The actual speed of data transfer that is achieved and is always less than or equal to the data transfer rate
Which of the following is NOT used to classify network architectures?
speed of the network
The maximum speed at which data can be transferred between two nodes
Which transmission medium transmits data the fastest?
Fiber-optic cable
Normal telephone cable is a type of
Twisted pair cable
A client/server network is an example of ___ administration
A peer to peer (p2p) network is an example of ___ administration
Which of the following is NOT a type of cable used in wired networks?
unshielded coaxial
For the nodes on a network to communicate with each other and access the network, each node needs a
network adapter
To transfer data packets between two or more networks, a ____ is used
All of the following operating systems support P2P networking EXCEPT
Client/server networks are controlled by a central server that runs specialized software called an
networking operating system (NOS)
Which of the following is NOT a wired broadband internet connection option
A ____ device facilitates file sharing and data backup
A ____ device connected to a network such as a printer or a game console
A ___ is a network located in your residence that connects to all your digital devices
The fastest version of wireless ethernet is
Using network without the network owner’s permission is known as
A network used to communicate among devices close to one person is called a
PAN and personal area network
The server on a client/server network has specialized ____ software installed
NOS and network operating system
Someone who breaks into computer systems to create mischief or steal information is an
A printer connected to a wireless network is considered to be a node on that network
made up of plastic or glass and transmits data at extremely fast speeds
Twisted Pair
made up of copper wires
Coaxial cable
single copper wire surrounded by layers of plastic
Peer to peer
each node can communicate directly with every other node on the network
central computer provides information and resources to other computers
provides information and resources to other computers on a network
computer on which users accomplish specific tasks and make specific requests
two or more computers connected together via software and hardware so they can communicate
unauthorized connection to a wireless network
a computer, peripheral, or communication device on a network
the actual speed of data transfer that is achieved on a network
the format in which data is sent over transmission media
instructions in read-only memory
hardware or software for protecting computers from hackers
maximum speed at which data can be transmitted
software used to set up and manage a network
high speed internet connection
directs data traffic between networks
handles data traffic between nodes of the same network
connects a node to a network
The form 1 3D printer founders used the crowdfunding site ____ to ask for $100,000 in pledges
What is IOS?
an operating system for mobile devices
The operating system of a cell phone is stored in ____
A ____ is included in a cell phone to handle the compression of data for it to be quickly tranmistted to another phone
Digital signal processor chip
A ___ converts your voice’s sound waves into digital signals
analog-to-digital converter chip
Text messaging is also called
short message service (SMS)
All of the following are advantages of VoIP EXCEPT
excellent reliability during internet or power outages
The global positioning system is a network of 21 ____ plus 3 working spares
The distance between two near field communications (NFC) devices is limited to about ____
1.5 inches
Your mobile device files can be synchronized using ____
a cloud service
A portable media player can play files with all of the following file extensions EXCEPT
Which of the following describes the number of times an analog wave is measured each second during an analog-to-digital conversion?
sampling rate
Which of the following digital image formats compresses the image file?
The term ___ refers to the use of a single unifying device that handles media, internet, entertainment, and telephone needs
digital convergence
The primary input devices for smartphones are
microphone and touch pad
Google ___ is an online store that delivers software for android users
Which of the following uses radio waves to transmit data signals over short distances?
Many mobile devices include a micro ___ port
___ is a very well-known free VoIP provider
A main difference between the tablet and the smartphone is the ___
screen size
___ is digital textual information that can be stored, manipulated, and transmitted by electronic devices
E text
Which of the following is formally defined as any criminal action perpetrated primarily through the use of a computer?
Which of the following is NOT a virus category?
Which type of virus was the famous Michelangelo virus?
a time bomb
A ____ is a virus that is attached to documents such as Word or Excel files
macro virus
Which of the following classifications of viruses can change its own code to avoid detection?
With regard to computer protection, quarantining is defined as ____
placing a found virus in a secure area on the hard drive
___ hackers break into systems for non-malicious reasons such as to test systems security vulnerabilities
white hat
A packet sniffer is a program that can enable a hacker to do all of the following EXCEPT
launch a denial of service (Dos) attack on your computer
You can block logical ports from invaders and make your computer invisible to others on the internet by installing
a firewall
Configuring a firewall to ignore all incoming packets that request access to a specific port is known as
logical port blocking
CAPTCHA stands for
Completely Automated Public turing test to tell computers and humans apart
Adware and spyware are referred to collectively as
Which of the following statements about cookies is NOT true?
cookies obtain your personal information by searching your hard drive