computer 6

The octets in an IP address correspond to the parts of a web site address.
All IP address are static.
All IP addresses are dynamic.
The www in a URL is part of a domain name.
You must pay for a domain name.
With a voiceband modem, actual data transfer speeds are affected by factors such as the quality of your phone line and connection.
Cable signals are not particularly vulnerable to environmental interference.
Most of today’s laptops are not equipped for Wi-Fi.
You can use a hotspot for true mobile Internet access.
For portable satellite Internet service, a satellite dish can be mounted on a vehicle.
The disadvantages of WAP-enabled devices include their high price.
Most cellular service providers offer wireless modems for broadband data access.
Cloud computing is the term given to analyzing cloud patterns and, with the help of the computer, predicting the weather.
Cell phones that offer Wi-Fi are not capable of making VoIP calls.
FTP is a protocol used by Internet phone companies for free long distance.
P2P file sharing allows users to obtain files from other users on the Internet.
BitTorrent protocols dissect files into small chunks that might reside on different computers.
One of the most common ways of gaining unauthorized access to a network is by looking for open ports.
Most firewall software is preconfigured to block only unnecessarily open ports targeted by hackers.
A domain name ends with an extension that indicates its top-level domain.
Downstream speed is the rate of data transmitted from your computer to the Internet.
Mobile Internet access allows you to easily move your access device, as in the case of vehicle-mounted satellite dishes that can be deployed when the vehicle is parked.
DSL is digital, so data doesn’t need to be changed into analog signals and then back to digital.
Wi-Fi handoffs from one Wi-Fi network to another are clumsy and prone to packet loss.
The big bonus of portable WiMAX is that you use the same Internet service provider whether you are at home or on the road.
MiFi is a brand name for a compact, mobile, wireless router offered by Novatel Wireless.
Google Apps provides a glimpse of what grid computing has to offer for productivity applications.
Most messaging is based on a client/server technology.
Distributed grids tap into thousands of PCs and Macs with Internet connections whose owners rent their computer’s idle hours to a grid processing task.
In the context of networking, a virus-protector is software or hardware designed to filter out suspicious packets attempting to enter or leave a computer.
NATs are intended to work within LANs to monitor and direct packets being transported from one device to another.
Setting up a secure VPN is easy.
The Internet began with a project called ____.
There are estimated to be more than ____ users of the Internet.
2 billion
Network service providers include ____.
all of the above
ISPs can maintain servers for ____.
all of the above
The octets in an IP address correspond to a ____.
network class
____ is a valid top-level domain.
Every domain name corresponds to a unique IP address that has been entered into the ____.
Domain Name System
Until domain names are added to the DNS database, new sites can only be accessed by entering their numeric ____.
IP addresses
You need your own domain name if ____.
you have your own website
Technical management of the Internet’s Domain Name System is coordinated by ____.
The elapsed time for data to make a round trip from point A to point B and back is called ____.
A fixed Internet connection that uses a voiceband modem and telephone lines is a(n) ____ connection.
DSL uses ____ to transmit data.
phone lines
A ____ is a device that connects a computer to a telephone line and converts computer data signals into signals compatible with DSL.
DSL modem
____ currently offers the fastest Internet access speeds.
Cable Internet service needs ____.
circuitry to handle Ethernet protocols and a cable modem
Satellite Internet service and TV service requires ____.
two satellite dishes and a modem
An Ethernet-compatible network standard designated as IEEE 802.16 is ____.
Portable Internet access includes all of the following EXCEPT ____.
The ability to easily move your Internet service from one location to another is considered ____ Internet service.
____ is an up-and-coming standard destined to be deployed by ISPs and cell phone carriers to allow seamless handoff between one tower and another.
Mobile WiMAX
____ replaced analog technology with digital technology and added support for text messages.
____ technologies support digital transmission for both voice and data.
3G technologies have speeds ranging from 200 Kbps to ____.
5 Mbps
Examples of 3G technologies include ____.
all of the above
Interim 4G technologies such as ____ have been deployed since 2009.
A communications protocol that provides Internet access from handheld devices is ____.
The disadvantage of WAP-enabled devices is their ____.
screen size
____ computing depends on a grid of servers, storage devices, and protocols that offer Internet-accessible computing services ranging from consumer-level media sharing to office productivity applications and complex corporate data processing.
Messaging and chat protocols include all of the following EXCEPT ____.
VoIP software is sometimes referred to as a(n) ____ client.
To set up free VoIP, you and the people you communicate with can install free VoIP clients such as ____.
____ is a file sharing protocol that distributes the role of the file server across a collection of dispersed computers.
With BitTorrent, as more computers request the file, they become part of a ____ that uses peer-to-peer technology to exchange file pieces with each other.
BitTorrent can be used to distribute ____.
all of the above
Network services such as the Web, ftp, and e-mail operate from ____.
The average “survival time” for an unprotected computer to remain uncompromised is only ____.
nine minutes
Sharing files on a LAN or the Internet requires open ____.
____ are intended to work within LANs to monitor and direct packets being transported from one device to another.
A ____ IP address is one which can be accessed by packets on the Internet.
You can install personal VPN software such as ____.
all of the above
One important security precaution when connecting your computer to public networks is to install a(n) ____.
Tom wants to know which Internet access is the fastest. You tell him ____.
Tom wants to know which of the services uses his existing telephone lines. You tell him ____.
Tom wants to know what kind of service to opt for if cable Internet service is not available, or proves slower or less dependable than expected. You tell him the next choice would be ____.
You describe WiMAX to Sally. You tell her ____.
you can use the same provider for home and mobile use
NSP equipment and links are tied together by ____________________.
The Internet ____________________ is a network of high-capacity routers and fiber-optic communications links that provides the main routes for data traffic across the Internet.
A company that offers Internet access to individuals is a(n) ____________________.
The rate of data arriving at your computer from the Internet is called the ____________________ speed.
____________________ Internet access allows you to use the Internet as you are on the go, such as using a cell phone to collect your e-mail while you are traveling by train.
____________________ is a high-speed, digital, always-on, Internet access technology that runs over standard phone lines.
A(n) ____________________ is similar to an online diary that contains a series of entries on one or more topics.
A(n) ____________________ is a short message of 140 characters or less, posted to the Twitter Web site.
A computing system in which a network of computers are harnessed together to perform processing tasks is called a(n) ____________________ computing system.
Any access to data or programs by hackers, criminals, or other unauthorized persons is called ____________________.
The process your router uses to keep track of packets and their corresponding private or public IP addresses is network address ____________________.
The accompanying figure represents the connection of your computer to the Internet; the router marked A should belong to a(n) ____.
The accompanying figure represents the connection of your computer to the Internet; the router marked B should belong to a(n) ____.
In the accompanying figure, the type of signal represented by B is a(n) ____.
analog signal
The accompanying figure is a screenshot of FileZilla, in which the ____ file will go to the location pointed to by box B.
The accompanying figure is a screenshot of FileZilla, in which the file to be ____ is indicated by box A.
The accompanying figure represents a virtual private network. In this figure, B points to a(n) ____.
The accompanying figure represents a virtual private network. In this figure, D points to ____ data.
The accompanying figure represents a virtual private network. In this figure, E points to ____.
the Internet