CSIT 101

A ____ gives the holder exclusive rights to use an invention for 20 years.
A ____ network is useful in situations where information and/or resources are not distributed from a central source, but are shared directly between multiple sources.
A computer relies on the combination of _____ and _____ to turn input into output.
hardware, software
A computer that manages data and produces information often uses a _____ to organize and deliver it.
A general-purpose computer relies on the _____ being used to perform an activity.
A search engine attempts to catalog every webpage by topic through the use of a ____.
A web ____ can also be referred to as a customized web home page.
A(n) ____ is a company that provides a subscriber with access to the Internet.
A disadvantage of geolocation technology is that
it poses a risk to privacy and information security
A new fourth-generation technology called ____ is competing to become the wireless network of choice for high-speed connectivity.
Long Term Evolution
A type of connection that provides Internet service through a phone line that services both the Internet and your phone is ____.
A typical setup for a ____ network would include computer users sharing a single Internet connection.
A unique feature of the semantic web is its ability to ____.
figure out what the user is looking for
Airlines take advantage of ____ technology to inform users of flight delays and itinerary changes.
An airport security scanner is an example of a ____________ computer.
special purpose
An area of a building where you can connect to the Internet wirelessly is often referred to as a ____.
As the amount of Internet ____ continue(s) to increase, streaming video and television are becoming commonplace.
Bluetooth is an example of a technology used with a ____ area network.
Combining voice, video, and data communications into one interface is known as ____ communications.
Communication through Internet-based voice through services such as Skype is called ____ communication.
Companies such as _____ have connected with libraries to digitize millions of books.
Computer _____ capture(s) the essence of today’s business expectations for knowledge workers within their organizations.
Cookie files contain ____.
DRM protects intellectual property by ____.
limiting how many devices can use a file, and how many times it can be copied
Due to the ____ of intellectual property, distribution of content is much faster and easier than it was in the past.
Global positioning system (GPS) ____ are primarily used to assist travelers in getting from one place to another.
Google relies on ____ to relay information related to its mapped software.
Government agencies have not supported cloud computing due to the lack of ____.
privacy and security
Hackers can gain access to computer systems through the use of ____.
In a(n) ____ relationship, multiple users are provided with access to a server at the same time.
In an effort to fight the illegal downloading of videos and movies, many ____ are working against networks such as BitTorrent.
In the URL http://www.cengage.com/index.html, cengage.com is the ____.
domain name
In the URL http://www.cengage.com/index.html, http: is the ____.
Intranet content can be extended to specific individuals outside the network, such as customers, partners, or suppliers, in an arrangement called a(n) ____.
It is much easier for people to remember ____ than IP addresses of websites.
domain names
LTE access promises faster speeds for mobile wireless users and is aimed to be the successor to slower ____ technologies.
Many cities have adopted ____ technology to provide faster Internet speed to their users.
Music services such as Spotify use a ____ model of distribution.
One focus of the Internet2 is to improve ____.
communication speed
One opponent of the DMCA is the ____.
One way newspapers are staying profitable in the online delivery model is to _____.
charge readers for access to stories
Online newspapers can be delivered through _____ to news readers.
Personal music videos that combine user-generated photos with audio music are a good example of _____.
digital convergence
Playing online Scrabble with others on the web at any given time is an example of a ____ gaming experience.
Services using DRM technology usually include all of the following restrictions EXCEPT ____.
the length of the songs supported
Signing up for a(n) ____ will automatically provide you with web content that is updated on a regular basis.
RSS feed
Software such as ____ is used by both students and teachers to find plagiarism problems.
Thanks to ____ files, a website can recognize you and cater to your individual tastes each time you visit.
Thanks to ____, you can watch a movie as it is being downloaded from the Internet.
streaming media
Thanks to _____, voice and data traveling together through our telecommunications lines will be seamless.
The DMCA was drafted and passed by the ____.
United States
The Internet uses hardware, software, and ____ that allow(s) different types of networks to communicate.
The Kindle is an example of a(n) _____ device.
The ____ bill demonstrated the conflict between Internet snooping and Internet user privacy.
The ____ has been successful in promoting legislation that protects its own content.
The ____ oversees the setup, maintenance, and implementation of a network in a business environment
network administrator
The digital ____ method of writing has made plagiarism easy and ever more common.
The launch of the _____ in 2010 resulted in various tablet devices entering the market
The most efficient way to share digital files within a home environment is to set up a(n) ____ network
The most popular search engines such as Google use ____ to store information about webpages.
A Database
The popularity of ____ has encouraged everyday users to share events of the day.
Social Media
The reason online content cannot always be trusted is the lack of ____ on the web.
quality control
The three categories of cloud computing services are infrastructure, platform, and application. The application category is referred to as
Through ____, nontraditional students can complete their coursework from the comfort of their own home.
Distance Education
Through the use of the ____ plug-in, a webpage can provide a user with an interactive experience
To acquire an online presence, you can subscribe to a web ____ service that will store your files for users to access.To acquire an online presence, you can subscribe to a web ____ service that will store your files for users to access.
To connect multiple businesses from different locations, a ____ area network setup could be used
Traditional _____ media uses newspapers, magazines, and books to deliver information and entertainment.
Using ____ technologies, scientists are able to share virtual environments for research within a variety of locations.
Using analog-to-_____ conversion, we are able to digitize the things we see and hear.
Using the web as a primary user interface to access such applications as Google Docs is an example of ____.
Cloud Computing
We rely on ____ as the dominant technology to provide wireless Internet access in our everyday lives
Wireless Fidelity
When evaluating information provided on the web, always consider the ____.
When using ____ as a Service, a business does not have to oversee the storage, backup, or security of its data
Which of the following has the largest share of the search engine market?
Which of the following is an example of digital media?
Blu-Ray Movies
Which of the following is true of the Digital Millennium Copyright Act?
It outlaws the distribution of software meant to crack DRM code.
Which of the following organizations has been successful in shutting down or helping shut down most P2P services.
Which of the following will protect intellectual property for the life of the holder plus 70 years?
Wikis encourage ____ to build content that can be constantly added, removed, and edited.
____ communication allows participants to leave messages for each other.
____ is a popular software program that can be used to manage podcasts
____ is commonly used to enable web browsers to communicate with web servers.
____ is credited with the development of the web
Tim Berners-Lee
____ tagging allows for tagging information with an associated location.
____ technology enables you to connect to your cell phone through a display on your car’s dashboard
____ technology may someday replace today’s bar code system for identifying items in inventory.
_____ media is programming or music that can be accessed any time of the day, regardless of television and radio schedules
__________ computing delivers a variety of computing resources from the Internet as a service for free or for a fee.
Cloud Computing
iCloud is a ___________ cloud model