computer notes chapter 1

can help you understand and participate in important issues in the world at large in many ways .
Social Networking tools
allow the congregation of groups of people to share ideas and establish connections, and they bring together people facing repression and censorship in many countries.
social networking
refers to the use of dedicated websites and applicants to communicate informally with other users, or to find people with similar interest.
Examples of Social network
Facebook, Youtube, myspace, flickr, twitter, linkedin
Global Issues
social networking technology enables people around the world to participate in global events as they are developing.
Global issues in Health care
software is helping researchers increase the pace of vaccine production to save lives
Global Issues in Environment
air and water quality data from around the world is collected and updated at constant intervals. This data can alert scientist to identify new trends and environment changes
Global Issues in The digital divide
In different regions of the world, there is a great gap between the levels of internet access and availability of technical tools. This can hinder the collaboration of researchers and technicians to solve problems based ob geographical location.
The digital divide and the mobile bridge
refers to the gap between those with easy access to technology and those with little to no access. This presents a problem that leads to complex social issues. ( less access and familiarity with the internet and technology, making it difficult to develop computer skills which are usually critical to future success.
Impact of technology on our society
technology impacts how we think and what we think about. Unlike in the past, everyone can collaborate internationally without limitation at the mere click of a mouse.
Autonomy, Mastery, Purpose
three factors that lead to better performance and can produce incredibly motivated behavior.
the freedom to work without constant direction and control.
the feeling of confidence and excitement from seeing your own skills develop.
understanding that you are working for something larger than yourself.
a code being used in our society quite often which stands for quick response.
This refers to the style of generating capital to start a business. This entails asking for small donations from a large number of people, often using the internet as an asset.
a large number of shoppers use the internet on their cell phones to make a purchase. they are formulating strategies with this in mind, specifically targeting shoppers that use their phone to access the internet.
one can have a spoken conversation with others over internet using the software application skype, which also boasts video capability via webcam.
Information technology
a field of study focused on information handling and retrieval of information automatically.
computer literacy
people become familiar enough with computers and understand their capabilities and limitations.
data mining
is the process of searching huge amounts of data with hope of finding a pattern.
businesses accumulate data
teaching and learning
law enforcement
modern detectives solve crimes using computers
physicians use cutting edge equipment/instruments to assess and treat their patients.
simulating reality to make predictions about the future
data mining
the process of searching huge amounts of data with hope of finding pattern.
computer forensics
analyzing computer systems to gather potential legal evidence
biochemical chip research
provides technological solutions to physical problems, such as providing sight to the blind.
Cognitive surplus
means that we now find many people with excess time and free tools for collaboration.
collaborative consumption
is when people get together to increase the use of a single product by sharing access to it.
social networking tools
played a part in the revolution in Egypt.
The crisis of a growing digital divide
is being addressed by building faster computers.
Sign of collaborative consumption
the move toward access versus ownership
Artist interface with technology often, but cannot yet?
use software to suggest plot endings.
people who do not read emotion easily in others hope for new progress in the field of..
affective computing
data mining
allows retailer to respond to consumer buying patterns.
computer forensics uses computer systems and technology to..
gather potential legal evidence.
information technology