CS 202 Exam 2

Vector graphic software application
Adobe Illustrator
Game console relies on fast _______ to handle the lively animations in a video game.
When you digitize a sound wave, you measure and record its amplitude at regular time intervals called
sampling rate
Most popular way to access podcasts on the web is through
iTunes software
___ is a web-based music service and player that builds a streaming “radio station” around the listener’s musical tastes.
Digitized sound can be ___ for secure communications.
Popular satellite radio service in the U.S. is ___
Sirius XM.
Companies such as ___ have connected with libraries to digitize millions of books.
Digital voice recorder receives sound through a
Online newspapers can be delivered in real-time through ___ to news readers.
Adding surround sound to a virtual, interactive experience is distracting and unrealistic.
Both digital photography and digital video are used in a variety of research areas.
Digital photography creates digital graphics through the manipulation of shapes.
Computer-aided design software can turn designs on the computer into blueprint specification for manufacturing.
Virtual reality’s primary market is education
Digital media includes both visual and audio output.
Digital photography and digital photo editing are sometimes referred to collectively as digital imaging
Process of capturing the value of a sound wave at regular intervals, typically thousands of times per second, to store sound and music digitally:
Was developed to replace .gif on the web, this file format supports more colors than .gif, is not patened and licensed as .gif is, and employs lossless compression for higher-quality images:
.png (portable network graphics)
For RGB, typically three bytes are used: one each for R, G, B. This provides for more than
16 million total possible colors.
Reality displays computer-generated information over objects viewed in real time and space:
augmented reality.
Animation and video are stored in the computer as a series of images called frames. When shown in quick succession, the frames created the illusion of movement. Television uses a rate of
30 frames per second (fps). Video: 24 fps.
Most e-commerce actually occurs between businesses and is called
the B2B model.
Online shopping sites track items that you select using:
Craiglist is a popular
C2C web site.
Web sites such as NexTag and PriceGrabber are called_____because they collect and organize date from other Web sites and transmit it to consumers.
aggregate sites
When you make purchases over the internet, you are engaging in:
Many mobile apps are written by ___ to sell through app stores.
third-party programmers
Google drive is an example of ____ which runs software directly from the internet.
ASPs provides software-based services over the internet.
__ provides software-based services over the internet.
You can access web apps from any device with a ___
browser and internet connection
Applications that help you complete specific tasks are called
productivity applications.
Technique where you create a sequence of bitmap images with one or more objects changed slightly between each image:
Entertainment media where animation is done ahead of time and then incorporated into the finished product
Software used to create animated graphics in SWF format:
Adobe Flash
A 3-D object composed of individual lines, used in animation
Create synthesized music files:
Type of game console used by doctors to practice their fine motor skills
Technology often used in head-mounted displays to display the game and respond to motion:
force feedback
Kits that contain tools for creating drawings, game-playing interfaces, and multiplayer control:
software development kit (SDK)
Technology used in game controllers that lets users feel resistance in response to their actions:
A virtual word with a currency system that has an official market-driven exchange rate:
Second Life
Type of compression used in JPEG files where some of the original file data is discarded:
Type of graphic image where colors are assigned to individual screen pixels:
Software used by architects, scientists, designers, and engineers to create technical drawings:
Type of graphic image based on simple objects that can be group and layered:
Device that converts a printed document into a bitmap file and assigns colors to each cell:
Method used in editing video, using separate tracks for video and sound:
A series of image frames displayed quickly enough for us to perceive them as continuous motion:
digital video
Popular presentation software that includes a video player:
Technology that transfers only a segment of a video file at a time from the web to your computer:
streaming video
C2C web sites typically use this to connect buyers with sellers and still protect everybody’s privacy:
email forwarding
A standard protocol for securing credit card transactions over the internet:
Occurs when you click a pop-up or banner advertisement on a web sit and go to the advertiser’s web:
e-commerce sites sells this to generate income:
e-commerce model where businesses provide goods and services to individuals:
Head-mounted displays after use organic light emitting diode, or ___ technology
Smartphones often come with scaled-down versions of games such as ___ to introduce games to users
To watch video on a computer, you need special hardware plus software known as
media player
The moving pictures experts group (MPEG) is a popular____
codec standard
Graphics that help a viewer known when one scene ends and another begins are called
A host site that provides Microsoft office web apps and cloud storage:
One Drive
Web apps that help you accomplish specific tasks such as creating a document or presentation:
productivity apps
Includes support for creating and displaying animation and is being used by Apple on its iPhone, iPad and others:
One way to create a solid 3-D image is to apply highlights and shadows to a wireframe drawing in a process called:
Because they are bitmap images, ___ are larger than most animations created in Adobe Flash.
GIF files
A wiki is an example of:
An organization that coordinated Internet addresses and domain names around the world:
Every domain name ends with an extension that indicated its:
top-level domain
Every domain name and its corresponding IP address are entered into a world-wide database called:
Domain Name System
Gathers and organized Web content, and may automatically downloads updates to subscribers:
Content aggregator
A way to display data from a web database by creating Web pages on demand:
dynamic Web publishing
A type of helper application that Web sites programmed in HTML 5 do not need or support:
Pieces of code that control how a document is displayed on a Web page:
HTML tags
Displaying data from a Web database by converting a database report into an HTML document that a browser can display:
static web publishing
Client-side and server-side are types of___.
HTML 5 does not support modern Web media:
Accessing a web database requires a browser to run software to access the database, but it does not require a special type of database.
The trend is for mobile browsers and web sites to rely on the use of plug-ins such as Flash even more heavily in the future:
Displaying data from a web database by creating web pages on demand, retrieving the most current date, is called static Web publishing:
Servers that host part of the Domain Name system are called
domain name servers and DNS servers
The world-wide database of domain names and corresponding IP addresses is called
the Domain Name System
Some sites on the Internet have the same IP address
Sites that let you can access your e-mail account from public computers like the ones in the library are called file-sharing sites:
The .mobi TLD is used by sites that are optimized for mobile devices:
Secure web sites often use a _____ which verifies the identity of a person or an organization.
digital certificate
Creating the appearance of motion by displaying a sequence of still images is called
The process of temporality scrambling data so it is not readable is called
All of the fields for a single database entity:
A data entry tool you use to input data into database:.
A data retrieval tool that finds specified data within a database:
Advertisement that is typically embedded at the top of a web page:
Banner ad.
Graphics that use math formulas instead of pixels and maintain the same quality on all screens:
Software that you need to download, such as an add-on, plug-in, or a player:
helper application.
Series of program instructions embedded directly into HTML code for a web page; used to make a web page interactive:
Consists of discarded computers, cell phones, televisions, stereos, and the electronics from automobiles and appliances:
Logo indicated that a product was built using energy-efficient systems and reduced hazardous materials:
energy star
Computing is designing, manufacturing, using, and disposing of electronic products in ways that are friendly to both people and the environment
is a tiny special-purpose computer included as a component in a larger product
A embedded computer
When you use wireless mobile devices to make retail purchases you are engaging in:
You can buy and sell stocks and bonds without using a broker:
online investing
You can view or listen to online content at any time rather than according to a set schedule:
on-demand media
Online education, the instructor holds a class that students attend virtually and at the same time.
The computer network a business uses to let employee communicate with customers, vendors, and other employees:
enterprise computing
A companys computers monitor assembly lines and equipment with
machine-to-machine communications
An arrangement that employees who need flexible work schedules use to work from home:
Companies streamline production and perform tasks too dangerous or monotonous for humans using
computer-aided manufacturing.
Type of AI application that performs cycles of tasks and learns from each cycle is
computational intelligence.
Type of AI that computers can use to generate and understand human speech:
natural language
Computer-simulated, 3-D environment that you can explore and manipulate:
virtual reality
Type of AI application that takes advantages of a computers ability to use logic:
conventional AI
The area of AI that focuses on practical uses for macines that can move automatically:
Computers and home electronics that draw power even when they are turned off are:
vampire devices
Someone who repairs computer equipment so it can be sold or distributed to others:
Providing and storing info. Electronically instead of on paper:
paperless society
When people make new objects from computer parts, they are practicing a form of recycling:
creative reuse
Provides access to employment openings and offers services such as advice on writing resumes and giving interviews:
job-search site
Hypertext version of your resume that includes links to sample of your work:
web portfolio
Readers develop and refine news reports by commenting on them and posting contributions:
hybrid web sites
Consumers read product descriptions and reviews and compare features and prices of similar products:
etail web sites.
Set up computer equipment for other employees:
IT Department
Write programming code:
software developer
Present hardware and software that meets a buyer needs:
computer seller
Assemble computer parts:
Trend where telecommuters often take their own computing devices when they go into the office:
Trend where doctors and nurses typically use smartphones and tablets to access electronic patient records:
Type of manufacturing where workers use computers on the shop floor to order parts from the warehouse to assemble a custom product:
System where instructors set up web-based training sites for students to check their progress in a course and take practice tests:
Type of communication where a company’s computers can monitor assembly lines and equipment to keep system running safely and efficiently: