Discovering Computers Ch 1-2

Despite their larger size, national ISPs usually offer ____ services and have a ______ technical support staff than regional ISPs.
fewer services & smaller technical support (True)
In a search engine, parentheses are used to combine hits that include specific words with those that only include one word from a list. (true/false)
What is the purpose of an Internet Protocol address (IP address)?
It uniquely identifies each computer or device connected to the Internet.
The goal of ARPANET was to build a network that allowed scientists at different physical locations to share information and work together on military and scientific projects. (true/false)
(T/F) Large files on FTP sites often are uncompressed (unzipped) to reduce storage space and download time
(T/F) The difference between a wiki and a site like the one in the accompanying figure is that users cannot modify original posts on an wiki.
allows users to have multiple home pages that automatically open when the browser starts
Tabbed Browsing
Many pages use a program to build and maintain lists of words found on Web sites. What is the term for that program?
When a user starts a computer, portions of the operating system are copied from the computer’s hard disk into memory (T/F)
C++ (example of)
popular programming language
small and have limited hardware because they are components in larger products
embedded computers
term for a list of Web page names that contain the search text
what devices can be used to record and retrieve data, instructions, and/or information for future use on a computer
USB flash drives, Blu-ray Disc drives, hard disks
What does HTML5 support in a Web browser provide
More vivid and dynamic content
(T/F) a TCP server is an Internet server that usually is associated with an Internet access provider.
the seven categories of computers
Personal computers, embedded computers, servers, mainframes, mobile computers and mobile devices, game consoles, supercomputers
a hard drive often functions as a source of input because they transfer items from storage to memory.
process of transferring documents, graphics, and other objects from a computer to a server on the Internet
The major carriers of Internet network traffic are known collectively by what term?
Internet Backbone
most major corporations use for business activities
serves as an interface between the user, application software, and the computer’s
system software