COSC 1301 ComputingNow Chapter 3

Antivirus Software
Examines files, memory and parts of the operating system to detect and remove viruses, a type of utility software
Arithmetic Logic Unit
Comparing numbers or carrying out mathematical operations, part of the CPU
Eight-bit code that specifies characters for values from 0 to 12
Helps you copy large groups of files from your hard disk to another storage medium, utility component
Backward Compatible
It has been designed to work with most or all of the programs that were created for the old version
The startup process
Boot Sector
Contains a program that runs when you first start the computer
The electronic path in a computer that is used to transfer data between components, communication pathway in the motherboard
Smaller, faster memory subsystem than the main RAM in a computer, located physically closer to the part of the computer that uses it, which reduces the time it takes the data to travel along the bus, storage area
Temporary holding space in the computer’s memory for data that is being copied or moved, transfer data between software
Control Unit
Traffic signal directing the flow of data through the CPU as well as to and from other devices
Common functions of an operating system
Supporting programs, sharing data between windows and programs, managing the computer hardware, working with device drivers, provides utilities
Cut Command
The data is removed from the document and placed on the clipboard
Copy Command
A copy is made of the data and it is stored on the Clipboard but is not removed from the document
Drivers/Device Driver
Allow the operating system and other programs to activate and use – drive – the hardware device. Software that facilitates the communication between a device and the operating system.
Executable file
Includes executing and storing, carry out the instructions in order
Protective hardware dedicated to examining and blocking traffic coming from and going to the internet
(Directory) tool for organizing files on a disk, logical method to interact with the OS
The process of mapping a disk, setting up a hard drive
Largest Market Share OS
Windows, Mac
Local applications
An application stored on your computer’s hard disk drive, on a disk, or on a networked file server.
Logical File System
The way the computer actually works, has all the files and the list of its addresses stored
A generic term that describes various kinds of software programs that are designed to harm a computer’s data or OS, or compromise the security of a computer
Major Operating Systems
Windows, Mac, Linux, Portable devices (Android, iOS)
New Technology File System (NTFS), 98
Introduced for Windows NT and used with the current Windows versions, allowed Windows computers to use long file names for the first time
Physical File System
Computer uses this to retrieve the file
System Requirements
What the software needs so that it will run on a machine/device
System Software
The set of programs that enables a computer’s hardware devices and application software to work together; it includes the operating system and utility programs.
System Utilities
Used to clean up the machine, like disk defrag, check disk. Makes sure computer is working
Utility Software
Backup, anti-virus, disk management, software programs that offer new features for the OS or enhance them
Address books
Contact Lists
Application Software
The set of programs on a computer that helps a user carry out tasks such as word processing, sending e-mail, balancing a budget, creating presentations, editing photos, taking an online course, and playing games.
Clip Art
Provides an easy way to enhance digital documents
Commercial Software
Refers to any software program that requires or requests payment
An electronic filing system best used for larger and more complicated groups of data that require more than one table and the ability to group, sort, and retrieve data and generate reports.
Database Management software
Create tables and relationships, fill them with data, and answer complex questions requiring software assistance in order to make tasks easy to accomplish (Access)
Cell/Active Cell
The intersection of any column and row
Cell references
Identifies the location of a cell or group of cells in the worksheet.
Changing an existing document
Special cell contents that perform calculations or logical test, using the values in other cells as input for their tasks
Text, names for data values
Any number or text that is considered spreadsheet data, not a label
Any software that is made available to the public for free; the developer does not expect any payment from users
Menu bars
Displays titles of menus (lists of commands and options), quick access toolbar, ribbon
Mobile app
A type of application software designed to run on a mobile device, such as a smartphone or tablet computer, usually a stripped down version
Office Suite
A set of business applications with the same style of user interface. Typically sold as a package, although single applications may be purchased separately
Open-source software
Software whose source code is available to users in editable formats
Presentation Software
Allow the user to design slides (PowerPoint)
Public-domain software
The source code is free for anyone to use for any purpose
Remove Software
Uninstall software on a device, done through control panel, add/remove sofware
Security Suite
A collection of software utilities that protect a user’s computer from viruses and other malware. Managed by a single control panel interface that displays all the functions, antivirus and firewall are typically the primary elements. (McAfee, Norton, etc)
Developers encourage users to share it with one another to try out the software before purchasing it, some are paid software others are register only
Shrink-wrap license
An end user agreement (EULA) that is enclosed with software in plastic-wrapped packaging. Breaking through the plastic wrapping means you adhere to the user agreement
Single-user license
One person, one machine, one software
Site license
A type of software license that allows the user to install a software package in several computers at a particular site or facility.
Program is a software tool for entering, calculating, manipulating, and analyzing sets of numbers
Spreadsheet Software
Allows you to create spreadsheets
Software License
The set of computer programs or instructions that tells the computer what to do and enables it to perform different tasks. Governs how you use the software
Software Suite
Packaged together and sold together software programs that are very commonly used
Display buttons that represent frequently used commands
Types of Application Software
Music, Video, Graphics
Types of Software
Shareware, freeware, public domain, open source
Web application
A program that is hosted on a Web site and does not require installation on the computer.
What if analysis
The process of changing the values in cells to see how those changes will affect the outcome of formulas on the worksheet
Word Processing Software
Provides tools for creating all kinds of text-based documents, enable you to add images to your documents and design documents that look like products of a professional print shop
Word Wrap
A feature that automatically moves a word that is too long to fit on a line to the beginning of the next line.
A document in spreadsheets