COSC 1301 Practice Test 3

The email addressing system still used today was invented in ____________________ by Ray Tomlinson.
Under the fair use policy, you can use copyrighted material for educational or nonprofit purposes.
A Wi-Fi ____________________ is a location with a direct Internet connection and a wireless access point that allows users to connect wirelessly.
A(n) ____________________ is similar to a Web conference but typically has a designated presenter and an audience.
Online classified ads are the most common way to purchase items online from other individuals.
Typically, online TV and movies are streaming media.
Tim Berners-Lee proposed the idea of the World Wide Web in 1989.
The terms “Internet” and “World Wide Web” are interchangeable.
Only ____ email can be transmitted safely and privately.
Today, the standard term for placing telephone calls over the Internet is ____.
Internet2 generally refers to applications and services that use the Web as a platform to deliver rich applications that enable people to collaborate, socialize, and share information online.
The Mosaic Web browser was released in ____.
With all the types of Internet connections available, it’s important to be able to keep them straight. These questions will test how well you understand the options.

____ is often the only broadband option for rural areas.

Gmail is an example of a(n) ____________________ mail service.
When shopping at an e-commerce Web site, make sure you only enter payment information on a secure Web page, one with a URL that begins with ____.
Internet content providers are the suppliers of the information that is available through the Internet.
In the accompanying figure, BoF belongs in box ____.
F: Anywhere fiber has been installed to the building
____ was the predecessor of the Internet.
DSL requires users to be within ____ of a telephone switching station.
3 miles
LinkedIn is a social networking site designed for business networking.
A video call between two individuals would constitute a basic Web conference.
A(n) Web CV is a collection of an individual’s work accessible through a Web site.
Concerned about heavy use of bandwidth, Comcast blocked the use of ____________________ sites like BitTorrent.
DSL uses a direct connection and is currently the most widely used type of home broadband connection.
The ___________________________________ is a group of more than 450 organizations dedicated to developing new protocols and specifications to promote the evolution of the Web.
A mail ____________________ is a computer that has been set up to store email messages until their recipients request them.
Email is typically transmitted ____.
over public media
Online shopping and online investing are examples of ____________________—a term meaning online financial transactions.
According to the text, about ____% of online music is now accessed via a mobile device.
Twitter is a popular ____________________ service which allows you to post very short updates, called Tweets.
A place to meet and stay in touch with friends, and share messages and stories with people who have common interests is ____.
Words you type into a search engine to conduct a search are called spiders, or Web crawlers.
Box ____ in the accompanying figure represents a kind of Internet connection that uses wireless signals, but uses radio transmission towers instead of satellites.
E: Selected areas where service is available
A blogger, your school’s Web site, an online encyclopedia are ____.
Internet content providers
____ is an example of an online payment service.
Verizon’s FiOS service uses fiber-optic cabling to provide direct broadband Internet access to people’s homes.
AT&T, Comcast are ____.
____________________ companies are enterprises that own or operate the paths or “roadways” along which Internet data travels.
A ____ is an online personal journal accessible to the public, usually created and updated by one individual.
A social networking site is any site that creates a community of individuals who can communicate with and/or share information with one another.
Of all currently available options, mobile wireless offers the fastest Internet connection speeds.
More than ____ of all home Internet connections in the United States are broadband.
With all the types of Internet connections available, it’s important to be able to keep them straight. These questions will test how well you understand the options.

____ has a typical speed of 10-25 Mbps, and is the most widely used type of home broadband connection.

Cable Internet
____ enable users to create and edit collaborative Web pages quickly and easily; they are intended to be modified by others and are especially appropriate for collaboration.
____ are companies that manage and distribute Web-based software services to customers over the Internet.
____ is a Web site that lets you read the weekly musings of a distant beachcomber whose work and discoveries you find fascinating.
a blog
____ is NOT listed in the text as a common style manual.
NY Times Style Guide
____ oversees the groups responsible for Internet infrastructure standards, as well as facilitating and coordinating Internet-related initiatives around the world.
The term “____________________ post” refers to a blog post about a product or service for which the blogger has been paid by the provider of that product or service.
Multiple keywords in a search are sometimes called a(n) ____________________.
search phrase*
E-mail’s ____ technology lets you send messages to any users on the Internet, even if they do not have their computers turned on.
Google, Yahoo!, and Bing are all examples of ____.
search sites
A(n) wiki is a Web page that contains short, frequently updated entries in chronological order, typically as a means of expression or communication.
the “onramp” to the Internet
an online personal journal accessible to the public
the most widely used type of home broadband connection
Cable Internet
named for a Hawaiian word meaning “quick”
a term associated with search sites and search engines
coordinates activities related to the Internet’s naming system
created the forerunner of the Internet
the technology that email uses to send messages
used to broadcast signals to fixed wireless Internet access customers
a text message of up to 140 characters
Almost everything on the Internet is copyrighted.
According to the text, no matter what kind of Internet connection setup you arrange for your computer, you will likely need to select these two things: ____.
a username and a payment method
The concept of ____ refers to the idea that the Internet is designed for all content to be treated equally.
net neutrality
Facebook is an example of a(n) ____ site.
social networking
Fixed wireless access is a direct connection that transmits via standard telephone lines, but does not tie up your telephone line.
____ is an example of a photo-sharing site.
A Wi-Fi ____ is a location with a direct Internet connection and a wireless access point that allows users to connect wirelessly to the Internet.
To conduct a Web search, you type ____ into a search box on a search site.
A hard drive that uses STP is often referred to as a self-encrypting hard drive.
____ is the use of a fraudulent email message to trick the recipient into revealing sensitive personal information.
FDE stands for ____.
full disk encryption
Firewalls, antispyware products, and antivirus products fall under the category of ____________________ software.
A computer controlled by a computer criminal is referred to as a(n) zombie computer.
A computer worm does not infect other computer files on the infected computer to replicate itself; it spreads by creating copies of its code and sending those copies to other computers via a network.
A(n) ____ is designed to authenticate the identity of an individual or organization; it contains the name of the entity, a serial number, an expiration date, and a key pair.
digital certificate
The technical term for the complete malfunction of a computer system is ____.
system failure
____ law protects individuals from cyberstalking in the United States.
No federal
____ refers to following a predesignated procedure to remove yourself from marketing lists.
Opting out
The term ____ encompasses any illegal act involving a computer.
The accompanying figure represents a DoS attack.
You have received an email from your bank asking you to update your account information and verify your password. Suspicious, you hover your mouse over one of the links in the email. It turns out that the actual link does not go to the bank’s Web site, but to another site you are unfamiliar with. Knowing what you do about data theft, you assume that the bank’s true Web site has been ____ at this Web site in order to trick people into giving their personal information to a thief.
A stolen password is an example of hardware theft.
One way to protect the privacy of your personal information is to use a(n) ____________________ email address for noncritical communications.
An employee using a company computer to check personal email is an example of ____.
unauthorized use
Collecting in-depth information about an individual is known as ____________________.
electronic profiling*
The term hot site is related most closely to the term ____.
disaster recovery plan
The text recommends all of the following for creating strong passwords EXCEPT ____.
stringing together easy-to-remember family names
Maliciously altering the content of a competitor’s commercial Web site is an example of ____ is an act of malicious destruction to a computer or computer resource.
computer sabotage
A(n) ____ tag is a label applied to a piece of hardware that identifies the owner, and is either indestructible or tamper-evident.
Wi-Fi piggybacking typically involves driving in a car with a portable computer looking for unsecured Wi-Fi networks to connect to.
The ____ Act has been controversial ever since implementation in 1998, and in fact has never been implemented.
The vast majority of computer hardware is stolen ____.
to obtain the value of the hardware itself
A ____ is a type of malware that masquerades as something else.
Trojan horse
____ occurs when someone obtains enough information about a person to be able to masquerade as that person.
Identity theft
Each question contains a brief list of things commonly associated with daily life. Examine the list, then choose the answer that most closely correlates to the list.

A driver’s license, a speeding ticket, a birth certificate

government databases
Symantec’s MessageLabs recently estimated that more than ____ percent of all email messages is spam.
FDE devices are designed to withstand much more physical abuse than conventional devices.
The best protection against many dot cons is ____.
protecting your identity
All 50 U.S. states have made cyberstalking illegal.
To protect hardware from damage due to power fluctuations, everyone should use a(n) ____________________ with a computer whenever it is plugged into a power outlet.
surge suppressor*
A UPS is designed to provide enough power for a computer to remain briefly powered up if the electricity goes off.
A(n) ____ prevents power spikes from harming your computer system.
surge suppressor
Referring to the text in this chapter, CPO stands for ____.
chief privacy officer
You study a series of real-life issues to determine what kind of security and/or privacy threat you are facing.

Lastly, you are planning to do a lot of business travel in the near future. You will be bringing your laptop computer with you. You look into ways to secure the information on your computer, and decide that the most secure is to ____.

install a hard drive that uses FDE
____ is a generic term that refers to any type of malicious software.
Market filtering refers to following a predesignated procedure to remove yourself from marketing lists, or otherwise preventing your personal information from being obtained or shared by others.
A hacker changing the IP addresses used in conjunction with a particular company’s Web site to re-route them to the hacker’s servers is called DNS ____________________.
Often, a worm is sent to other computers via an email ____________________.
The text lists all of the following as dangerous to a computer EXCEPT ____.
____ devices are designed to withstand much more physical abuse than conventional devices.
A group of zombie computers controlled by one individual, working together in a coordinated fashion, is called a(n) ____.
Each question contains a brief list of things commonly associated with daily life. Examine the list, then choose the answer that most closely correlates to the list.

U.S. SAFE WEB, Real ID, Graham-Leach-Bliley

computer security and privacy legislation
____ technology is the ability of one computing device on a network to identify another device on the same network and determine its status.
You have found an interesting calendar program at a Web site and downloaded it to help you stay organized. However, within a couple days of installing the program, your computer starts behaving oddly. Strange popups appear, the home page of your Internet browser has been switched, and the system is running sluggishly. You likely have installed a ____.
Trojan horse
A document with a(n) ____ guarantees that the document was indeed sent by a specific individual and that it hasn’t been tampered with after it was sent.
digital signature
____ emails are directly targeted to a specific individual, usually in order to steal intellectual property.
Spear phishing
Computer crimes involving online fraud, theft, scams, and related activities designed to steal money or other resources from individuals or businesses are collectively referred to as ____________________.
dot cons*
DDoS attacks are typically performed by botnets.
Digital certificates are granted to a user by the ISP that hosts the user’s account.
Dot con software protects a computer against malware.
The URL for Web pages using SSL begins with https:.
A(n) ____ creates a barrier between a computer or network and the Internet in order to protect against unauthorized access.
The accompanying figure is an example of ____________________.
(cartoon of company selling user info)
electronic profiling*
______________________________ Internet access is a direct connection that transmits via standard telephone lines, but does not tie up your telephone line.
Router manufacturer, maker of the latest Web browser, computer designer are ____.
hardware and software companies
SMS can transmit up to ____ characters in one message.
____ is available in selected areas, uses transmission towers, and can reach speeds typically up to 6 Mbps.
Fixed wireless
According to FBI statistics, the recovery rate of a lost or stolen personal computer is about ____ percent.
____________________ involves terrorists launching an attack via the Internet.
Hacking most often occurs ____.
over the Internet or another network
Unlike ____, ____ cannot replicate themselves.
worms, Trojan horses