CS Chapter 12

inference engine
In an expert system, the ____ is a software program that applies the rules to the data stored in the knowledge base in order to reach decisions.
support business intelligence
Information systems are used to _____________(BI).
An emerging sport robotic application is the exoskeleton suit.
neural networks
Artificial intelligence systems that attempt to imitate the way a human brain works are called ____.
design and manufacturing
A ___________ system helps with the decision and/or manufacturing of products.
The goal of supply chain management (SCM) is to organize and correlate all information about a product to help companies improve products, more efficiently create and manage the production of products, and better track costs and profits.
Management information system
A(n) ____ provides regular, routine, and timely information to decision makers.
The ____ Web is a predicted evolution of the current Web in which all Web content is stored as if it were data in a database so that it can be retrieved easily when needed to fulfill user requests.
collaborative (workgroup) computing
The various types of communications systems in place in many organizations include e-mail, messaging, online conferencing, ____, and telecommuting.
Neural networks is the field devoted to the study of robots—devices, controlled by a person or a computer, that can move and react to sensory input.
focusing too much on certifications
Case-Based Critical Thinking Questions

Case 12-1

Mary is entering her senior year of college. She has a meeting on Friday with her advisor to discuss her career plans.

Mary wants to avoid common mistakes that individuals make when they are starting out in the IT industry. Her advisor should tell her to beware of ____.

IT Jobs
According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, two of the top five projected fastest growing careers in the United States through 2016 are _______.
preliminary investigation
When a proposal for a new system or system modification is submitted, one of the first steps is to conduct a ____.