Course Mastery Lesson 6 – Part B

Which of the following general rules should you follow when entering keywords in search engines?
Use all uppercase letters when typing Boolean operators.
When using multiple Boolean operators to conduct an Internet search, how can you indicate the order in which the Boolean phrases should be considered?
Use parentheses to combine Boolean phrases.
Which of the following search engines was originally intended to be an index providing several links relating to topics on the Internet that were of interest to the two founders?
In addition to allowing keyword searches, which of the following search engines also allows conceptual searches?
Which of the following open information sources are students sometimes told to avoid retrieving information from because it is considered non-authoritative or unverified?
Which of the following would be considered a popular resource as opposed to a scholarly resource?
Why would you use quotation marks in a search string when conducting an Internet search?
To narrow your search to yield Web pages that contain only the keywords as they appear together in the specified order
What will Internet search results contain when you use the AND Boolean operator in a two-keyword search string?
Both keywords
When specifying keywords to conduct an Internet search, which of the following parts of speech will be the most useful?
Which Boolean operator should you use if you want to specify Internet search results that exclude the keyword that follows the operator?
Which type of online resource accepts input only from scholars and recognized authorities?
Authoritative peer-reviewed
Which of the following are typically an example of primary resources?
Physical objects and relics
When evaluating the accuracy and value of information you have found on the Internet, you should:
discern between fact and opinion.
Which type of online resource is one in which content is subject to review by anyone?
Open peer-reviewed
What is the purpose of using Internet research tools such as Zotero?
They enable you to organize the information you find and store it on your local hard drive.
Which of the following search engines uses your social network (Facebook and Twitter) to find more relevant information for your query?
Unexpected Web pages and advertisements most commonly occur when you:
click a link for a site that was added to a search engine’s database by its spider program.
Why should you properly cite information that you obtain from an Internet search?
To avoid plagiarizing someone else’s work
In addition to ranking the relevance of a particular site according to the keywords entered by the user, which of the following search engines also determines a site’s relevance based upon the number of links that point to it?
What can you use to help you determine how closely a site matches the topic for which you are searching?
A relevancy score based on how frequently your specified keywords are found in the site
Which of the following are typically an example of secondary resources?
Which of the following is true about using the Internet to perform job tasks?
Search engines are useful for finding any type of data you need from the Internet.
In which instance would using an advanced Web search technique be most appropriate?
When conducting an Internet search for a complex subject, or to narrow the results of a standard search