Computer Test 1

A computer inputs, processes, stores, and outputs data.
Software is a set of instructions that helps a computer perform tasks.
A digital divide is defined as two computers that are not connected to the Internet.
Windows 8 and Mac OS are interchangeable and can be run on any laptop.
A server is a computer that manages access to other computers in a network.
A cold boot is when a computer is started after it has been powered off.
When you add a new printer to your computer, it requires a driver to operate.
A computer shut down and a sign out perform the same task.
Only one Windows account is allowed when Windows 8 is installed on a computer.
RAM is an operating system related to UNIX.
Data is ____.
text, numbers, sound, images, or video
The first step in the information processing cycle ____.
inputs data
A graphical user interface can be identified by the _____ it displays.
Norton AntiVirus software is an example of a(n) _____.
utility program
Mac iOS and Android are examples of _____.
mobile operating systems
All of the following are characteristics of an embedded operating system EXCEPT: _____.
always depends on user intervention to work
A _____ administrator is responsible for managing computers that are connected to a shared printer.
On a laptop, the main area where productivity applications are run is called the _____.
In Windows 8, you can display the shutdown options using the _____ bar.
RAM stands for ____ access memory.
Gemma completes her document and is ready to print so she sends her work to the printer, where it is placed in the _____ waiting to be output.
Tarun learns that Windows, Mac OS, and ____ are the most popular personal computer operating systems.
Tarun discovers that the job of the operating system is to perform all of the following tasks EXCEPT: _____.
provide anti-virus software
An iPad would most likely run on the _____ platform.
Mac iOS
Using the _____ option to end a computer session will keep applications and the operating system running in a low-power state.
A(n) ____________________ is an electronic device that receives, processes, and stores data, and produces a result.
The internal components that make up a computer directly affect its performance.
The microprocessor and the CPU are basically the same thing.
The machine cycle is measured in rotations per second.
A multicore processor is capable of improving the speed of your software’s response time.
RAM is an example of volatile memory.
Level 1 cache memory is stored directly on the central processing unit.
The CPU works more effectively and faster the more it heats up.
The amount of ROM helps to speed up the processing cycle and to enhance the computer’s performance.
System requirements are the necessary specifications your computer must have in order to use selected software.
The processor relies on the _____ to coordinate the flow of its information and activities.
unit control
The _____ operation of the CPU’s machine cycle carries out the commands of the instructions.
A common type of volatile memory is _____.
A common type of non-volatile memory is _____.
Which of the following is NOT a type of memory for storing data?
heat sink
Clicking on the Performance tab displays CPU performance information as a ______ chart.
Before installing software on your computer, it is important to check its _____.
system requirements
Computers with the same platform are considered _____.
It is best to set Word’s Ribbon to _____ Mode when using a tablet.
To keep your software current, you would install any of the following program types EXCEPT: _____.
Web app
The Windows Update tool is found in the _____.
control panel
Evan explains to his club that the red circle on the App Store icon indicates ____.
there is a software update ready to be downloaded
Your computer’s hard drive, where most files are stored, is named drive A.
The Windows OS stores relevant system files in one folder on the hard drive.
A photo stored on your hard drive is considered a file.
There is no Ribbon in the File Explorer window.
File Explorer is a tool that helps manage files.
File Explorer’s Navigation pane lists all the folders and subfolders found on your computer.
A full filename includes three parts: the assigned filename, a comma, and the file extension to identify the type of file.
Storing your files in the root directory of a hard drive makes it easier for Windows to find them.
Right-dragging a file to a new location provides a shortcut menu offering the options Move here and Copy here.
When you delete a file from the hard disk, it is moved to the Recycle Bin until you remove it permanently.
Which of the following is the correct way to identify the hard drive in Windows?
Which of the following is NOT part of the File Explorer window?
contextual bar
Which of the following folders does Windows provide by default?
Which of the following is NOT true about a contextual tab?
It only appears in the Pictures folder.
The filename extension .docx identifies a file that was created by the Microsoft _____ program.
The Tiles view displays files as _____.
thumbnail icons with filename, file type, and file size
The Details view lists files as _____.
small file icons with filename, date modified, type, and file size
A folder name can have up to _____ characters.
To eliminate files she no longer wants, Jacki should send them to _____.
press the Ctrl+C keys, click the destination folder, and then press the Ctrl+V keys
Before pinning a folder to the Start screen, you must first copy it to the _____ folder.
Which of the following is NOT a file type?
When files and folders are copied or moved, the _____ temporarily stores the data.
All of the following statements are true about the Recycle Bin EXCEPT: _____.
Once the Recycle Bin is emptied, files can still be retrieved from the Download folder.
Tanya’s boss has requested that she begin the report with a file that he modified last week. To locate this file, the best view setting for Tanya to use is _____.
Tanya’s boss informs her that she should use images stored on the USB drive when creating the report. To locate these graphic files, she will look for filenames with the _____ file type.
Which of the following is NOT true about a shortcut?
If you move a shortcut icon, you also move the program it is associated with.
A Microsoft Word data file is recognized by its _____ file extension.
The Send to command found on the menu that appears when you right-click on an icon is a quick and easy way to create a _____.
The _____ is found at the top of the file system used by Windows.
root directory
A(n) _____ drive, also called a flash or thumb drive, is an example of removable media.
The ________________ displays the name of the location shown in the right pane of the File Explorer window.
title bar
Press the _______________ key sequence to copy a file or folder from one location to another.
A file extension identifies the file _______________.
A computer is recognized as having either an on state or an off state, defining it as a binary machine.
Most desktop computers include a sound card to connect a microphone.
A printer is an example of an input device.
The keyboard layout reference QWERTY refers to the name of this input device’s inventor.
The most common type of input device for the PC is a keyboard.
A touchscreen is a pointing device.
OCR scanners use a light source to read characters, marks, and codes.
The number of characters displayed on a screen determines its screen resolution.
A solid-state drive uses flash memory technology to store data.
The keyboard uses a(n) _____ to exchange data with the motherboard.
A(n) _____ mouse recognizes tactile gestures along with traditional clicks when moving the cursor on the screen.
Biometrics can identify people based on all of the following recognition techniques EXCEPT: ______.
bar code
A monitor that uses backlighting is categorized as a(n) _____ screen.
A(n) _____ printer uses only inkjet or thermal print technology.
The average number of milliseconds it takes a computer to retrieve data from a storage device is known as _____.
access time
A hard drive uses _____ storage technology to store data.
A hard drive is a common choice for storage due to its speed, _____, and cost.
Up to 127 devices can be connected to your computer through a(n) _____.
USB hub
A keyboard on a mobile device includes _____.
essential keys
Jin is assigning pointing devices to some hardware configurations and has decided to set up a(n) _____ for employees with limited workspaces.
Jin is setting up a _____ configuration for employees who participate in video meetings.
Which piece of hardware will help Tristan determine the resolution of the LCD monitor she configures?
video card
Knowing the name and version of the Office application you are trying to troubleshoot is the first step to solving a software problem.
A knowledge base is a Web-based site where users can post questions that other users can answer.
The Windows Task Manager helps you troubleshoot application problems.
The Windows Action Center receives messages to help the user solve problems he or she may encounter with the software.
Some troubleshooting solutions will check settings and then change them if necessary.
Software updates must always be installed manually.
The Program Compatibility Troubleshooter examines documents stored on the hard drive for version updates only.
An antivirus software program named XProtect is built into the Mac OS X operating system.
Quarantine is a program that troubleshoots your operating system and restarts the computer with only basic services and functionality.
Firmware can be updated by connecting your computer to the Internet.
Troubleshooting a computer issue requires all of the following EXCEPT: _____.
logging off and back on again
To review an article or a video about a computer issue, it is best to check a(n) _____ on the Web.
knowledge base
Use ____ to close an unresponsive application or process.
task manager
Which of the following is NOT a solution for solving a common software problem?
edit the registry
Problem report error data can usually be resolved with a _____.
software update
Screen captures are collected at every click, along with a text description of where you clicked, in the _____.
Problem Steps Recorder
What happens when the Run programs made for previous versions of Windows link is clicked in the Action Center?
The Program Compatibility Troubleshooter starts.
A virus _____ is a unique string of characters that match up to the code of a known virus.
Which of the following is NOT an antivirus software?
connection Doctor
When an antivirus software program finds a suspicious file, it places it in _____.
You know your computer has been booted up in _____ if only the most basic settings are displayed.
Safe mode
A computer booting up in Safe mode indicates ______.
a background program may not be loading correctly
Which of the following is true about the System Restore feature?
System files are restored to an earlier state.
Gabriel works on a Mac, so Kasia asks him to run the automated Mac OS X _____ program to repair Internet and e-mail connection settings.
Connection doctor
Gabriel suspects that a virus is causing the problem. Kasia tells him to run the antivirus software so that suspicious files will be _____.
Summer wants to get others’ opinions on what the problem might be, so she visits a(n) _____.
online forum
A computer’s features include processing
capacity and storage capacity.
The higher a processor’s speed, the better
the overall performance of the computer.
A laptop computer houses its processing
components in the same case that holds the
A smartphone uses solid-state storage
When a computer is embedded into a
device, it requires input from the user to
perform its task.
A server is dedicated to handling data with
minimal interaction from a user.
One of the most important jobs of a
mainframe computer is to transfer data
around a network so that user requests can
be met.
A server relies on a network adapter to
connect to the Internet.
The U.S. government relies on the power of
a mainframe computer to gather and
tabulate census information.