CSC 105 Chapter 2

The basis for the internet began in 1969 because of the work by the
US department of Defense
Which of these do you NOT need to connect to the Internet?
Secondary storage
An expression for how much data can be sent through a communications channel in a given amount of time is referred to as
Generally a very high speed internet connection is referred to
The transmission of data from a remote computer to a local computer is referred to as
Which of the following is NOT an example of a download
Savjng a paper yoh just weote to a CD
Which of the following is NOT an example of an upload
Saving your favorite music cideos from a music website to your harddrive
The device that sends and receives computer data over a regular phone lines is a
Which of the following is NOT an advantage of DSL
Universal availability
Which traditional trunk line carries 25 normal telephone circuits and has a transmission rate of 1.5-6 MBPS
T1 line
What connects a personal computer to a cable-TV system that offers an Internet connection ?
Cable modern
The method of going online that requires the user to be no more than about 4.5 miles from a phone company central switching office is
The line most commonly used by corporate, government, and academic site is
T1 line
Which of the following is NOT an advantage of a T1 line
A space station that transmits radio waves called microwaves from earth-based stations is called a
Communications satellite
ISP stands for?
Internet service provider
A point of public access to a WI-FI network is called a
In a client server network a blank is a central computer that supplies data or services requested of it
A blank is a collection of moderns and other equipment in a local area that acts as an ISPs gateway to the Internet
point of presence
When you connect to your ISPs POP, the ISP and the equipment at the POP go through a process called blank, establishing the speed of the Internet connection, and then proceed to blank
handshaking; authentication
when you are connecting to the Internet, during the process of authentication you must provide a blank and password
the set of communications rules for exchanging information electronically on the internet is called the
a blank uniquely identifies each computer and device connected to the Internet
IP address
Software hat enables users to find and access the various parts of the web Is called a
a specific web address for specific information is called a
A computer with a domain name is called a
The .gov, .com, .net, .edu extensions are examples of
HTML connections to other documents or webs pages that contain related information are called blank links
Little circles located in front of various website screen options which can be selected with the mouse are called
radio buttons
An indenpendently controllable section of a web page is called a
The subject word (or words) of the topic you wish to find while using a search engine is called a
Which of these can be used to locate information on the web by asking questions or using keywords
search engines
which of these provides lists of several websites classified by topic
subject directory
Inforamtion technology refers to any technology that deals with information in which ways?
production, manipulation, storage, communication/ diseemination
Which of the following devces is programmable, multiuse machine that converts raw face figures into information we can use?
Blank is a generatl term used to descry be any technolof that produce manipulate store communicate, and or diseeminate information
Information Technology
The technology hat consiss of electromagnetic devices ands systmes for communicating over any distance is called
communications technology
which of the following is NOT a form of communications technology?
a communications system connecting two or more computers is called a
Which of the following is the name given to online education programs ?
distance learning
An avatar is a
computer depiction of a human
Medical care delivered via telecommunications is called
something that is created, simulated, or carried on by means of a computer or computer network is said to be
Which of the following is NOT considered a part of cyber space
What term was conined to apply to the comparative study of automatic control systems, such as the brain/ nervous system and mechanical- electrical communications systems
This aspect of cyberspace is called “the mother of all networks”
What interconnected system of computers all over the world supports specially formatted documents in multimedia form?
World Wide Web
The blank is A worldwide computer network that connects hundreds of thousands of smaller networks.
Transferring data from a remote computer to ones own computer is called
being blank means knowing what computers can do and what they cant, knowing how they can benefit you and how they can harm you, knowing when you can solve computer problems and when you have to call for help
self- aware
There are five basic computer sizes, general classified according to their processing power. Which of these is NOT a computer size designation
High- capacity computers with thousands of processors that can perform more than several quadrillion calculations per second are called
processing data from the US census requires what type of computer?
Blank uses molecule- size structures to create tiny machines for holding data or performing tasks
slower than a supercomputer but still able to process millions of instructions per second, these computers are often access by means of a terminal and are sometimes called “midsize” computers
mainframe computers
Users access mainframes by means of a
Expensive, powerful computers generally used for complex scientific, mathematical, engineering calculations and for computer- aided design and computer- aided manufacturing are called
These computers offer advanced graphics capablilties often sed to create three- dimensional effects for movies
computers costing 500$ to $5000 that can fit next to a desk, on a desk, or be carried around called
personal computers (microcomputers)
A system that connects a group of desktop microcomputers and other devices such as printers in an office or a building is called a
local area network
Tower PCS are blank whose case or main housing often sits on the floor, with the keyboard and mouse on top of the desk
Also called laptop computers, blank are lightweight, portable computers with built- in monitors, keyboards hard disk drives, batteries, and AC adapters
notebook computers
Blank computers are wireless, portable, mobile devices with touch screens and often with smartphone capabilities
Tiny, specialized micro processors installed in “smart” appliances and automobiles are called
Embedded computers are known as
A central computer that holds collections of data and programs for connecting or supplying services to PCs, workstations, and other devices is called a
devices sch as PCS and worksations that are connected to a server are called
The raw facts and figures that are processed into information are called
Data that has been summarized or otherwise manipulated for use in decision making is called
The instructions that tell a computer how to perform a task are called
When a user enters monthly bills into a family finance computer program, these amounts are considered to be
input data
The computer circuitry that temporarily holds data waiting to be processed is known as
primary storage