The ____ bill fights against Internet user privacy.
All of the following agencies played an important role in the birth of the Internet EXCEPT ____.
The Internet uses hardware, software, and ____ that allow(s) different types of networks to communicate.
The Internet backbone uses mostly ____ cabling for transmitting data between users.
It is the ____ service provider that provides the point of presence hubs needed to connect users to the Internet.
____ defines how information travels across the Internet.
A type of connection that provides Internet service through a phone line that services both the Internet and your phone is ____.
A(n) ____ is a company that provides a subscriber with access to the Internet.
All devices connected to the Internet must have a unique IP address.
A database of root domain name servers oversees and tracks all ____ and domain names.
Internet addresses
A ____ network is used when a user wants to make his or her computer and others’ computers available for access.
Data ____ travel over the Internet from router to router until reaching their destinations.
When a domain name’s IP address is compromised due to ____, the IP address is usually replaced with a malicious Web site.
In the URL, is the ____.
Domain name
When the Internet first began, companies such as Verizon, Sprint, and AT&T agreed to connect their networks with only each other.
____ can be applied to more than one Web page, producing a Web site with consistent design and appearance.
Cascading Style Sheets
One focus of the Internet2 is to improve ____.
Communication Speed
____ is credited with the development of the Web.
Tim Berners-Lee
____ is commonly used to enable Web browsers to communicate with Web servers.
____ implies that the Web page you design with Web development software will look the same when published on the Web.
Thanks to ____ files, a Web site can recognize you and cater to your individual tastes each time you visit.
Today, anyone who can use a word processor can create professional-quality Web sites with little time and effort.
____ is commonly used to enable Web browsers to communicate with Web servers.
It is much easier for people to remember ____ than IP addresses of Web sites.
Domain names
Instant messaging (IM) is an example of asynchronous communication.
Web development software provides tools for ____.
managing entire Web sites

managing a Web server

working with XML and CSS

A VoIP system supports voice and ____ services.
____ communication requires all participants to be engaged in communication at the same time.
By combining geolocation, the image through your camera, and advanced ____ applications, you can review information in real time about businesses that surround you.
augmented reality
In the URL, http: is the ____.
A Web page can be created using Web development software such as ____.
Safari is an example of a Web browser.
It is possible to get a street view of a city through geolocation tools such as Google Maps.
The most popular search engines use ____ to store information about Web pages.
A database
The reason online content cannot always be trusted is the lack of ____ on the Web.
quality control
The popularity of ____ has encouraged everyday users to share events of the day.

social media


Google relies on ____ to relay information related to its mapped software.
Playing online Scrabble with others on the Web at any given time is an example of a ____ gaming experience.
As Internet ____ continue(s) to increase, streaming video and television are becoming commonplace.
The First Amendment provides unrestricted freedom of speech and expression.
United States citizens are given the right to free speech through the ____.
First Amendment to the U.S. Constitution
Posting a product review at is an example of ____.
citizen journalism



none of these

An act of ____ would be posting a story to a blog saying that a neighbor is selling drugs, when you know that it’s not true.
Net Nanny is an example of ____.
content-filtering software
The challenge of ____ is keeping certain content from a subset of the population without encroaching upon the freedom of adults.
A concern over heavy use of violent, interactive simulated games is that it may ____ to the reality of the real world.
desensitize the individual
In the United States, ____ oversees the handling of Internet traffic.
the FCC
Information services such as Google rely on data organized by databases.
The ability to connect data in different tables through a common field is sometimes referred to as a relationship.
A _____ is a collection of data that has been organized and made available to a user.
To avoid data _____, it is advisable to make sure data is carefully copied, stored, and organized in one place.
Data _____ refers to the quality and accuracy of the data.
A _____ is a program that lets computer users create and access a collection of organized data.
database management system
A common type of database format known as _____ stores records as a line of text separated by commas.
In a database, your first name would be categorized as a _____.
In a database, a collection of related fields that describes some object or activity is referred to as a _____.
A primary key is a _____ within a database table that uniquely identifies each record.
A(n) _____ database organizes data into multiple tables that are related by common fields.
One of the first steps in creating a database is to outline the structure of the data and the relationships among the data in the database.
Inaccurate data entered into a database resulting in incorrect output is also known as _____.
A data dictionary includes all of the following EXCEPT _____.
the digital certificate
Data mining is used to generate business intelligence.
On, when the customer is ready to make a purchase, the database _____ manages the entire process.
management system
A data _____ extracts data from various systems to analyze and process it.
A data warehouse _____ data from several databases to provide useful information.
A data _____ is a small data warehouse that is developed for a specific person or purpose.
A retail store may use the _____ approach to analyze data collected from checkout scanners to reduce costs or manage inventory.
business intelligence
A distributed database is also known as a _____ database.
Distributed databases connect data at different locations via _____.
A data center that is run and managed in an automated fashion while being monitored remotely is referred to as a _____ environment.
lights out
Database administrators are responsible for all of the following areas EXCEPT _____.
hiring and training the users
Installation and the ongoing maintenance of software in a database system are the job of the database _____.
The demand for low-skilled labor in the United States is decreasing, while the demand for high-skilled labor is increasing.
A transnational company often has no easily defined home country.
An international company has no fixed home country and manufactures and markets its brands internationally.
Today’s ____ must be savvy with current technologies and be able to work as a team with others from diverse cultural backgrounds.
Knowledge Workers
____ is an example of outsourcing.
Hiring a graphic design company in India to create your product’s packaging
____ is an example of offshoring.
Moving a production plant to Taiwan
Of the following, only ____ is/are explicitly listed in the text as offering advantages as well as challenges to global business.
time and distance
A(n) ____ company maintains its management and business operations in its home country while exporting or importing products to and from other countries.