Computer Security Chapter 4

Each of the following is true about the Internet except:
It is a local network of computers and networks.
What is the format used to write World Wide Web pages?
Hypertext Markup Language (HTML)
A(n) ______ identifies the program or service that is being requested from a Web browser.
port number
Which of these protocols handles outgoing e-mail?
Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP)
Each of the following is an example of mobile code except.
A cookie that was not created by the Web site that attempts to access it is called.
third-party cookie
Which of the follow mobile codes resides outside an HTML document as a separate program?
Java applet
A Java applet ______ is a barrier that surrounds the applet to keep it away from resources on the local computer.
A ______ is a list of e-mail addresses from senders from whom you do not want to receive messages.
Which of the following is true about a cookie?
It can pose a security and privacy risk.
Bob’s computer was infected from a drive-by download attack. What did Bob do to get infected?
He viewed a Web site.
What is required for a Java applet to run in a Web browser?
plug in
How many keys are needed for public key cryptography?
What sign is displayed by the Web browser to show that a digital certificate is being used?
Why should you not click on an embedded hyperlink?
They can take you to a different Web site other than what is being advertised.
A reading pane allows the user to read an e-mail message.
without actually opening it
Each of the following is an Internet zone in Internet Explorer (IE) except.
Which Internet Explorer (IE) Web zone is the default?
Why would you want to block external content from downloading into your e-mail client?
To prevent spammers from knowing that your e-mail address is valid
Which of the following is not an Internet security best practice?
Run mobile code to prevent attacks.