computer concepts chapter 2 terms

launched in 1969 when the US funded a project that developed a national computer network called ARPANET. The ____ is a large network that connects together smaller networks all over the globe
web (world wide web)
introduced in 1991. The ____ made it possible to include graphics, animations, sound, or video to the internet. I provided a multimedia interface to resources available on the internet.
Web 1.0
The first generation of the web, know as ____, focused on linking existing information. In this generation search programs, like google search, were created to provide links to websites containing specific words or phrases.
Web 2.0
In 2001, the second generation, _____, evolved to support more dynamic content creation and social interaction. Facebook is one of the best know _____ applications
Web 3.0
_____ is the current generation of the internet. Personalized content creation for users
It is easy to get the internet and the web confused. The ___ is the physical network. It is made up of wires, cables, satellites, and rules for exchanging information between computers connected to the network. Being connected to this network is often described as being online.
The ___ is a multimedia interface to the resources available on the internet.
Common ___ uses include: communications (Email, photos, videos, discussions), shopping, searching, educating or e-learning, entertainment
internet service provider
the most common way to access the internet is through a ______. these provide a path to access the internet. Use telephone lines, cable, and/or wireless connections. Most common are verizon, comcast, sprint, T-mobile, AT&T
Internet service providers (ISPs)
users connect to ____using one of a variety of connection technologies including DSL, cable, and wireless modems.
____ provide access to web resources. They allow you to explore the web. This software connects you to remote computers; opens and transfers files; displays text, images, and multimedia; and provides in one tool an uncomplicated interface to the Internet and web documents. Popular ones are Mozilla firefox, apple safari, microsoft edge, and google chrome
Uniform Resource Locator (URLs)
this is the location or address of the resource. Https is the most common for web traffic. For browsers to connect to resources, the location or address of the resources must be specified. this is called the ______
protocol and domain name
there are two parts of a URL. the ___ and ___
The first part presents the _____ used to connect to the resource. the ____ of a URL rules for exchanging data. The _____ https is used for web traffic and is one of the most widely used Internet _____.
domain name
The second part presents the _____. It indicates the specific address where the resource is located
Top level doman (TLD)
The last part of the domain name following the dot (.) is the _____. ____ or web suffix. It identifies the type of organization. (example: .com, .edu, .gov)
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
Once the browser has connected to the website, a document file is sent back to your computer. This document typically contains _____, a markup language for displaying web pages. The browser interprets the _____ formatting instructions and displays the document as a web page.
hyperlinks or links
Web pages present information about the site along with references and _____ or ______ that connect to other documents containing related information—text files, graphic images, audio, and video clips.
cascading style sheets, javascript, AJAX, applets
There are various technologies used to provide highly interactive and animated websites. These technologies include: ______, _____, _____, _____
Cascading style sheets (CSS)
_____are separate files referenced by or lines inserted into an HTML document that control the appearance of a web page._____help ensure that related web pages have a consistent presentation or look. Netflix uses_____ to visually connect all its web pages.
____ is a language often used within HTML documents to trigger interactive features, such as opening new browser windows and checking information entered in online forms. The Microsoft search engine uses ____ to make its website more interactive and to assist its users by auto-filling search requests as they type content into the search box.
____, an advanced use of JavaScript, is used to create interactive websites that respond quickly. Google Maps uses _____to make the maps fast loading, dynamic, and interactive.
____ are programs that can be downloaded quickly and run by most browsers. They are used to display graphics, provide interactive games, and much more. For example, many of the online games at Yahoo! Games are JAVA ____
mobile browsers
designed to run on portable devices
web utilities
specialized utility programs that make using the internet and web safer and easier. Some of these include plug ins, filters, file transfer utilities, and internet security suites
plug ins
(a web utility) programs that automatically start and operate as part of your browser. Many websites require you to have one or more ____ to fully experience their content. these enhance the browsing experience. Some include acrobat reader, flash player, quicktime, and windows media player
Acrobat Reader from Adobe—
a plug in for viewing and printing a variety of standard forms and other documents saved in a special format called PDF.
Flash Player from Adobe—
a plug in for viewing videos, animations, and other media.
QuickTime from Apple—
a plug in for playing audio and video files
Windows Media Player from Microsoft—
a plug in for playing audio files, video files, and much more.
(a web utility). block access to selected sites and can set time limits. They monitor total time spent on the internet and at individual web sites
file transfer utilities
(a web utility) Using ______ software, you can copy files to your computer from specially configured servers. This is called downloading. You also can use _____ software to copy files from your computer to another computer on the Internet. This is called uploading. Three popular types of file transfer are FTP, web-based, and BitTorrent. (KNOW THESE PROGRAMS)
Internet security Suites
Designed to maintain your security and privacy while on the web. the two best known suites are mcAfee internet security and symantec norton internet security
___ is the most popular internet activity.
E-mail or electronic mail
____ or ____ is the transmission of electronic messages over the Internet. A typical____message has three basic elements: header, message, and signature.
address, subject, and attachments
The header appears first and typically includes the following information: ____, ____, and ____
header, message, signature
2 basic elements of an email
client based email systems
______ e-mail systems require a special program known as an e-mail client to be installed on your computer. 2 popular ones are apple mail and microsoft outlook
web based email systems
______ e-mail systems do not require an e-mail program to be installed on your computer. Once your computer’s browser connects to an e-mail service provider, a special program called a webmail client is run on the e-mail provider’s computer and then you can begin e-mailing. This is known as webmail. (example is gmail and yahoo)
unwelcomed email
Computer viruses
Destructive programs– sometimes attached to unsolicited emails
In an attempt to control spam, antispam laws have been added to our legal system. For example, _____ requires that every marketing-related e-mail provide an opt-out option. When the option is selected, the recipient’s e-mail address is to be removed from future mailing lists. Failure to do so results in heavy fines.
SPAM blockers/ spam filters
A more effective approach to controlling spam has been the development and use of _____, also known as _____. Most e-mail programs provide limited spam-blocking capabilities. Many of these programs are free, including SPAMfighter and Intego Personal Antispam for Mac.
texting/ SMS
_____, also known as texting or SMS (short message service), is the process of sending a short electronic message, typically less than 160 characters, using a wireless network to another person, who views the message on a mobile device such as a smartphone
Multimedia messaging Service (MMS)
While text messaging was originally limited to characters, you can now send images, video, and sound using a variation of SMS known as ______
instant messaging
extension of email that provides direct, live communication between two or more people. Most programs include video conferencing feature, file sharing, and remote assistance. Examples are facebook messenger and google hangouts
Social networking
_____ is one of the fastest-growing and most significant Web 2.0 applications.____ sites focus on connecting people and organizations that share a common interest or activity. most common are facebook, google +, and LinkedIn
web logs or blogs
Many individuals create personal websites, called ___ or ____, to keep in touch with friends and family. ____ postings are time-stamped and arranged with the newest item first.
short status updates. Most common is twitter.
______ use streaming technology in which audio and video files are continuously downloaded to your computer while you are listening to and/or viewing the file content. After a ____has been completed, there are no files remaining on your computer.
_____ do not use streaming technology. Before a podcast can be run, the media files have to be downloaded and saved to your computer. can transfer to media player
A _____is a website specially designed to allow visitors to use their browser to add, edit, or delete the site’s content. Supports collaborative writing
search services
a number of organizations called _____ operate websites that can help you locate the information you need.
Special programs called_____ continually look for new information and update the search services’ databases.
search engines
assist in locating specific information
specialized search engines
_____ focus on subject specific websites
authority, accuracy, objectivity, and currency (KNOW THESE)
To evaluate the accuracy of information you find on the web, consider the following:
_____ is the buying and selling of goods over the Internet. theres business to concumer, consumer to consumer, and business to business
Business to consumer
______ commerce involves the sale of a product or service to the general public or end users. It is the fastest-growing type of e-commerce.

The three most widely used____ applications are for online banking, financial trading, and shopping. is one of the most widely used ____ sites.

consumer to consumer
______ commerce involves individuals selling to individuals. ____ often takes the form of an electronic version of the classified ads or an auction. Ebay
business to business
______ commerce involves the sale of a product or service from one business to another. This is typically a manufacturer-supplier relationship.
digital cash
______ is the Internet’s equivalent to traditional cash. converts digital cash to currency through 3rd party
cloud computing
_____uses the Internet and the web to shift many computer activities from the user’s computer to other computers on the Internet. It frees end- users from owning, maintaining, and storing software programs and data. Three basic components are clients, service providers, and the internet (KNOW WHY THESE THREE)
IoT (Internet of things)
he _____ is the continuing development of the Internet that allows everyday objects embedded with electronic devices to send and receive data over the Internet. These everyday objects include smartphones, wearable devices, and even coffeemakers. Uses Web 3.0 applications