Economic Globalization

What are the purposes of international economic organizations? Check all that apply.
-to resolve trade disputes
-to promote fair and successful trade
-to encourage trade in developing countries
Globalization has affected developed countries by
turning their focus to providing services.
NAFTA can be defined as
an agreement between bordering nations.
Why do companies choose to outsource work?
to increase profits
In what years did US exports to Mexico remain approximately the same?
What conclusion should be drawn from the graph?
Trade increases create higher GDP percentage rates.
How has the Internet improved business communication worldwide? Select all that apply.
-It allows for instant communication.
-It enables people to monitor economic trends.
-It makes it possible buy and sell instantly.
What is the primary purpose of the European Union?
to allow more trade between countries
A multinational organization is defined as a business that
operates in multiple countries.
Based on the chart and the information in the lesson, which nation can expect to experience the most social issues of a developing country?