CSCI- chapter 11

Two lists showing different values for the same data in different places of a database is an example of
data inconsistency.
Which of the following is NOT a true statement when considering using databases instead of lists?
Databases are easier to build and maintain than lists.
The field that has a unique entry for each record in a database table is called the
primary key
Which type of database would be best to handle unstructured data?
object-oriented database
Which type of relationship should be used to connect a Password table to a User Account table?
one-to-one relationship
Which best describes a data warehouse?
a collection of all the data from an organization’s databases
A system that is designed to help keep track of everyday business activities is a(n)
transaction-processing system.
Which is a report generated by a management information system?
all of the above
Siri, Cortana, and Google Now are examples of which type of knowledge-based system?
natural language processing system
The process by which great amounts of data are analyzed and investigated is known as
data mining
Data captured from websites as users navigate through a website is called?
When is it sufficient to use a list to organize data?
when the data is simple and can be organized in one table
Which is NOT a component of a database that describes how data is stored?
The type of database that uses fields, records, and measure as data attributes is
a) relational.
b) two-dimensional.
c) multidimensional.

(Incorrect answer= object-oriented)

Which of the following is NOT considered metadata?
table name
Which of the following database systems uses artificial intelligence?
knowledge-based system
A field labeled PHONE that accepts data such as (610) 555-1212 would use the Number data type.
A query is used to extract a subset of data from a database.
A small slice of a data warehouse is called a data mine.
Data warehouses capture data from only one time period.