CS 391 Chapter 3 Quiz

The volume of spam is increasing because
All of the above
A Korean cybercafé where people play on-line, persistent games is called a
PC bang
Many people are now using the web not simply to download content, but to build communities and upload and share content they have created. This trend has been given the name
Web 2.0
According to John Stuart Mill’s principle of Harm, the only ground on which the government should intervene in the conduct of an individual is when
It would prevent harm to others.
A web filter is a piece of software that
prevents certain web pages form being displayed by your browser
Which of the following laws was upheld as constitutional by the U.S Supreme Court?
Child Internet Protection Act
How many Americans are victims of identity theft each year?
About 10 million
Cyberbullying is defined as a inflicting psychological harm on another person using
The phone system, the internet
Kimberly Young’s test for internet addiction is based on the diagnosis of
Pathological gambling
The enlightenment view of addiction is that
People are responsible for the choices they make.