Computer concepts exam 1 set 2

Word Processing
you can create, edit, format and print documents like letters and reports with ___ software
application software for mobile devices like smartphones and tablets are often called ___
you can preform numerical calculations enhanced with charts and tables using ___ software
using ___ software you can edit and print digital images
businesses use ___ programs to maintain records on thousands, even millions of customers or inventory items
text that describes the contents of another cell or cells in a worksheet
a group of adjacent or non adjacent cells
name box
the part of a worksheet that displays the cell address of the active cell
an equation that preforms a calculation to generate a value
the intersection of a ingle row and column in a worksheet
password pins and ___ are the keys to your personal accounts with online retailers banks and social sites
you can encrypt specific files and folders in windows using ___
besides passwords and firewalls you can add an additional layer of protection for your computer data by using___
cloud storage
you can back up your files to remote servers over the internet using___ and you can then retrieve your data anytime from anywhere in the world
real-time location systems such as RRFID tags use ___ technology
the ability to ___ to the internet is a key feature shared by most mobile apps
many mobile apps are written by third party programmers to sell through app ___
when you download a mobile app the installation program installs an___ for the app on your mobile desktop
some mobile apps include on screen ___ to make typing and data input easier
GPS and ___ apps help you get directions and avoid traffic jams
programs than can track and steal your personal information and change the settings on you browser without your permission are called
device driver
a___ is software that helps peripheral devices communicate with a computer
virus protection
you should set your ___ software to scan any incoming messages and programs to protect your computer
disk cleanup
a ___ utility removes unused files like temporary internet files from your hard drive so the computer doesn’t search through unneeded files
Denial of service (DOS)
when a hacker sends out service requests to overload a server
an illegal act computer using a computer on a network or over the internet
utility software
the type of software that preforms a specific limited task usually related to managing or maintaining a computer system
system software
the software of a computer
service pack
a collection of major operating system updates
file management software
the type of software that lets you copy move rename and delete files and folders
application software
the type of software you use most directly to preform a specific task like writing a screenplay
another term for a single user licence
concurrent use
type of license that lets you use a specified number of software copies at any given time
the legal right to copy distribute modify and sell an original work
shrink wrap licence
type of licemec agreement for packaged software which is activated when you open the package
technologies that include encryption to make digital content unreadable without a valid encryption key
technology that authenticates identity by scanning a person’s physical characteristics like fingerprints
a system that verifies that user input is not computer-generated by having you type in distorted characters that appear on the screen
often used in combination with a password to gain entry to a computer system
creates a blockade between a corporate or personal network and the internet
technique used to scramble or code data that is transmitted over a network
a processing technique an operating system can use if the computer has many processors
a processing technique an operating system uses to process many parts of a single program
memory management
a key task that operating systems preform to use RAM efficiently
virtual memory
part of the hard drive that the operating system used as additional RAM
parallel processing
a processing technique an operating system used to divide one task among many processors
public domain
no one can apply for a copyright on ___ software, and users are free to copy modify and resell thus type of software
open source
copyrighted software whose source code is available to the public is known as ___ software
small developers often use the ___ model as a low-cost distribution method
web apps
an advantage to ___ is that you always have access to the most up to date version of the software without paying for an upgrade
software that is mass-produced and appeals to a wide range of users is called ___ software
the crime of hacking and attacking networks
this is the premeditated distribution of computers and networks with attacks centered on areas that will affect the most people
hard drive faliure
warning signs include frequent slowdowns or freezes and a scorching grinding or repetitive clicking sound
back up
the most important action you can take to protect your data
the cloud
storing data on internet servers is commonly referred to storage on this
start a software program
obtain a software program from an online app store
install a new version of your current software program
remove a software program from your computer
when publishers load software on a computer before selling it
type of malware that can disguise itself as useful program or app
one way to protect your devices using software
viruses worms trojan horses
tapping into an unprotected wifi network
junk e-mail
type of software that is categorized as operating system software and utility programs
type of program that includes device drivers
type of application software that automates common or repetitive tasks
vertical market
productivity software that is customized for specific industries
software that runs on household appliances and consumer electronic devices