Computer Science: Chapter 4

Which of the following is not a popular mobile operating system?

Select one:
a. Mountain Lion
b. Windows Phone 8
c. iOS
d. Android

Mountain Lion
This version of Mac OS X has better power management and enhanced workflow options for multiple monitor setups.

Select one:
a. Launchpad
b. Mission Control
c. Mavericks
d. Mountain Lion

This operating system is designed to run only with Apple computers.

Select one:
a. Windows
b. Linux
c. Mac OS

Mac OS
Which of the following is not a function of the operating system?

Select one:
a. Managing resources
b. Providing Internet access
c. Providing a user interface
d. Running applications

Providing Internet access
Which of the following is not a system software program type?

Select one:
a. Utilities
b. Device drivers
c. Language translators
d. Sectors

This type of embedded operating system is used by smartphones.

Select one:
a. Desktop
b. Mobile
c. Network
d. Stand-alone

This version of UNIX is an open source operating system that is an alternative to Windows.

Select one:
a. Mountain Lion
b. Lion
c. Linux
d. Windows

Before sending a large file over the Internet, you might want to use one of these programs.

Select one:
a. Disk defragmenter
b. Uninstaller
c. Disk cleanup program
d. File compression program

File compression program
This system software is responsible for managing your computer’s resources including memory, processing, and storage.

Select one:
a. Utility
b. Operating system
c. Language translator
d. Device driver

Operating system
In a network operating system, this computer coordinates all communication between computers.

Select one:
a. Client
b. Server
c. Terminal
d. Mode

When a single physical computer runs this type of software, it operates as though it were two or more separate and independent computers.

Select one:
a. Backup
b. File compression
c. Troubleshooting
d. Virtualization

When a file is broken up into small parts that are stored wherever space is available, the hard disk is said to become _______.

Select one:
a. fragmented
b. contiguous
c. sectored
d. disbursed

This type of boot occurs when the computer is already on and you restart it without turning off the power.

Select one:
a. Generic boot
b. Live boot
c. Warm boot
d. Cold boot

Warm boot
Which of the following is not a popular desktop operating system?

Select one:
a. Windows 8
b. Android
c. Linux
d. Max OS X

A utility program that makes a copy of all files or selected files that are in the libraries, contacts, and favorites on the desktop.

Select one:
a. Disk Cleanup
b. File History
c. Disk Defragmenter
d. Virus Scan

File History
The windows troubleshooting utility that identifies and eliminates nonessential files is called _______.

Select one:
a. Backup and Restore
b. Disk Defragmenter
c. Disk Cleanup
d. Norton Utilities

Disk Cleanup
In a virtualized environment, this operating system runs on the physical machine.

Select one:
a. Guest
b. Client
c. Host
d. Home

The category of operating system used for handheld devices.

Select one:
a. Network
b. Embedded
c. Stand-alone
d. Open source

A computer can become infected with viruses in all the following ways, except by _______.

Select one:
a. opening attachments to e-mail messages
b. downloading software from the Internet
c. downloading files from the Web
d. creating a new folder on your computer

Creating a new folder on your computer
The operating system is often referred to as the software environment or software _______.

Select one:
a. network
b. platform
c. window
d. desktop

This operating system is widely used by servers on the web, mainframe computers, and very powerful personal computers.

Select one:
a. Windows
b. Mac OS X
c. Linux

The most widely used personal computer operating system.

Select one:
a. Macintosh
b. Netware
c. Linux
d. Windows

In many application programs, this feature is used to provide information or request input.

Select one:
a. Windows
b. Menus
c. Dialog boxes
d. Pointer

Dialog boxes
Most operating systems support the ability to switch between different applications. This is called _______.

Select one:
a. multitasking
b. booting
c. translating
d. driving