Computer Science Chapter 5 & 6

technology used to encrypt data and help consumers and businesses from fraud and identity theft when conducting commerce on the internet
top level domain
the letters following the dot in a domain name when you visit a website identifying the type of website
writing or using small programs that enhance the web experience and work across several web pages in the same way
a communication protocol that transports data over the web
internal hard drive
storage from a computer permanently mounted inside the computer
processor/ CPU
an integrated circuit that processes all the instructions that make it possible to operate a computer
video card
a circuit board that lets your computer process image signals
storage device
a digital device that stores files permanently so you can retrieve them later
transport layer security
technology used to encrypt data that helps protect consumers and businesses from fraud and identity theft when conducting commerce over the internet
a collection of personal, local, regional, national, and international computer networks linked together to share, data, graphics, audio, and video
a programming language that provides a way to classify the contents of a webpage, making it easier to organize
app tab
browser feature that lets you pin a web site’s icon to a tab so the website is always available
static web publishing
a way to display data from a web database using the database’s report utility to convert a database report into an HTML document that a browser can display
client side script
a type of script that runs on a local computer
secure electronic transaction
a standard protocol for securing credit card transactions over the internet; uses both encryption and digital certificate
query processor
a part of the search engine that looks for search criteria in an indexed database and then displays the list of results as URLs with corresponding descriptive information
HTML tag
a code that define and determines how text and graphics will appear on Web pages
dynamic web publishing
a way to display data from a database by creating web pages on demand, retrieving the most current data at the moment that it is requested
an application that helps you access the web and communicate and share information on it
a series of program instructions that can be embedded directly into HTML code for a web page
web page
an html document on the web that contains text, graphics, sounds, video, and links to other web pages
privacy pane
in a browser an area that displays information such as tracking data left by the websites you visit so you can remove the data and protect your privacy
application service provider
an organization that provides software based services over the internet
a text file that contains personal data such as your username, viewing preference, and browsing history
QR code
a unique graphic scanned to open a browser to view a URL
server side script
a small program that runs on a server rather than on your computer
site identity button
a browser feature whose color tells you how much identity information is available for the site
IP address
a numeric address allocated to each network and device on the internet
indexing utility
a part of a search engine technology that receives data from a web crawler and then compiles the collected data into an organized list of key words