Computer Apps Test 3

People that collect and sell personal data are called?
Information resellers
These programs record virtually everything you do on your computer and are used by employers to search employee email and computer files
employee-monitoring software
Small data files that are deposited on a user’s hard rive when they visit a Web Site are called?
These are used by advertisers to keep track of your Web activity as you move from one site to the next
Third-party cookies
Programs used to secretly record an individual’s activity on the internet are called:
Which type of program would likely be used by investigators to record a potential suspects’ internet activities?
Keystroke logger
This type of computer criminal creates and distributes malicious programs
Most browsers offer this, which ensures that your browsing activity is not recorded on your hard disk
Privacy mode
Is Ad-Aware a type of malware?
A program that replicates itself and clogs computers and networks
Free computer games and free screen saver programs are typical carriers of _______?
Trojan Horses
What is a way to shut down an ISP or Web site?
Denial of service attack
What is a fraudulent or deceptive act designed to trick individuals on the internet into spending time or money for little or no return?
Internet Scam
The use of the internet, cell phones, or other devices to send or post content intended to hurt or embarrass another person
These crimes include theft of data in the form of confidential information
According to which law is it illegal for an owner of a program to make backup copies for their personal use and resell or give them away?
Digital Millennium Copyright Act
Corporations often use this to prevent copyright violations
(DRM) Digital rights management
This uses software to try thousands of common words sequentially in an attempt to gain unauthorized access to a user’s account
Dictionary attack
This type of wi-fi hotspot operates close to a legitimate wi-fi hotspot and steals information such as usernames and passwords
The process of coding information to make it unreadable except to those who have a special piece of information known as a key
A ______ acts as a security buffer between a corporation’s private network and all eternal networks
What is the most widely used wireless network encryption for home wireless networks?
Which of the following is not a measure to protect computer security?
Keeping the same password on all systems consistently
_______ is concerned with protecting software and data from unauthorized tampering or damage
Data security
This is a legal concept that gives content creators the right to control use and distribution of their work
This law gives you the right to look at your personal records held by government agencies
Freedom of Information Act
Computer criminals that create and spread viruses are punished under this law
Computer Fraud and Abuse Act
Promoting, selling, and distributing, the organization’s goods and services pertains to which of the following functions?
Creating finished goods and services using raw materials and personnel pertains to which of the following functions?
Who is responsible for operational matters and monitoring day to day events?
This level of management is concerned with long-range planning and uses information that will help them plan the future growth and direction of the organzation
Top management
This level of management is involved with tactical planning and implementing the long term goals within the organization
middle management
______ systems help supervisors by generating databases that act as the foundation for other information systems
Transaction processing
What refers to a system that summarizes detailed data from the transaction processing systems into standard reports for middle-level managers?
(MIS) Management information systems
Who uses management information systems?
Middle management
Which system presents information in a highly summarized form?
(ESS) Executive support System
A transaction processing system is also referred to as a:
data processing system
The ______ activity records the customer requests for products or services
sales order processing
Money collected from or owed by customers is called:
accounts receivable
The ____ keeps records of the number of each kind of part or finished good in the warehouse
inventory control system
what documentation shows the difference between the income and expenses of the company for a specific time period?
income statements
This records assets, liabilities, and the equity owned by the owners of an organzation
balance sheet
Regional managers can compare their regular sales reports with that of another regional manager by using:
Periodic reports
An example of this type of report would be a sales report that shows that certain items are selling significantly above or below forecasts
this system is a flexible tool for data analysis, since its reports do not have a fixed format
decision support system
in a GDSS, the _____ is generally the decision maker
this typically consists of transactions from the transaction processing system
internal data
this decision model helps middle level managers control the work of the organization
tactical model
these systems often can be organized to retrieve information from databases outside the company
executive support systems
these systems are use din managing documents, communicating, and scheduling
office automation systems
project resources can be scheduled, planned and controlled using:
project managers
which system is a type of artificial intelligence that uses a database, containing facts and rules, to provide assistance to users?
expert system
a collection of activities and elements organized to accomplish a goal
in this phase of the systems life cycle, the new information systems is installed, and people are trained to use it
systems implementation
in this phase of the systems life cycle, new or alternative information systems are designed
systems design
this individual studies an organization’s systems to determine what actions to take and how to use computer technology to assist them
systems analyst
in the preliminary investigation phase of the systems life cycle, which one of the following tasks would not be included?
gathering the data
in order to obtain financing to continue to Phase 2: Systems Analysis, the systems analyst does this
prepares a preliminary investigation report
gathering and analyzing data is part of this phase
systems analysis
this shows the relationship between input and output documents
grid chart
which of the following is used to show the decision rules that apply when certain conditions occur?
decision table
which of the following tools presents data or information flow within an information system?
data flow diagram
these tools, also called computer-aided software engineering (CASE) tools, are used in systems analysis to evaluate alternative hardware and software solutions
automated design tools
which among the following would not be described in the systems analysis report?
the training requirements for users
this is the final task in Phase 3: Systems Design
write a systems design report
this is the first step in the systems design phase
design alternative systems
in this activity, it is determined whether the system can be made secure against unauthorized use
selecting the best system
this document presents the costs versus the benefits and outlines the effect of alternative designs on the organization
systems design report
during which phase of the systems life cycle are users trained to use the new system?
systems implementation
this selection is the first step in implementing a new system
conversion type
this conversion type is not recommended because problems arising in this approach would be disastrous
direct approach
this conversion approach is preferred when there are many people in an organization performing similar operations
pilot approach
this is the final step of the systems implementation phase of the systems life cycle
train users
identify the sixth phase of the systems life cycle
systems maintenance
which of the following phases of the systems life cycle is considered to be an ongoing activity?
systems maintenance
this is performed to determine whether the new procedures are actually furthering productivity
systems audit
this is the process of building a model that can be modified before the actual system is installed
_____, a privacy issue, relates to the responsibility of controlling who is able to use data
using publicly available databases, information resellers create ____ and sell them to direct marketers, fundraisers, and others
electronic profiles
____ is the illegal assumption of someone’s identity for economic profit
identity theft
_____-party cookies store information about the current session
_____-party cookies are used by advertisers
a ______ is someone who creates programs to gain unauthorized access to computer systems for malicious purposes
_____ bugs are invisible images or HTML code hidden within a web page or email message
_____ are programs that travel through networks and operating systems and attach themselves
a _______ attack attempts to slow down or stop a computer system or network by sending repetitive info
denial of service
_______ attempts to trick internet users into thinking a fake but official-looking website or email is legitimate
computers infected by a virus that allows them to be controlled remotely
_____ scanning devices use fingerprints an iris scanners
______ private networks encrypt connections between company networks and remote users
the ______ department tracks all sales, payments, and transfers of funds
________ level information is primarily vertical
basic activities are recorded in the
general ledger
a typical ________ system can produce income statements and balance sheets
general ledger
an MIS requires _______ management system to integrate data from different departments
a decision support system consists of four parts: the user, system software, data, and _______
decision models
________ systems are also known as knowledge-based systems
_______ workers use OAS systems
an ________ is a collection of hardware, software, people, procedures, and data
information system
an important aspect of the preliminary investigation phase is to suggest ________