accompanying figure, the item on the left can be used with a laptop or desktop computer.
In the accompanying figure, the networks that don’t have an icon of a lock next to them aren’t secured, and are open targets for hackers to steal data, spread viruses, and create a launching pad for spam.
When network discovery is turned on in a wireless network, any Wi-Fi enabled device within range of your network, such as the one shown in the accompanying figure, can see its URL.
In the accompanying figure, the lock icon indicates a network secured with wired encryption.
In the accompanying figure, IWC-guest is a(n) secure network.